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30.07.2014 02:12 by Dragonz on Upgraded Wingmen
I have tried this mod on several different adventures. I have been able to keep them alive till the end, but no one upgrades. Weapons fire the same, don't change weapons, the shields all deplete at the same rate (I tried different weapons and the shields all reacted the same. I mean, they depleted normally when I first got them as wingmen) and the armour (as far as I can tell) doesn't upgrade also. I don't know if this is because I am using v1.3. Hope this is updated soon. It would be really useful. :)
30.07.2014 01:48 by Dragonz on Souped up Auton Bay
When I hit scramble all autons, it sends out 2 of each kind. I don't know if there is a way to fix it. Before I left Tau Ceti, I was able to use the one auton in my bay in order to buy 1 of every auton they sold there and duplicate them.

I do like however when I have multiple of the same kind, and modify one of them, it applies that mod to the others of that kind.

I wish however, there was a way we were able to install more components then just the two that are on the autons.
29.07.2014 23:01 by Shane Filomena on Slaver Pack 912
@Peter Teraton fabricators are a rare thing : almost can not tell them from the rest : it is just possible you miss them or - they might not have spawned if there are too many stations in the game already ( something has to give )
28.07.2014 04:44 by PM on PSD6+ Ships: Xelerus Mod Patches
Reuploaded at 199 downloads. Added support for 120 facings Lindworm, Sapphire/X, Star Castle ships, and Vulture light cruiser. Updated AE Ships. Agauptera and Stalwart can aim as 120 facings ships.
27.07.2014 23:55 by PM on Playership Drones v6+
Updated to 1.3 at 410 downloads. The bug that blocks looting from a drone has been fixed.
27.07.2014 23:52 by PM on 120 Facings Ships: DnO1 (part 1)
Part 1 updated to 1.3 at 142 downloads. Other parts remain unchanged.
27.07.2014 23:50 by PM on Wizard Auton
Reuploaded at 45 downloads. Player is blocked from adding ammo to the Wizard auton it cannot use.
27.07.2014 23:44 by PM on Hints Shown
Updated to 1.3 at 714 downloads.
26.07.2014 02:45 by Shane Filomena on Star Castle
Well..now I want your secrets of this strange magic :)
25.07.2014 17:00 by 101hebat on Star Castle