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Screenshot With this mod, wingmen sometimes upgrades their ships when the playership has high level devices, or they enters to high level systems.
This mod overwrites Jenna, Rama, and Volkov.
Categories Wingman, A.I./Behavior
Author (^o^)
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Added (Last modified) 01.12.2012 (29.05.2015)
Game Version 1.6b4
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Downloads 912
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digdug 02.12.2012 15:55

nice idea! :)

Shane Filomena 04.12.2012 20:55

Once upon a time I remember I had a wingman that upgraded : then he died and I never felt anyone else flew beside me the way he did :(

thanx for giving us hope to find something of that old favorite wingman :)

Shane Filomena 06.12.2012 03:25

I just read the file : WOW. simplicity , yet complicated : you put a great deal of effort into this. I am happy to have it in my collection of great works:)

(^o^) 08.12.2012 01:58

Sorry, I found a critical bug on this.

When Transcendence.exe is closed, Stored expressions are disappeared. Unless closed, expressions are continued. "save and load" will not delete expressions. It's strange. Maybe this bug is caused by transcendence.exe itself.

(^o^) 09.12.2012 03:22

This bug appears other mods and transcendence1.07. My OS (windows 7 64bit) or something cause this bug? If this idea is right, players (except me) can play this mod satisfactorily.

Dragonz 30.07.2014 02:12

I have tried this mod on several different adventures. I have been able to keep them alive till the end, but no one upgrades. Weapons fire the same, don't change weapons, the shields all deplete at the same rate (I tried different weapons and the shields all reacted the same. I mean, they depleted normally when I first got them as wingmen) and the armour (as far as I can tell) doesn't upgrade also. I don't know if this is because I am using v1.3. Hope this is updated soon. It would be really useful. :)

(^o^) 29.05.2015 18:54

Update at 288 download. Everything changed! Finally I got the control of NPC ships. Now wingmen start searching a decent station and docking to upgrade.

Conceivably, they could have more and more smart AI. Maybe they can do almost everything like the playership. Refuel, loot, trade, pray to the Domina...

But it must spend more and more long time for Modding. So I stopped here for the present.

ytszazu 19.08.2017 05:39

Is 1.6b4 compatible with 1.7 version?

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