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Screenshot Do you ever look out the window and think "Oh golly gee those are some good looking ships those AI are flying, I wish I could get my hands on one of those..."? Well if this is you then look no further!
Brokers Expanded is - as the name would suggest - an expansion of the ship broker system, adding in some much needed variety to go alongside our regular cohort of ships.

The mod is still very much in development, it currently adds ships to existing brokers and new brokers to existing stations, but in the future will add stations to sell specific ships (e.g. a friendly ares shipyard).

Ship availability is entirely down to RNG, the ship broker RNG system is very black and white, so I can't do much to improve odds.
Categories Station (Friendly), Ship (Player), Challenge
Author Luna!
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Added (Last modified) 07.07.2021 (30.07.2021)
Game Version 1.9b3
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Luna! 08.07.2021 16:49

Updated at 4 downloads:

Version 0.2, The Ronin Update

Module 3 contains the Commonwealth military and all 3 Ronin variants. The Oromo now has a hero image courtesy of Nym and Song

Luna! 12.07.2021 07:51

Updated at 17 downloads:

Version 0.3, Hammerheads!

Module 1 now contains the Hammerhead + II, the Medium and IAVs now have hero images courtesy of Alex Konigsberg, and the Britannia now spawns with a NAMI Launcher and missiles rather than an NM900.

Luna! 22.07.2021 22:46

Updated at 28 downloads:

Too much to fit into a comment, but squished the mod into parts, part 1 deals with vanilla brokers, and part 2 will deal with new brokers on existing stations.

Also added a bunch of misc ships!

Luna! 22.07.2021 22:47

Oh, that comment forgot to add that part 2 now exists, BM brokers and Centauri brokers are in!

Luna! 30.07.2021 03:12

Updated at 41 downloads:

1.9b4 came out, so now we have nice images for the Earthzone(s) and Sapiens!

Added Earthzone and Antares variants, also fixed a couple of minor bugs.

relanat 05.08.2021 14:05

Brilliant. Nice work.

Shane Filomena 23.08.2021 03:06

I Like this idea - I have flown many of the ships in the game, I do enjoy the Antares ( all )

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