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19.04.2014 04:25 by PM on Items Pack 912 v7
Reuploaded at 2985 downloads. It features one new weapon and the return of some old weapons, plus two new consumables (one good, one bad). Restart after update required.

...And again at 2986 downloads, with trivial bug fixes and minor tweaks.
18.04.2014 23:47 by PM on Drake Technologies Alpha
Reuploaded at 30 downloads. Fixed some bugs, removed a pointless device, added a few more weapons, and gave the Immortal shields a special ability. Restart after update required.
13.04.2014 21:16 by PM on Triggerhappy
Triggerhappy does nothing more than what it advertises. It does not tamper with the economy.
13.04.2014 20:50 by Peter on Centauri Systems Beta
I probably couldn't, I can't even open TransData. Could anyone give me help with that?
13.04.2014 20:48 by Peter on Triggerhappy
I really like this mod, is it this one that gives you credits upon killing enemies or is it one of my other mods?
13.04.2014 20:18 by erikem on Weapons Extended 5
Seems that when combined PSD mod and possibly some of DynSys, Density Mod and More Dangerous Unviverse game starts failing with OnGlobalUpdate [810220]: Invalid sovereign [Nil] ### (sovGetDisposition 4113 (@ eventDesc "objSovereign")) error.

Is there any chance to fix or get around it?
13.04.2014 13:17 by Phillip on Playership Drones v6 Patch: 180 Facings CSC
It iSNT a Godmod.
13.04.2014 13:15 by Phillip on Krum Chaos weapon
IT IS A GODMOD.Add the Tag "Godmod" to

this Mod, because it is one
13.04.2014 12:46 by Phillip on amoless plasmamines
The Name is wrong, whyit isnt Ammoless
13.04.2014 05:03 by Peter on Player Stations
Ok I tried this and it was a huge letdown. The Station graphics are horrible and its not customizable enough. You should be able to sell stuff at it and also the price for the stations is way to high.