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25.05.2015 00:08 by SungSlaver231 on Avenge: Protect the Commonwealth!
Reuploaded at 331 downloads, avengers now show up as an enemy.
24.05.2015 23:39 by 2nd MS Team on Mothership Project Alpha Repository
Reuploaded at 149 downloads
24.05.2015 14:26 by luio on MEGATRON Super
thank you for feedback. I will fix it
24.05.2015 04:10 by Shane Filomena on MEGATRON Super
Great start !! now - If you have not already joined the Forums, please do that -



scroll down to Part 2

THEN go here :


will be happy to see more of your work in the future :)
24.05.2015 00:40 by AssumedPseudonym on MEGATRON Super
Your UNID prefix (the first four digits) needs to remain the same for all of your mods. You may want to check the UNID database on the wiki ( http://wiki.kronosaur.com/modding/unid_database ) and choose one for yourself that has not already been taken.
24.05.2015 00:39 by AssumedPseudonym on MEGATRON Super
I am amazed that the MEGATRON works at all. The UNID is supposed to be hexadecimal (0-9 and A-F). You may want to fix that and reupload. The Persox UNID should likewise be fixed. Also, all entity declarations should be made in the DOCTYPE block between the [ and ].
24.05.2015 00:37 by AssumedPseudonym on MEGATRON Super
I apologize for posting this as separate comments, but Xelerus is pitching a fit when I try doing it all as just one comment. >.<

The Persox does not work. Its XML produces an error:

Error parsing Extensions1488_MEGATRONSuperPersox.xml: Persox.xml: Line(25): attribute expected
22.05.2015 22:42 by PM on Star Castle Arcade
Reuploaded at 375 downloads. Arcade mode has a new background-like image as seen in the screenshot.
22.05.2015 03:56 by PM on Drake Technologies Alpha
Reuploaded at 650 downloads. Hotfixed by updating dock services to style adopted by 1.6b3+.
21.05.2015 22:29 by PM on Drake Technologies Alpha
Reuploaded at 649 downloads. New sound effects for some weapons, updated spritesheets, imported rainbow laser from Items Pack 912, and numerous minor tweaks. Restart required.