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22.07.2014 11:13 by Larinoja on Souped up Auton Bay
Hmm, It's quite unbalanced mod since you can tear your auton apart, sell them and gear for profit. From 310A aegis you can get 27000C for autocannon. I gave test for that and got over 100k from auton before leaving Tau Ceti.
22.07.2014 09:45 by RPC on Souped up Auton Bay
Updated at 27 downloads

-fixed Bug: If you have a lot of autons, and some are identical, only one auton from each "type" of auton will be launched by the 'Scramble' command. (Shrike)
22.07.2014 03:06 by Peter on Star Castle
Looks cool! Will try this mod out!
21.07.2014 19:56 by RPC on ODM Civilian Crafts
Ancora and Cestus being playerships is intentional since I added them before I figured out a way to make things work AND didn't require duplicating modships. I will fix the names in the system map (since Crafts spawns playership versions of ships and that interferes with PSD).
21.07.2014 10:12 by RPC on Souped up Auton Bay
Updated at 22 downloads.

-directly installing a shield without removing the previous one still destroys the installed shield (FourFire, Fixed)
20.07.2014 15:04 by RPC on Souped up Auton Bay
No problem Larinoja ;)

Update at 17 downloads. Fourfire found a few bugs:

-fixed install bug where installing an item would remove ALL of that item from your cargohold (if you had multiple in your cargohold)

-moved display to the left to accomodate for weird armors with long names (cough cough TSB alpha)

-added misc items line for autons like the 310A
20.07.2014 09:40 by AssumedPseudonym on AE - Ship Table Generator
Re-upped after 14 downloads. Now includes balance type. Speed now displayed as a percentage of c (because I thought it looked better).
20.07.2014 07:55 by RPC on Early Teaser: Sandbox LRS

Unfortunately it appears that overlays have changed behavior so I don't know how to exactly get old functionality back. This means I switched to sysCreateEffect and as a result, the LRS blips in the view screen appear on the LRS as weaponsfire (yellow). This hopefully shouldn't bother too much, since faction information is pretty important!

Also extended LRS to 150 ls scanning distance.

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20.07.2014 06:11 by FAD on Light Carrier Playership
@ Peter, there's a slight chance of getting a hanger bay in your cargo hold at the start of the game. Otherwise you should be able to find them (lower class hangers) in various shops.

*Hint* Didn't get a hanger bay at the start? Restart a new game until you do.

As far as that second code sheet, I'll get around to removing it and update the mod. :)
20.07.2014 04:59 by Shivan Hunter on The Grand Sapphire : X Class