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12.09.2014 17:46 by PM on PSD6+ Ships: Osaka Transport
Reuploaded at 158 downloads, with an updated modified Osaka xml.
12.09.2014 00:00 by PM on Drake Technologies Alpha
Reuploaded at 263 downloads. Imported Duplex beams from Items912, and improved their targeting and renamed them. Removed most Phasers. Added a new weapon enhancer. Fixed some minor bugs.
11.09.2014 23:56 by PM on Items Pack 912 v7
Reuploaded at 3286 downloads. Removed Duplex weapons. Fixed other minor bugs.
10.09.2014 17:57 by (^o^) on Olympus-class star carrier
Reuploded at 38 downloads: changed the playership equipments, and some minor changes.

Yes, I used the spirit of motherwill as reference to make flight decks. And also the eclipse, a bit.
10.09.2014 04:16 by oldmanwynter on Olympus-class star carrier
the design reminds me of the spirit of motherwill from armored core. time to download
09.09.2014 00:34 by digdug on Olympus-class star carrier
omg, that thing is awesome !
09.09.2014 00:24 by StealthX051 on Raptor: Call of the Shadows
Uhm... Will there be an update to MotM. This mod has been the mod of the month for at least three months.
06.09.2014 02:17 by Dragonz on Armor Recycler and Creator 1.0
Will this be updated for v1.3?
06.09.2014 00:50 by wulfgarr on Advanced Jump Drive
how is jumper used...
03.09.2014 04:21 by PM on Star Castle v2
Reuploaded at 109 downloads. Added mild friction to playership in Arcade mode. Constant thrust will be required to maintain maximum speed. Also, Star Castle no longer fires it main gun while protected by Sustain.