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23.08.2014 03:37 by PM on PSD6+ Ships: Xelerus Mod Patches
Reuploaded at 242 downloads, and again at 243 downloads, with an updated Star Castle file.
23.08.2014 03:32 by PM on Star Castle v2
Reuploaded at 80 downloads, with several minor bug fixes.
22.08.2014 16:03 by AssumedPseudonym on AE - Overkill
†Itís a weapon device. Any station that sells low-level weapons should have a pretty good chance of offering them.
22.08.2014 05:34 by aj7749 on AE - Overkill
Where do you get it? Is it a separate mod or
22.08.2014 00:08 by PM on Star Castle v2
Reuploaded at 79 downloads. The mod has been almost rewritten to emulate the classic arcade game much more closely. Now features a new adventure - Star Castle Arena!
21.08.2014 20:31 by AssumedPseudonym on AE - Overkill
†Basically, vastly overpowered AoE weapon with no firing effect. If itís on the screen when you fire it, odds are it wonít be afterward.
21.08.2014 19:24 by aj7749 on AE - Overkill
Yeah so care to elaborate a little more on the "existence failure mechanism"? No idea what that is
15.08.2014 11:09 by CYRUS KGABO on UGWingmen v3
can u please update this mod so i can work in trans 1.3
14.08.2014 04:40 by WillyTheSquid on Weapons Extended 5
so THIS mod was causing that crash....?
06.08.2014 03:31 by RPC on Souped up Auton Bay
@Larinoja No problems, it is a legitimate concern though. I'm going to make a post about it on the forums.



Thanks Darth Saber :D

Dragonz: Ok that is a bug with scramble.

Also, I have to check if applying devices check for limits on the device (as in installing a turbolaser cannon on 10 autons when you have only 5 cannons in your cargobay).

Also, elaborate on not being able to install more components?