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29.03.2017 03:54 by Archcannon on Extended Justice 0.6 (Commonwealth Police)
Problem: Conflicts with some pieces of the existing justice system. Need to make sure that this mod overrides all of it.
29.03.2017 03:48 by Archcannon on Extended Justice 0.6 (Commonwealth Police)
**Added strike forces and improved general NPC behavior
28.03.2017 12:41 by AssumedPseudonym on AE - Interior Design
Re-upped at 356 downloads. Fixed so that higher level armor patches repair the proper amount of HP instead of only a max of 10 HP. Sort of embarrassed about this one.
23.03.2017 14:51 by PM on Drake Technologies Alpha for 1.7 Alpha
Reuploaded at 624 downloads. Features a rebalanced plasma gun with a new sound.

This should be the last update. A new version of Drake Technologies for 1.7 with content for both parts 1 and 2 will be uploaded when it is ready.
23.03.2017 06:09 by Shane Filomena on Midst of Dragons
The Purpose of the Tavern : to give you a shot - or another shot at getting a Wing such as Rama or Jenna
14.03.2017 02:32 by relanat on Loyal Fleet Settlements
Reuploaded at 225 downloads and this time it IS Version 2, not V1 that I reuploaded somehow!. Apologies to those who downloaded.

This is why I always check my uploads now.
12.03.2017 12:09 by AssumedPseudonym on AE - Utility Pack
Re-upped at 383 downloads. AE-4000-FunctionHelp.xml updated and now once again properly functional; special thanks to NMS for the fix. AE-4700-IntroScreenArmedOnly.xml removed due to unarmed ships no longer being randomly spawned in the intro screen.
10.03.2017 02:14 by relanat on Loyal Fleet Settlements
Reuploaded at 216 downloads.

V2: API changed from 29 to 28 so the mod will work in Game Version 1.6.4 now.

Docking ports now outside of station perimeter.

Cleaned up the very messy code and changed a dockscreen text.
08.03.2017 04:43 by Shane Filomena on Transcendence 1.7 XML _Source
The Image Resource File is 75Mbs, The BEST thing to do is go to https://github.com/kronosaur/Transcendence/tree/master/TransCore/Resources ( as I just learned .)
06.03.2017 05:45 by RPC on Star Genesis 00
Updated github version