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16.09.2023 11:43 by vitara on Upgraded Wingmen
Would this be updated to version 1.9 where a new Wingman has been added?
29.03.2023 18:41 by Wulfe on Playership Drones
is this version of the mod capable of supporting custom ships, like the v7 beta?
16.09.2022 23:51 by relanat on Big Mules
Version 3.01 available here:


xelerus will no longer reupload mods so uploading a new mod was required.
18.08.2022 01:52 by relanat on Targeting ROM at Arco Vaughns Station V2
xelerus will not upload version 3 although it says it has. Version 2 is downloaded instead which still works but does not always identify the targeting ROM. I will keep trying to get version 3 up.
14.08.2022 04:53 by relanat on Targeting ROM at Arco Vaughns Station V2
Version 3 uploaded at 1330 downloads.

Requires game version 1.9 or higher.

Same mod, different code. The ROM was not always being identified due to game changes.
14.08.2022 02:05 by relanat on Big Mules
Version 3 uploaded at 890 downloads. Requires 1.9 or higher.

Added the "Cargo space" and "Move here" commands.
12.08.2022 02:45 by relanat on Big Mules
New 1.9 version uploaded at 887 downloads.

The 550M mule uses a larger image of the new 330M mule.

The 770M uses the old 330M image. It is blurry because it has been greatly enlarged from the old 330M ship image.
21.02.2022 15:46 by Luna! on Brokers Expanded
Updated at 303 downloads:

Too big to fit in here, but the IronParrot update has a ton of stuff! You should read back up at the top for an updated synopsis of the mod.
23.08.2021 03:06 by Shane Filomena on Brokers Expanded
I Like this idea - I have flown many of the ships in the game, I do enjoy the Antares ( all )
05.08.2021 14:05 by relanat on Brokers Expanded
Brilliant. Nice work.