Hoshigami - Neo Gradian Fleet View Mod
Apparently, this is a teaser of contents for the growing Hoshigami ADV-EX. It now has more weapon choices, coming from these companies.

Pandayan = Kinetic, Blast, Particle, and Thermo only.

Midori Makina = May cover all 16 damage types, but only have fixed damage numbers

Kanzaki Corporation = ???

Ships so far: still, the Neo Gradian Fleet, but with one cheat battleship, only out for testing.
Categories Weapon, Ship (Player), Graphics,
Author HatsuyaKanzaki
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Added (Last modified) 03.09.2011 (05.02.2012)
Game Version 1.06a
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Shane Filomena 03.09.2011 14:26

what is the item "&baPlayerDroneBase" ?

it is not in there .

Ill not say anything else,

Shane Filomena 03.09.2011 14:27

ok i will say it , but only because I have to....nice art work ...there i said it :)

Jose 03.09.2011 21:25

Foe some reason the name reminds me of Megaman Zero

HatsuyaKanzaki 05.09.2011 09:51

Shane, you have to include the PlayerShip Drones mod for it to work too. 'Cuz you may leave from their ships. By the way, I might consider balancing them moar, and give them appropriate ways to be reconstructed.

Shane Filomena 06.09.2011 23:14

Thank you for the update: but the description should have a note of anything a .xml depends on that is not in the game : I have playership drones, but I check out new .xml in a a mod free game first.

HatsuyaKanzaki 06.02.2012 00:22


This requires PlayerShips too as of this time.

Azar Wolf 21.03.2012 21:33

This needs a proper in-game screenshot.

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