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21.11.2014 08:39 by oldmanwynter on System Density
@AP wish I had read that sooner. Took me way too long to figure out why eternity port worked but vanilla didn't.
21.11.2014 08:16 by oldmanwynter on Black Market Expansion
Love this mod! But, it doesn't play well with 1.5 :(
18.11.2014 02:36 by otakd on Mining Pack v1.04
Oddly, I haven't been able to locate any Mining Colonies in my current run. Time to unload/reload other mods to find the root of that issue, urk!
18.11.2014 02:35 by otakd on Mining Pack v1.04
Looking forward to the updates, Willy. 1.3 - and 1.5! - will be the better for 'em :)
18.11.2014 01:26 by otakd on Auton Assembly Hangar
Fantastic mod, PM - and thanks for keeping it so current :)

I've been encountering a bug which triggers with the autons created with this mod. Lately, I seem to have run into the same bug in autons included with Willy & TGeek's Mining Pack.

Essentially, on attempting to loot anything - in any context - from either a custom mule or packer auton, I get the following error message:

"Line 15: Mismatched open parenthesis"

...then I end up having to kill my auton to retrieve the contents. Sigh.


(also, +'d!)
17.11.2014 15:31 by Silverwolf on Fang cannon mk1
Ok I will fix the fang cannon and add a few more things
17.11.2014 15:27 by Silverwolf on G7g class fighter
Ok I will do that
17.11.2014 02:49 by StealthX051 on G7g class fighter
Can you please add a description to your ship please?
16.11.2014 23:48 by Peter on Fang cannon mk1
You don't need to use the recoilless cannon unid, you can make your own and not overwrite anything. Also, you've just given every ship with a recoilless cannon a fang cannon instead. This is a bit of a small mod, its only one weapon. Usually you would upload something bigger, like multiple weapons or one special weapon
16.11.2014 22:06 by digdug on G7g class fighter
dear Silverwolf,

welcome to Xelerus, mod repository for Transcendence.

Please stick with a single UNID space and register it.

you are currently using both DD69 and DD61.

Please register to the forums and post in this thread to register your UNID.


The reupload your mods using a single UNID space.