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Tired working for money?

Then let the money working for you!

Have you dreamt that you can build your own corporation?

Now this mods will give you ability to build a corporate station that you can collect your profit!

YourCORP, build your own corporation!

For more information just activate this mods and go to YourCORP system.
Categories A.I./Behavior, Development, DockScreens,
Misc, Ship (Friendly), Station (Friendly),
Systems and Topology, Usable, Wingman
Author Digarw
Rating 1   0
Added (Last modified) 14.04.2017 (01.05.2017)
Game Version 1.7
Filesize 457.05 KB
Downloads 106
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Digarw 15.04.2017 08:48

Sorry for anyone who has download this mods, please download again because they was updated. Some UNID in this mods is interferes with Semesta IGC

Digarw 25.04.2017 06:33

Reuploaded at 33 downloads, see changelog for info.

Digarw 01.05.2017 11:04

Reuploaded at 57 downloads, see changelog for info.

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