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20.09.2017 08:02 by NMS on Close Quarter Combat
Updated to version 1.2 Sep 20 2017 to restore fully correct functionality.
19.09.2017 11:58 by NMS on Close Quarter Combat
Updated to version 1.1 Sep. 19 2017 to restore functionality after a change in 1.8A3. However, due to a bug in that version, it will have incorrect results for a small number of weapons.
01.09.2017 14:25 by ytszazu on Infinite Fuel
Is it possible to make a mod where your can have full control of auto-refuel options.

There is one mod like this currently but it at version 1.03
30.08.2017 22:12 by PM on Drake Technologies Alpha for 1.7
Reuploaded at 305 downloads. Features some tweaks, and items were changed or removed. Restart required.
27.08.2017 17:22 by PM on Star Castle Arcade
Updated to 1.7 at 980 downloads. Fixed the bug that allowed the Star Castle to move. Also enabled for Vault of the Galaxy, and all of the added items scale by system level automatically.
19.08.2017 05:39 by ytszazu on Upgraded Wingmen
Is 1.6b4 compatible with 1.7 version?
11.08.2017 04:23 by relanat on EI Freighter Autons
Apologies. Mod is broken. The game cannot find the freighters in a dockscreen if you quit and reload a game. Will fix it as soon as I work out how,
05.08.2017 03:15 by relanat on Scorpion GodPlayership
Version 2 uploaded at 233 downloads

Added ranks, system travel to enemy stations, map marker, find stations and ships.

Now more item criteria and added "Go to End of List" action in some dockscreens.
24.07.2017 15:06 by Digarw on YourCORP Foundation
Reuploaded at 270 downloads, see changelog for info.
24.07.2017 15:05 by Digarw on Semesta IGC
Reuploaded at 779 downloads, see changelog for info.