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23.07.2016 04:53 by Archcannon on CSC Luna- Cinematic
The POV system is obselete due to sysSetPOV and the player ship can be suspended
16.07.2016 07:28 by Digarw on Trade Item Extension (TIE)
Reuploaded at 133 downloads
14.07.2016 18:12 by NMS on Improved Auton Bay Screens
Reuploaded 7/14 to work around a vanilla bug that could cause auton items to disappear.
10.07.2016 08:48 by Digarw on Semesta Corporation
Reuploaded at 269 downloads, see changelog for info.
10.07.2016 03:28 by Shortling on Identify Before Buying or Selling
Hey this is a great mod but for some reason for me the Identify button is only appearing on the sell screen and not the buy screen. Anyone have a fix or any ideas?
29.06.2016 09:29 by Archcannon on [Minimod] Adaptive Defense 0.95
Updated so that it now takes a certain amount of time for the items to gain resistance
29.06.2016 06:36 by Digarw on Semesta Corporation
Reuploaded at 253 downloads, see changelog for info.
26.06.2016 22:50 by PM on Drake Technologies Alpha for 1.7 Alpha
Reuploaded at 199 downloads. Features new and changed items. Restart required.
22.06.2016 00:33 by RPC on Dynamic Systems V6.d
Forgot to say this in the comments

Updated on 6/16/16 at 4963 downloads.

-fixed autons spam by making the timer 10x longer

-removed mule autons from the map

-removed autons from adding themselves to player squad panel
19.06.2016 05:56 by mistere on [Playership] Bones 1.2
I love Nethack with the Vulture UI but I love Transcendence much more, and easy modding is one reason. And so is this mod lol Nice work!