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12.06.2019 21:02 by Kaama on F1 Freighter
added api version 29 at 31 downloads, hopefully that will solve dockscreens issues.
10.06.2019 17:08 by Amteloletom on Ranx Ships
I hope it get updated...

Final strike mod is clashing with this mod
03.06.2019 01:26 by Kaama on Tweak Mod 1.8
reaploaded at 35, it now changes so many things that its hard to describe . well it makes game diffrent :D some things are easier and few are more dificult, so i am not sure if newbie boost is proper category for this mod.It will give a bit of old transendence feeling.+ awesome auxiliary weapons(dragonfly or omni light ion blaster) Not evrybody wants to use howitzers evrytime.
31.05.2019 15:05 by Kaama on F1 Freighter
reuploaded at 4 downloads, all major issues fixed.
27.05.2019 16:53 by Kaama on Long way 1.82
reaploaded at 39 with st kate at normal level 4,I am doing it mostly for people who dont have a slightest idea how to mod transcendence, so had to assume changing 7 to 4 may be too hard.
27.05.2019 16:36 by Kaama on Long way 1.82
Well it seems i changed St kate level to 7 from 4 in this version,reason was to be able to buy all kind of ships there, but as a unforeeseen colateral damage, misions at st kate doasnt show up. So if u want them back change it to 4.
26.05.2019 02:41 by Kaama on autominer+scanner
You can mine with this device even if u dont have miner cargo hold and laser, but with mining weapon it will be much faster.
26.05.2019 02:18 by Kaama on Taipan GodShip
This is quite awesome tool to check if new mods works,thank you.
22.05.2019 19:18 by Kaama on Smart Tinkers 1.8
They are Tinkers , and they are smart!

They make plenty of stuff You realy want from some easy to get junk. Nobody will say again that its useless station.
22.05.2019 06:08 by relanat on Tweak Mod 1.8
This sounds great but the zip file is empty or corrupted. Might need to reupload it.