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18.10.2016 02:31 by Digarw on Semesta IGC
Reuploaded at 421 downloads, see changelog for info.
13.10.2016 05:28 by (^o^) on Extreme Iocrym
Update to v1.7a2 at 538 downloads. Just added "size" to the commandship.

This update virtually does not change anything in game. So the previous version of this mod still works enough.
05.10.2016 18:49 by Jay2Jay on Mining Pack Update for 1.7
Nooooooo! Why did you fix the Tesseract cargo pods? WHYYYYYYYYYY????

Seriously though, awesome job.
05.10.2016 13:46 by (^o^) on 120 facings Lindworm
Checked at ver1.7a. Still works.
05.10.2016 08:32 by Archcannon on [Playership] Bones & Ghosts
D-115 Update: Fixed a typo that prevented wrecks from spawning in their own game.
03.10.2016 08:15 by NIGHTHAWK620 on 120 facings Lindworm
OK 1.7a2c YET PLEASE!!!!!
28.09.2016 19:15 by PM on Drake Technologies Alpha for 1.7 Alpha
Reuploaded at 369 downloads. Features minor bug fixes and tweaks to the laser charger weapons.
28.09.2016 19:13 by PM on List Ammo Compatibility
Updated to 1.7 alpha 2c at 862 downloads. This fixes the bug of compatible weapons option not appearing since API 30.
28.09.2016 19:09 by PM on Mined Asteroids Explode
Updated to 1.7 alpha 2c at 1530 downloads. This no longer overwrites code.
28.09.2016 19:07 by PM on Xen System
Updated to 1.7 alpha 2c at 359 downloads. All level 11 weapons were removed.