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01.08.2019 05:51 by relanat on Taipan GodShip
Version 7 for 1.8 stable uploaded separately. See the Taipan GodShip 1.8 mod http://xelerus.de/index.php?s=mod&id=1621.
19.07.2019 22:50 by PM on Drake Technologies Alpha for 1.9
Reuploaded a hotfix at 28 downloads that corrected some item prices.
18.07.2019 18:33 by PM on Drake Technologies Alpha for 1.9
Reuploaded at 25 downloads. Fixed some minor bugs and did minor rebalancing of some weapons.
18.07.2019 14:43 by Kaama on Long way 1.8
fixed issue with missing bmp, by removing need for it, thx to Relant, couldnt reapload it so i deleted older file.
14.07.2019 23:49 by PM on Drake Technologies Alpha for 1.9
Reuploaded at 11 downloads. Drake Technologies has been split into two smaller corporations, and items have been redistributed among them. Restart required, and clean install highly recommended.
05.07.2019 06:13 by relanat on Commanders Log
Version 1.01 uploaded at 165 downloads. Fixes a crash bug when the mod is used in 1.9a1. No changes to the mod. I recommend using V2 from the Multiverse for game versions 1.8 stable and above as it has more features.
27.06.2019 16:09 by Amteloletom on Corporate Traffic
Please Update. Not worked in 1.9.
12.06.2019 21:02 by Kaama on F1 Freighter
added api version 29 at 31 downloads, hopefully that will solve dockscreens issues.
10.06.2019 17:08 by Amteloletom on Ranx Ships
I hope it get updated...

Final strike mod is clashing with this mod
03.06.2019 01:26 by Kaama on Tweak Mod 1.8
reaploaded at 35, it now changes so many things that its hard to describe . well it makes game diffrent :D some things are easier and few are more dificult, so i am not sure if newbie boost is proper category for this mod.It will give a bit of old transendence feeling.+ awesome auxiliary weapons(dragonfly or omni light ion blaster) Not evrybody wants to use howitzers evrytime.