Targeting ROM at Arco Vaughns Station V2 View Mod
Updated in 1.9
Requires 1.9 or higher.

A mod which adds a targeting program ROM to the loot in Arco Vaughn's container habitat.
Categories UI Enhancements, Newbie Boosts, DockScreens,
Author relanat
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Added (Last modified) 10.02.2017 (21.08.2022)
Game Version 1.9b3
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Downloads 1685
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Shane Filomena 20.02.2017 00:51

I like this, but from the title my first thought was a ROM that strictly targeted Arco...

I once had this vision of a religious station providing the targeting ROM if the player gets past the initial systems w/out one..but this is good, better then rice.

relanat 24.02.2017 03:34

Oh, yeah. It does read like that. Thanks - changed.

relanat 02.03.2017 01:16

Reuploaded at 26 downloads. API Version changed to 28 from 33. Mod will work with Version 1.6.4 now.

relanat 28.04.2018 03:42

Version 2 uploaded at 306 downloads.

Same mod, different code due to game changes in 1.8a2. V1 which works in all 1.7 versions and 1.8a1 is attached to the forum topic.

relanat 14.08.2022 04:53

Version 3 uploaded at 1330 downloads.

Requires game version 1.9 or higher.

Same mod, different code. The ROM was not always being identified due to game changes.

relanat 18.08.2022 01:52

xelerus will not upload version 3 although it says it has. Version 2 is downloaded instead which still works but does not always identify the targeting ROM. I will keep trying to get version 3 up.

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