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26.06.2016 22:50 by PM on Drake Technologies Alpha for 1.7 Alpha
Reuploaded at 199 downloads. Features new and changed items. Restart required.
22.06.2016 00:33 by RPC on Dynamic Systems V6.d
Forgot to say this in the comments

Updated on 6/16/16 at 4963 downloads.

-fixed autons spam by making the timer 10x longer

-removed mule autons from the map

-removed autons from adding themselves to player squad panel
19.06.2016 05:56 by mistere on [Playership] Bones 1.15
I love Nethack with the Vulture UI but I love Transcendence much more, and easy modding is one reason. And so is this mod lol Nice work!
18.06.2016 11:14 by Digarw on Semesta Corporation
Reuploaded at 242 downloads, see changelog for info.
18.06.2016 11:10 by Digarw on Trade Item Extension (TIE)
Reuploaded at 107 downloads.
16.06.2016 16:33 by Shane Filomena on [Playership] Bones 1.15
Funny thing, I almost always find my dead ships .. empty wrecks just where I left them. but recently the game seems to restart the system I died in ..at least it happens in my games... but I always wondered if the ship could be made useful - but never tried it.
05.06.2016 00:50 by Shane Filomena on Midst of Dragons
go to the Medical Center in STK..even if you skip the "mission" the extension is about, buy some flowers.

Also: stop at the Hotel : get a meal.

check out the community boards in the Tavern if you find one.
03.06.2016 14:54 by Shane Filomena on Midst of Dragons
Midst of Dragons does carry a few things to " beef up " a faction, but it does not prevent station generation.

Every game in Transcendence is different, only in the scripted systems do you get the boring , yet safe "same old, same old"
01.06.2016 11:35 by Kaama on Midst of Dragons
also there is very little taikon/ ringers/teratons and 0 reismaiser manufactures in your mod
01.06.2016 04:31 by dick butte on Dynamic Systems V6.d


I have waited so long for this to be working again!