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03.05.2016 22:36 by Iconian on Beyond the Mainline
I tried using this, but when I docked with the Sisters of Domina at game start, there were no introductory dialogues, no Benedict, no drone fight. I turned off my other mods and tried again, but same result.
03.05.2016 19:21 by William_Indonesia on Semesta Corporation
Lu kaga sendirian bang :v ane juga indo:D
01.05.2016 23:45 by Shane Filomena on Midst of Dragons
the Aquilas that show up as " destroyers" in systems have missions : they are not going to be "same old same old" so get your gun game on.
30.04.2016 23:32 by Shane Filomena on PSD7 Beta Ships: Xelerus Mod Patches
think i got them all :)

I love PlayerShip Drones...

even if it messes with my drydock screen..

Which adds a dock items purchase/ sale because I always believed they should have at least ammo for sale to the player
30.04.2016 17:54 by kuroichi0 on Semesta Corporation
Well,about that weapon...

Is it only me or it really is that rare?
29.04.2016 16:56 by Kaama on PSD7 Beta Ships: Classic Outtakes
Could you please make separate molotok 120 facing playership mod?
26.04.2016 18:45 by luio on XML source - 1.7 alpha 1a
24.04.2016 17:44 by gunship256 on Smart Spiders and Arrays
Reuploaded at 173 downloads.

There an issue where the itemPicker cursor position was not being stored correctly, causing the cursor to jump around if a patch spider moved around and refreshed the dockscreen. Fixed this by storing the cursor position BEFORE the patch spider moves, moving the spider, refreshing the screen, and then restoring the cursor position.
23.04.2016 23:32 by PM on Playership Drones v7 Beta
Hotfixed and reuploaded at 27 downloads. Fixed interior for Aquila and CSC playerships, and improved UI for field repairs slightly.
22.04.2016 20:20 by griffen26 on Playership Drones v7 Beta
this is the best mod on this site