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Screenshot A civilization trapped in the confines of near planet orbit has found an enemy menace from outside of its solar system. Alerted by scientists monitoring the skies, we watched, waited, and created. The Gysolian defense grid is now in your hands, Commander. With time running low and the enemy closing in our last hope is the Durkham-class Defense Carrier.
Can you help lead us to victory?
This mod is basically my attempt to show that Transcendence is more than just Domina and Oracus and we can make other games too, like tower defense among other things.

The game is also a bit short (~15 minutes to complete and 11 waves) but there will be updates so you can upgrade lots of stuff and fight cooler enemies.

Link to forum thread (and game mechanics!):
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Author RPC
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Added (Last modified) 16.11.2013 (04.03.2017)
Game Version 1.3b1
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RPC 17.11.2013 02:27

Updated at 12 downloads (thanks guys/girls!) and changed two things:

1. Intro screen doesn't bleed like Bloody Mary is going to get you through the screen

2. Removed devicedisrupt so that shields on ships are guaranteed to recharge and come back (this might prevent some waves from clearing).

Darth Saber 19.11.2013 05:02

Looks impressive RPC; look forward to trying it out... :-)

marsrocks 21.11.2013 22:33

Fun mini-game! It takes some strategy to win it.

RPC 24.11.2013 07:25

Updated at 62 downloads.


-can put down barricades

-unique graphics for ships

-doubled scrap intake per wreck

-fighters are 2 scrap each

-carrier actually spawns fighters (you can't control them sadly :( )

known issues:

-upgrade screen does NOT upgrade properly at the moment.

-sometimes if you have too many fighters the amount of particles lags the game

I think that's it, if there's any questions/ideas on how to improve, please say so!

Sandhan_Sarma 24.11.2013 09:17

i always get the following error when i load this mod

"Error parsing Extensions\Star Genesis 00\StarGenesis00.xml:

StarGeneis00.xml:Line(3259): Invalid entity:

rsAnarchistStations "

help :( !!!

RPC 24.11.2013 09:28

Are you using Transcendence 1.2?

Sandhan_Sarma 24.11.2013 09:40

i guess not... Thanks for the link.

I have one more doubt, what does this mean

"If you run any of the RCs, it will automatically update to 1.2. Otherwise, you can download the new release at"

what are RCs and where can i get them. I am using transcendence 1.1 found in So was not aware of 1.2 and RCs until now.

RPC 24.11.2013 19:07

Sarma: I deleted the duplicate comment. As for 1.2, you can get it from this link, and whenever you run the game it will automatically update to the newest version.


digdug 25.11.2013 15:10

game version updated ! 1.2 is available

RPC 27.12.2013 00:01

Updated at 168 downloads. Changes:

Fleet Mechanics

Capital Ships

Right now there are three capital ships in the game, two starter ones and one that has to be constructed in-game.

The Durkham is a starting carrier. It makes most of the offensive turrets in the game and is good at taking down gunships.

The Opinren is a starting ship that makes most of the economy stations.

The Aciman is a capital ship counter, and can take down enemy capital ships with ease. It may have trouble with enemy gunships though.

If you use the [I]nvoke screen you can see all of your available capital ships, and you can invoke the right key to change ships to the right capital ship.

If your capital ship gets destroyed you will be given a second chance and spawn in an escape pod. You can then dock to another capship (or construct one) and pilot that.

If you die in the escape pod it's game over.


The Opinren makes mining rigs and solar collectors (but don't make solar collectors! They don't do anything yet!)

The mining rig provides a scuttle radius of 60 light seconds, so anything destroyed within 60 ls of the mining rig will be scuttled.

It also generates scrap every 30 seconds, and gives 10 scrap for every asteroid in a 50 light second radius. You also can't stack mining rigs (but I may change this later.)


If you'd like, you can comment with your multiverse nick and I can add you as a beta tester and this will auto update (and that way you don't have to download through Xelerus.)


-if you upgrade everything the upgrade screen goes wonky. I still have to fix that.

-laser turrets are OP at the moment, and I still have to balance things out.

