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29.09.2014 05:14 by Dragonz on Wyvera - a living ship (v0.92)
Does anyone know when this mod is going to be upgraded for 1.3? This is one of my favorite ships and it is such a pity it is not compatible as of yet...
28.09.2014 22:00 by Shane Filomena on Koba Maru
maxSpeed="12" ??

that is a fast freighter :)


your starting set up looks like my test ship :()

but I am sure it will be fun : two things I enjoy are freighters and mining.

Now go tell the Forums about the goodies :)
27.09.2014 17:44 by vcant on Koba Maru
...just update... (I forgot the same line Entity copied from another mod of mine )
19.09.2014 18:49 by Dragonz on Repair droids
Can this work on 1.3 and future releases?
19.09.2014 18:38 by Dragonz on Weapon Labs
When will this be updated for 1.3? It has been a couple months, and I was just wondering when the big release will be.
12.09.2014 17:46 by PM on PSD6+ Ships: Osaka Transport
Reuploaded at 158 downloads, with an updated modified Osaka xml.
12.09.2014 00:00 by PM on Drake Technologies Alpha
Reuploaded at 263 downloads. Imported Duplex beams from Items912, and improved their targeting and renamed them. Removed most Phasers. Added a new weapon enhancer. Fixed some minor bugs.
11.09.2014 23:56 by PM on Items Pack 912 v7
Reuploaded at 3286 downloads. Removed Duplex weapons. Fixed other minor bugs.
10.09.2014 17:57 by (^o^) on Olympus-class star carrier
Reuploded at 38 downloads: changed the playership equipments, and some minor changes.

Yes, I used the spirit of motherwill as reference to make flight decks. And also the eclipse, a bit.
10.09.2014 04:16 by oldmanwynter on Olympus-class star carrier
the design reminds me of the spirit of motherwill from armored core. time to download