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30.06.2015 15:56 by (^o^) on Quantumnet conglomerate
Updated to V1.6beta5 at 100 downloads. Reduce noisy sounds.
27.06.2015 15:32 by (^o^) on Olympus-class star carrier
Reuploaded at 562 downloads.

Added some variations of centurion-class heavy gunships.

Since the original CSC become larger than this, I weaken this CSC, and give a smarter AI instead.
22.06.2015 16:03 by PM on Playership Drones v6+
Changes to dockscreens in 1.6 beta 5 have made Playership Drones v6+ somewhat non-functional and obsolete in post 1.5.

I plan to work on Playership Drones v7 for 1.6. Unfortunately, I am unable to do so at the moment.
21.06.2015 13:24 by Shaman on D&O as Adventure
Reuploaded at 239 Downloads

Updated to V1.5
19.06.2015 19:46 by mistere on Star Castle Arcade
Hahaha This is an awesome idea. Fine work as always PM!
19.06.2015 18:56 by (^o^) on Quantumnet conglomerate
Reupload at 83 downloads. Delete some codes that may cause a glitch. Sorry to update in a short time.
18.06.2015 18:31 by (^o^) on Quantumnet conglomerate
Thank you for voting!

Reupload at 81 downloads. Adding wide range of items (quick boosters, radar autons, and so on). This cannot overwrite during the game playing.
17.06.2015 08:35 by RPC on The Network
Try this http://wiki.kronosaur.com/game/guide/install_mods
16.06.2015 05:24 by GoldArmy on The Network
i am a newbie player on the transcendence,please help me for the add ship and add mod,cause i dont know how to add ship or any in the transcendence
10.06.2015 00:03 by Josep Maria on Xenesis: Legacy of the Ancient
Any brave modder that wants to update this to newests versions (with StealthX permission of course)?