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01.03.2015 17:34 by PM on PSD6+ Ships: Xelerus Mod Patches
Reuploaded at 423 downloads, with an update to AE Ships.
01.03.2015 17:32 by PM on Drake Technologies Alpha
Reuploaded at 493 downloads. Added some attributes to allow Resource Library 912 mods to display custom images for some items. No restart is necessary.
01.03.2015 17:29 by PM on Resource Library 912
Reuploaded at 263 downloads. Now features larger images for Trading Post Menu. All dependent mods have been updated. Restart after update required.
28.02.2015 00:58 by digdug on Codename_Nemesis
cool! very nice devices there.

A bit overpowered. No devices of level 15 will ever spawn ingame, though.
25.02.2015 22:08 by AssumedPseudonym on AE - Interior Design
Re-upped at 7 downloads. Current/Max HP no longer displays if the ship lacks interior HP to start with.
23.02.2015 02:00 by AssumedPseudonym on AE - Starting Gear Randomizer
Re-upped at 155 downloads to fix launchers getting replaced. My bad.
17.02.2015 03:55 by WillyTheSquid on Start With Free Targeting Program
Must Have. IMO.
17.02.2015 03:41 by WillyTheSquid on Tetrapteryx-class
More like this!
17.02.2015 02:50 by AssumedPseudonym on AE - New Ships
Updated at 351 downloads. New sprites on all the playerships (and a new pic to match). The NPC ships all got stripped out and ported over to The Backroads ( https://forums.kronosaur.com/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=6516 ). Also, the graphics are included, so no more external graphics link.
16.02.2015 21:12 by PM on Drake Technologies Alpha
Reuploaded at 474 downloads. Fixed some minor bugs, no restart necessary for those who downloaded the last update.