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21.12.2014 02:56 by AssumedPseudonym on AE - Starting Gear Randomizer
 Re-upped at 114 downloads – and already downloaded once before I could even start typing this. o.O

 Things got rewritten almost from the ground up, even if a lot of the core functionality wound up looking the same. Notable changes:

» Weapons requiring ammunition will now be supplied with some.

» All new weapons installed will be of the same type.

» Weapon position and both 'secondary and 'linkedFireOptions are applied to the replacement weapons.

» Replacement equipment has a 75% chance of being of the same level as the original, with a 25% chance of being higher or lower by one level (with a minimum of Level I, of course).
19.12.2014 05:21 by Shane Filomena on Arena Wall Remover
I once tried to "fix" the ships so they avoid the wall.. it was beyond my ability, something like this was never thought of back then, very happy you thought of it at all :)
09.12.2014 18:25 by PM on 120 Facings Ships: DnO1 (part 1)
George has not released the updated models for those ships. Thus, I blew up the sprites because that is all I can do. No model means I cannot render large images or 120 facings ships.
09.12.2014 16:04 by richter_h on Sapphire/X-class
I'm not Sapphire fans and I'm not into the speed, but when looking at this Sapphire variant I fell in love instantly!

Well, IMHO the bulkier the Sapphire, the slower she should be.

Love the design anyway :D
08.12.2014 19:28 by AssumedPseudonym on AE - Ship Table Generator
 Re-upped at 60 downloads:

» Now includes armor count.

» Unknown items are now identified in the table. (They don’t stay identified if you try playing through, so you can’t cheat and misuse a utility mod to make things easier for you. Shame on you for even thinking of trying it. ^.~ )

» Ships no longer have a time stamp in front of them.

» Considerably quicker table generation time as a side effect of time stamp removal.

» Table is now properly spaced instead of tabbed, making for much easier readability as text as opposed to needing to either adjust tab widths or muck about with a spreadsheet.
07.12.2014 23:03 by AssumedPseudonym on AE - Function Help
 Re-upped at 4 downloads. The new version runs the list without timestamps in front of each entry.
07.12.2014 21:10 by Autohummer on Tetrapteryx-class
Goes well with your carrier, I am sure.
07.12.2014 07:59 by PKodon on 120 Facings Ships: DnO1 (part 1)
I noticed several ships in Part 15 (the large ship images) that looked more like they were simply blown-up versions of the in-play images, rather than actual large renders of the ships(LargeExplorerAuton, LargeMethEnforcer, LargeMolotok, LargeOromo and LargeSotho). Was this intended, were you missing models (and, if so, how did you do the 120 facings), or did you run out of patience rendering them?
07.12.2014 02:21 by Peter on Triggerhappy
Can I borrow the code from this mod, give all the credit to you and post a mod that does the opposite to this one (In other words makes enemy ships fire slower).
04.12.2014 18:29 by Pixelfck on Trade Assistant
Fortunately, it works fine in 1.5