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25.05.2016 12:52 by Anto SJ13 on Semesta Corporation
Bagus modnxa bro skalian aja bikin semesta corporation station
24.05.2016 04:29 by Digarw on Semesta Corporation
Reuploaded at 208 downloads. See changelog for info and enjoy the new challenge. :)
21.05.2016 02:17 by RPC on Dynamic Systems V6.d
Updated on 5/20/2016 at 4877 downloads.

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Over time Commonwealth civilians have a chance to get autons guarding them

Updated all image resources to the latest image

Fixed suns not working/ not having proper masks

Fixed suns not having star hazards

Updated descriptions in the sovereign dockscreen since players might not be the only ones killing stations

Pirate drilling weapon now works on a percent chance based on your shield level:

90 ; Level I

85 ; Level II

80 ; Level III

75 ; Level IV

70 ; Level V

65 ; Level VI

60 ; Level VII

55 ; Level VIII

50 ; Level IX

45 ; Level X

40 ; Level XI

35 ; Level XII

30 ; Level XIII

0 ; Level XIV and higher

Made stargates background objects

Fixed Nerefir image

Fixed Nerefir solar reactor

Fixed moving asteroids messing with shadows. They are now exploitable again.

Select Aquilas now have map markers so you can help them out.

Every 1-2 minutes a single station clears out wrecks in a 50ls radius. This is to stop games from crawling to a halt from too many wrecks. If you want to jettison your items store them in deep space.

Ranx are buffed with ships from the Ranx stuff mod. They are probably OP now.

Ares are buffed by adding Cometfalls to their retaliate squads.

Fixed Centauri Base ship not having a proper mask
19.05.2016 06:06 by AssumedPseudonym on AE - Utility Pack
Re-upped at 220 downloads. New utility added. AE-4000-FunctionHelp.xml, AE-4100-ShipTableGenerator.xml, and AE-4200-WeaponTableGenerator.xml all reworked to operate from intro screen. See README file for details.
15.05.2016 23:06 by PM on PSD7 Beta Ships: Xelerus Mod Patches
I like the Lindworm too.

I did not add the Lindworm at first due to its custom launcher code, and I had a time limit to get the initial release of Playership Drones v7 Beta ready.

But to answer your question, yes, because I just uploaded an update at 39 downloads, with support for Lindworm and Star Castle ships added.
15.05.2016 04:52 by AssumedPseudonym on AE - Playerships
Re-upped at 711 downloads. There was an issue with the armors that would crash the game on Windows. Many thanks to gunship256 for catching that and working with me to get it fixed.
15.05.2016 04:24 by AssumedPseudonym on AE - Playerships
Re-upped at 710 downloads. I had forgotten to put one of the AE weapons into the mod when I did the last update. My bad.
14.05.2016 13:54 by (^o^) on 120 facings Lindworm
Runned this ship at ver1.7a and still seems to work well.

Recently I do not play this game so possibly there are some unexpected problems.

If any problems are there, please report it here.
11.05.2016 22:11 by PM on Star Castle Arcade
Updated to 1.7a1 at 607 downloads.
11.05.2016 03:24 by AssumedPseudonym on AE - Scuttle Shipwrecks
Re-upped at 382 downloads. I screwed up the code to implement the cap the first time and rather arrogantly uploaded it without checking to see if it actually worked. My bad.