[WIP] DSTech FORCE-Dreadnought View Mod
Screenshot This is my personal ship, been working on it for some time. Still working on it.

DSTech FORCE Cannon
DSTech HI-Laser Projector Array
DSTech Chaser AM Missle Array

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Ship (Player)
Author DSMK2
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Added (Last modified) 13.07.2011 (23.07.2011)
Game Version 1.06a
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digdug 13.07.2011 10:55

looks very good, are you going to put textures now ?

Shane Filomena 13.07.2011 21:19

why can't I get half as good as this? and you suggest that your not done yet??

I feel so tiny :)

this is great work and I thank you for sharing .

Orthag 14.07.2011 21:25

I don't think it really needs textures, the smooth flat look is really quite badass.

DSMK2 14.07.2011 22:49

I'm going to give it some paint stripes, wish blender had some greeble scripts for 2.5 :/

Orthag 30.07.2011 22:22

it says it's unable to load laserpulse.wav

Delta3 31.07.2011 18:03

Best mod ever!

Delta3 15.08.2011 21:50

Orthag: what version of are you running on? I am using 1.06 and it is working just fine.

Gilipheoun 14.04.2012 20:58

it says incomapatible version:1.1 what do i do

Gilipheoun 17.04.2012 21:14

lol duhhhh {updated to 1.8b}


NIGHTHAWK620 13.04.2013 01:34

This is a great mod one of my favs One problem I'm having is the laser array targeting seem off. Please update and/or adjust.

minhhung 26.04.2013 08:35

The DSTech Dreadnought isn't used for 1.1; how can I change this mod for 1.1 ?

RPC 27.04.2013 04:26

Even though it says it isn't used for 1.1 some mods still work. I just dl'ed it and used the 1.2 beta and I was able to run it just fine.

StealthX051 24.07.2014 01:33

This works with 1.3 RC1. I do believe that this mod has stopped development.

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