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NameRatingsAuthorVersionDownloadsDate added
Drake Technologies Alpha for 1.70  0PM1.74416.04.2017
YourCORP1  0Digarw1.74214.04.2017
[Pre-Alpha] Oracus and Domina I: The March of the Heretic0  0Archcannon1.73923.03.2017
Type Scrambler 0.10  0Archcannon1.7b25526.01.2017
Extended Justice: Commonwealth Police 0.73  0Archcannon1.7a2c19026.09.2016
Contract Board1  0Xephyr1.7a121424.06.2016
Semesta IGC5  0Digarw1.765104.02.2016
Basic Playerships1  0gunship2561.6.323626.12.2015
Enchiridion Battle Systems beta0  0Novak 671.632003.06.2015
Xelerus TEST1  0TVR1.314622.04.2015
AE - Utility Pack4  0AssumedPseudonym1.6.143117.04.2015
Mothership Project Alpha Repository3  12nd MS Team1.361821.03.2015
Unique armours v1.1a 2  0Novak 671.546118.03.2015
Cabbage Corp5  0Arkheias1.6.486301.01.2015
Peters Devices2  0Peter1.328710.11.2014
Galactic Omni Device (G.O.D.) Mod 2.04  0TVR1.3103702.11.2014
Shrike's Auton Overhaul (Alpha)0  0Shrike1.3b144217.04.2014
German Translation/Deutsche ‹bersetzung2  0Shaman1.232401.03.2014
Hayari Noosphere2  0Heliogenesis1.272728.02.2014
Star Genesis 007  0RPC1.3b1127116.11.2013
Greenwood Company Weapon Pack0  0richter_h1.149616.10.2013
Tigershark Weapons1  0PM1.549929.09.2013
Solar Cannon0  0Tgoldendeag1.141929.08.2013
Raptor: Call of the Shadows6  0Androgeos1.1150131.05.2013
NPC ships as player vessels4  0vayra1.1147506.02.2013
Rogue Trader's Guild + ReactorPack (BETA2)7  0WillyTheSquid1.08l109926.10.2012
"PDmod" ICX Overhaul11  0TVR1.1 RC1211719.07.2012
Linked Weapon Demo SHMUP style0  0HatsuyaKanzaki1.08d49117.07.2012
Elemental Shift: Core1  0Shrike1.08b76805.07.2012
New stuff v2.0 (*135* new things)6  1christian1.08d143925.06.2012
One Day Mod Series: Neuros Media Player V27  0RPC1.275427.05.2012
Identify Before Buying or Selling16  0TranscendentGeek1.08b194507.05.2012
Expressive Teraton2  0Patupi1.08b40122.04.2012
Sdwpack1  1sdw1951.08b58417.04.2012
destructable asteroids1  0Prophet1.08b44123.03.2012
Stargate - The will of the Gods v1.0 Beta0  2christian1.07a111226.02.2012
BC304 Daedalus class v4.75b1  1christian1.07a123507.02.2012
New Sovereigns Alpha v0.13  1christian1.07a62007.02.2012
Punk Geek Tech Center v4.  1christian1.08b134211.01.2012
CSC Luna- Cinematic5  0RPC1.06a87124.10.2011
Hoshigami - Neo Gradian Fleet1  0HatsuyaKanzaki1.06a78503.09.2011
[WIP] DSTech FORCE-Dreadnought 4  0DSMK21.06a115613.07.2011
MiningIdeas0  0Prophet1.0 RC147011.06.2011
new carrier ship mod1  1Chase1.0140503.06.2011
Popstar Hatsumi [WIP]2  1HatsuyaKanzaki1.0567624.05.2011
poc hijack0  0quils31.0543301.05.2011
Hive Behavior7  0drako slyith1.0579006.04.2011
Proactive "Shield" Demonstrator0  0Shrike1.0547724.03.2011
Transcendence Multiverse SDK Core 001 for 1.040  0Periculi1.0453526.01.2011
Playable Xenophobe Fleet2  0Joshua1.0483311.01.2011
Singularity Proof of Concept2  0Jeoshua1.0451929.12.2010
maelstrom series mod 10  0quils31.0443425.12.2010
SpongeJr's Variety Sounds3  0SpongeJr1.0359815.12.2010
Hell's Trinity Beta7  0ThePrivateer1.04152003.11.2010
StelliFer Laboratories11  0SiaFu1.03350010.10.2010
Mining MAG1  0alterecco1.0358203.10.2010
Alphastrike test mod0  0digdug1.0341013.09.2010
Sandbox - Basic Topo0  0Prophet1.0246510.08.2010
Ship purchase5  0Prophet1.0274631.07.2010
Item enhancement framework1  0Prophet1.0153817.05.2010
Boarding Parties Teaser0  0Prophet1.069014.04.2010
Device slot overwrite1  0Prophet1.040118.03.2010
Ice Shield0  0Shrike1.0 RC956624.02.2010
refuse station0  1sdw1951.0 RC842421.02.2010
tinker mod0  0dreadfang1.0 RC740515.02.2010
Wyvera - a living ship (v0.92)3  0Azar Wolf1.01263901.02.2010
Stasis Pod1  1PKodon1.0 RC498816.01.2010
ShieldArmorHudWorksheet2  0PKodon1.0 RC440104.01.2010
Cnidocyst Defense Network0  0Darth Saber0.99c40117.12.2009
setmod alpha0  0Betel1.0 RC239112.12.2009
Mining Ideas1  0Prophet1.0 RC254730.11.2009
Merchant Convoy2  0Prophet1.0 RC240329.11.2009
Galactic U Outposts v20  0DOSBox-gamer0.99c43122.08.2009
Capital Ship Weapons0  0Prophet0.99c52725.05.2009
Galactic Traders1  0alterecco0.99c59515.05.2009
Errors 101: A Tutorial on Resolving Errors0  0Darth Saber0.99c49817.04.2009
Playership Modding Example0  0Darth Saber0.99c66215.04.2009
Lego ship0  0Zacktheperson0.99c45606.04.2009
Grand Plans0  0DOSBox-gamer0.99c54911.11.2008
Post heretic mod v0.1 beta 10  0Fatboy0.99c91909.09.2008
HK2250 - Stars of Call - 006 - Refined0  0Mutos0.99c138207.09.2008
Random Station Items v10  0digdug0.98d80327.04.2008
MissionProblem (Pirate Mod)0  0F500.98d50309.03.2008
Collective system0  0e_____e0.98c83013.10.2007