Playable Xenophobe Fleet View Mod
This mod makes all xenophobes playable. i tested it and it works but for some reason it does not work with the Network mod. I don't know why. NOTE: I had to cheat on the armor.
Categories Ship (Player), DockScreens, Development
Author Joshua
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Added (Last modified) 11.01.2011 (16.01.2011)
Game Version 1.04
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Joshua 11.01.2011 02:16

Note: That ark on the "All Stock Ships Playable" mod only gives half the damage output on the weapons than the AI ones. also my mod autosets your sov to destructive order. So they dont match.

bigvan 11.01.2011 04:08

Why does this contain playable ares?

Joshua 12.01.2011 00:04

it doesnt override the normal playerships. you probably have the "Playable Ares" Mod installed as well.

Joshua 12.01.2011 00:08

reuploaded at 7 downloads. It now includes all xenophobe ships. It also corrects UNIDs to the "D135" range.

Naminator5 12.01.2011 03:43

This mod also everyone that's originally friendly to you hostile, and makes all those that are hostile to you friendly. This effects all ships.

Joshua 12.01.2011 23:03

reuploaded again. Now contains an abandoned station override. Play and you'll see.

Joshua 13.01.2011 00:10

reuploaded again. you should be enemies of most other sovs.

Joshua 13.01.2011 01:01


if i keep commenting @ every reuploading this will get real complicated. However, I will comment after making actual changes (not just bug-fixing)

digdug 13.01.2011 18:21

probably a thread on the forums would be better

spiderdan100 21.02.2011 21:56

it has a lot of errors in it and wont work

digdug 22.02.2011 20:39

spiderdan100, please be more specific, can you provide a pastebin of your debug.log ?

Shane Filomena 18.06.2011 09:07

talk about " buggy" it had me going buggy because I did not expect the result of having it in my folder! but it taught me a few things about how much a Genius mod makers are: and inspired my own .xml ideas more that I actually got to work on them ( nevver be as good as you people are, but I try ). THANK YOU I enjoy this.

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