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03.08.2015 21:12 by Arkheias on Cabbage Corp
Updated to v0.7.4.0 at 299 downloads. See forum thread for this and all future updates as Xelerus cannot handle my file sizes anymore. Xelerus only contains a copy of the README and the changelog now.
03.08.2015 12:27 by AssumedPseudonym on AE - Utility Pack
Re-upped at 81 downloads. New utility added.
02.08.2015 23:48 by travbm on Stasis Pod
Perishable Items Please:

New York Strip 10,000 credits at resruants.

T-Rex Steak 5.000 credits.

Brontasaurus Haunch 50,000 credits.

Dinosaur breast meat: 100,000 credits.

Aqua gel: 10 credits for a geleten like skin holding an orb of water.

Vintage Coolaid: 50 credits.

Ale 8: 100 credits earth space only bottled in kentucky.A popular Ginger Ale.

A&W: 50 credits: Root beer is a great drink with fish and fries.

Casarole: 2,000 credits made of rice, carrots, celary and onion along with mushrooms pork chops and cream of mushroom and chick soups. This stuff goes fast.

Pork chops: 4,000 credis.

Celary: 1 credit

Onion: 2 credits.

Carrot: 3 credits.

Mushrooms: 4 credits.

Cream of chicken soup: 5 credits.

Cream of mushroom soup: 5 credits.

Salsa: 10 credits

Corn: 5 credits.

tortia chips 20 credits.

tomato: 5 credits.

Lettuce:2 credits.

Sharp cheddar cheese: 4 credits.

Dino Burger: 60 credits.

Dino taco salad: 5,000 credits.

Wheat: 1 credit

Roll: 3 credits pastry you eat.

Potato: 2 credits

Fries: 6 credits.

Fish: 10 credits.

Salmon: 20 credits

Flounder: 100 credits.

talapia: 200 credits.

Sardines: 100,000 credits.

ketchup, 3 credits.

steak sauce: 10 credits.

Okara: 10 credits.

Well you get the idea.
02.08.2015 23:33 by travbm on Commonwealth Debit Card
Diamond nano film cash card worth one million credits please.
02.08.2015 23:30 by travbm on Hamster-Class Ball
It would be funny if you could see inside a little man or woman sitting in a chair with cockpit and cargo bays. It may be silly if you saw a hamster inside.
02.08.2015 21:27 by travbm on Cestus-class playership
Or maybe have a triangle front or hexagonal like ship. In case of newbs a solar panel is great. I think I added a few in an earlier version. But Xray laser and a larger reactor would be nice for a start.
02.08.2015 21:25 by travbm on Cestus-class playership
I like these ships. What if you estend the ship more like the mellenium falcon. Or have a shingle larger exhaust system for the rockets.
02.08.2015 21:22 by travbm on AE - New Ships
I mean just closed in the fron on rockets. As for the rear that is up to you. At leas make like some cone sticking out fo the holes and fewer rockets. I am picky I guess.
02.08.2015 21:21 by travbm on AE - New Ships
Maybe you could make the ships more streamlined such as just having look like big hollow tubes you make sleak looking pods on the sides for rockets and maybe have winged craft such as tri wing with a small rocket on the end or just smaller rocket pods. And larger craft just make like cluster pods with larger exhaust?
02.08.2015 21:08 by travbm on Gravity
Maybe if you had Gravity power reactors that refuel from gravity sources. :)