-upgrade costs are also kinda iffy, and I have to change them later.

Sandhan_Sarma 31.12.2013 16:00

Just completed this game. I must say i really enjoyed playing it. Thanks for this awesome adventure mode.

RPC 01.01.2014 04:01

Thanks for the compliment! :3

If you have any suggestions/ideas feel free to talk about it. I'm planning on extending this from just tower defense into some kind of 4X game in the future >:D

Sandhan_Sarma 01.01.2014 05:40

Thats a very cool idea. It will be very exciting to play the 4X version.Also a very interesting and cool background story and some pretty new graphics and animations will give a great boost though.

And the rest is coding which easy piece for you. :)

FourFire 01.03.2014 12:20

I would like to sign up as a betatester and get automatic updates.

RPC 01.03.2014 17:37

Ok, you're added. Is your nick on the multiverse "fourfire" :? I added that nick so hopefully you're using it >.<

RPC 07.04.2014 03:38

Updated at 329 downloads.

I'm redoing all of the levels for the tower defense portion so that I can move the Zaelon stuff to be an actual faction for the RTS version of Star Genesis. I need some peeps to just look at balance and the like.


Damage control parties draw zero power

missile turrets don't destroy wrecks but their upgrade path kinda sucks now

fighters cost 10 scrap per ship

extra docking port for hangar bay so fighters have a guaranteed docking spot

removed loot/jettison from capship dockscreen

added option to rename ships

New Features:

New engine exhaust effects for capships and fighters

Replaced standard shield effect for cooler one

Tower defense levels now use vanilla ships

Requested feedback:

-requested turret options

-how do the levels feel?

-personal difficulty rating

TheShadow 06.05.2014 10:52

Does not work on my version 1.2 it says cannot find player ships

RPC 19.05.2014 10:53

I updated it for 1.3 beta 1 a while back so it probably won't work for earlier versions:

RPC 15.07.2014 06:24

Updated at 452 downloads.

-Added changelog dockscreen

-got rid of xenophobe spawning near the asteroids

-invoke key for capships now disappears when they are destroyed

-hangar bay has 8 armor pieces (FourFire)

-invoke keys aren't being added back to the list (FourFire, fixed)

-added option to change comms key when you dock to a capital ship

-added miners to mining rig for more scrap gain

-solar collector and starbase charge energy now

-every laser shot costs energy depending on tier (tier level= laser cost)

so laser = 1 energy, turbolaser = 2 energy, etc

-added crude UI

-stations now have energy upkeep

Energy upkeep for stations:

laser turret [-5 energy/5 seconds]

missile turret [-10 energy/ 20 seconds]

hangar bay [-30 energy/ 10 seconds ? ]

mining colony [-20 energy/ 5 seconds]

Energy charge for stations:

Starbase: +75 /second

Solar Collector: +20 /second

old tags:

Systems and Topology, Ship (Player), Ship (Friendly),

Ship (Enemy), Misc, DockScreens,

Devices, Development, Adventure Extensions,

A.I./Behavior, Usable, Weapon,


Dragonz 28.09.2016 05:50

Can we get this updated for 1.7?

RPC 04.03.2017 04:51

Updated at 1243 downloads. It works now.

github link to latest Star Genesis:


-added manual

-fixed various crashes

-nerfed starbase energy regen from 75/sec to 75/10sec

-spawn with 2 energy collectors at start

-fixed enemies using the player pool for energy

-buffed aciman and durkham capital ships

-durkham elite fighters buffed

-warnings for station hp added

-solar collectors spawn even with no energy

-added masks to zaelon units

-fighters spawn every 10 sec instead of 45 sec

-durkham and zaelon ships removed as starters

-Energy upkeep for stations:

laser turret [-5 energy/5 seconds]

missile turret [-10 energy/ 20 seconds]

hangar bay [-30 energy/ 10 seconds ? ]

mining colony [-20 energy/ 5 seconds]

Energy charge for stations:

Starbase: +75 /second

Solar Collector: +20 /second

RPC 06.03.2017 05:45

Updated github version

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