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23.01.2017 07:32 by AssumedPseudonym on Avian Enterprises - Random United
Re-upped at 4 downloads. Nerfed fireRateAdj on Random United ships, added station destruction retribution routines, and removed Avian Enterprises from the name.
30.12.2016 12:45 by Digarw on Semesta IGC
Reuploaded at 494 downloads, see changelog for info.
30.12.2016 12:44 by Digarw on Trade Item Extension (TIE)
Reuploaded at 272 downloads.
30.12.2016 12:41 by Digarw on StrongBox
Reuploaded at 113 downloads, refixing some bugs and redesign the code.
26.12.2016 02:06 by mistere on Godmode
I needed a G.O.D. like utility, and you released this just for me/us?!?! Thanks PM. Best... Christmas... Ever!
25.12.2016 04:03 by PM on Godmode
Updated to 1.7 beta 4 at 2013 downloads. This is no longer dependent on Resource Library 912. Much of Godmode has been redone to be more like G.O.D. Work is not yet finished, but released early so that those who need a G.O.D.-like utility for D&O2: Vault of the Galaxy have one available.
24.12.2016 04:27 by AssumedPseudonym on AE - Scuttle Shipwrecks
Re-upped at 468 downloads. Since 1.7b4 moved shipwreck code to &dsRPGAbandonedStation instead of &dsAbandonedShip, it broke with the update and needed fixed. This should also still work with pre-1.7b4 versions.
20.12.2016 01:33 by Digarw on Semesta IGC
Dan juga, lagi fokus bikin misi dari untuk Testing Area.
20.12.2016 01:15 by Digarw on Semesta IGC
Sebenarnya ada rencana bikin starship, tapi sayangnya gue gak bisa gambar.
19.12.2016 14:22 by William_Indonesia on Semesta IGC
Update dong bro...