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22.08.2016 17:29 by Obletus_Grix on Mining Pack v1.04
Got this working in 1.6.4, but the result is -NOT- subtle: https://forums.kronosaur.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=7824
11.08.2016 23:34 by PM on Drake Technologies Alpha for 1.7 Alpha
Updated to 1.7 alpha 2b at 269 downloads. Features more items and an updated quest. Restart required.
11.08.2016 23:32 by PM on Trading Post Menu
Updated to 1.7 alpha 2b at 1207 downloads.

Trading Post Menu in Resource Library 912 will remain at 1.6 for now.
10.08.2016 04:10 by Archcannon on Malware ROMs 0.5
WARNING: Do not use any ROM biosofts labeled "Transcendence 2.0" or "The Stars Beyond" or "The Vault of the Galaxy" because THEY ARE FAKE! They will delete your autopilot and permanently ruin your visual display!
07.08.2016 06:05 by Digarw on Semesta IGC
Reuploaded at 307 downloads, see changelog for info.
05.08.2016 02:51 by NMS on Com Groups
Uploaded version 1.3 Aug 4 2016 8:50 PM EST.

Com keys changed to X and Z.
31.07.2016 17:47 by Shane Filomena on Malware ROMs 0.5
LOL: I love it!!!!!!!!!
23.07.2016 04:53 by Archcannon on CSC Luna- Cinematic
The POV system is obselete due to sysSetPOV and the player ship can be suspended
16.07.2016 07:28 by Digarw on Trade Item Extension (TIE)
Reuploaded at 133 downloads
14.07.2016 18:12 by NMS on Improved Auton Bay Screens
Reuploaded 7/14 to work around a vanilla bug that could cause auton items to disappear.