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NameRatingsAuthorVersionDownloadsDate added
Playership Drones Alpha1  0PM1.8a131020.01.2019
YourCORP Foundation3  0Digarw1.797814.04.2017
Com Groups0  0NMS1.7a164507.07.2016
Playership Drones v7 Beta4  0PM1.7b2160421.04.2016
PSD7 Beta: Human Space HD Ships (part 1)3  0PM1.7a1107421.04.2016
PSD7 Beta: Human Space HD Ships (part 2)3  0PM1.7a199721.04.2016
PSD7 Beta: Human Space HD Ships (part 3)3  0PM1.7a199721.04.2016
PSD7 Beta Ships: Classic Outtakes3  0PM1.7a185921.04.2016
PSD7 Beta Ships: Xelerus Mod Patches1  0PM1.7a2c80621.04.2016
Mothership Project Alpha Repository4  12nd MS Team1.3114321.03.2015
Fighter Logistics4  0Heliogenesis1.5100627.12.2014
Souped up Auton Bay5  0RPC1.3102519.07.2014
Battles of the Outer Realms1  0SolarGalaxy1.3b1107802.03.2014
Star Genesis 007  0RPC1.3b1203716.11.2013
CFW: Companion Framework2  0schilcote1.2b180210.09.2013
Upgraded Wingmen2  0(^o^)1.6b4107901.12.2012
Fixed Carrier Ship Mod1  0RPC1.08d112914.07.2012
Elemental Shift: Core1  0Shrike1.08b121005.07.2012
BC304 Daedalus class v4.75b1  1christian1.07a170807.02.2012
Punk Geek Tech Center v4.  1christian1.08b210211.01.2012
New Wingmen3  0TheLastBrunnenG1.08d127309.12.2011
Cheat Codes V.858  2sdw1951.08b457403.11.2011
Flamberg Mercenaries Guild1  0(^o^)1.05118427.03.2011
One Day Mod Series: Ranx Escort1  0RPC1.04102802.03.2011
Mercenaries2  0drako slyith1.0495423.12.2010
UGWingmen v35  0Bobby1.02193528.07.2010
08U Battle auton3  0Bobby1.01145807.06.2010
UGWingmen v2.4.b0  0Bobby1.0 RC3215829.11.2009