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This is a proof of concept for my upcomming mod, Singularity. It will be an adventure set in the Solar System. As the name suggests, it will be about the discovery of a wormhole in the outer system (sound familiar?)
Right now it's just a proof of concept for several ideas that have been rattling around in my brain. One is super large planets. The other that found it's way in so far is gravity. Both are still very rough.

Version 0.2:
Internal system code cleaned up and improved.
System now uses vector math more heavilly.
Each ship now has an overflow catcher.
Jupiter added, and a preliminary "stargate"
Major rewrite of the system code. Now all ships are given an event handler which does the gravity for them.
Added various environmental dangers.
Updated the Umbra playership. Now she has a relativistic drive and an auto-orbit feature. Just "use" the engine.
Added placeholders for the next slew of systems.
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Author Jeoshua
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Added (Last modified) 29.12.2010 (08.01.2011)
Game Version 1.04
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Shrike 30.12.2010 21:04

Is your "gravity" limited to stations, or can it be applied to other things as well?

Jeoshua 31.12.2010 18:41

New version uploaded. It should work for everyone, as there is no longer any starting ship criteria.

Run it in debug mode and open the console to see a readout of basically what is happening (lots of dbgOutput code). You can change what information your reading by doing (setq gravOutputFilter "Earth"), where the last string is the name of the object you would like to see the output from.

drako slyith 07.01.2011 06:18

The umbra ship doesn't define its armor. Also, the game crashes whenever I run the adventure. Is there anything else you need for this to work?

Jeoshua 07.01.2011 15:36

Sorry, I uploaded a broken mod last time. I made some last minute changes to the the Umbra to try and make it use only standard game content and my own tweaks, but I forgot a few things.

Right now I'm working on the next version, which I promise I will test with a clean install before I upload it.

Jeoshua 08.01.2011 00:18

I just uploaded a fixed version.

The Umbra is deffinitely not going to be a production ship (except the graphics). Right now it has 2 high level devices installed, one which lets you travel at 0.5c. With the size of the system, I'm sure you understand. It's also that way to let you achieve escape velocity versus the sun.

The new version (correctly) uses event handlers to make each "actor" calculate its own gravity. A special situation has to be used for the playership.

Also, whatever ship you target will spew out debug output. If no ship is targeted, the playership is analyzed instead. This actually works by name, so ships with the same name will output at the same time.

There are a few globals one can set to play around with the gravity, as well. gravConstant has been changed to represent how strong gravity is, in general. Setting it low will make less gravity cause an acceleration, and setting it high will make gravity corespondingly weaker. Be careful with using very small numbers, because gravity can get quite strong (strong enough that you can't achieve esape velocity, sometimes)

There is also a new feature for the Sublight Drive: Automatic Orbital Insertion. Typing "U"se "O"rbit will automatically set you in orbit around the nearest signifigant gravity well.

Also... do watch out for the sun. Flying too close can be... hazardous, to say the least.

drako slyith 08.01.2011 02:48

Awesome mod but... I got stuck in the Jupiter area. I went through the Jupiter Stargate and then through the Sol Stargate, but I didn't move. Is that a glitch?

Jeoshua 08.01.2011 16:50

It depends on what you consider a glitch. I haven't worked on anything but the inner system yet. Still working on geting out the bugs, and eventually you'll transfer to the next systems outward when entering the gravitational influence of the outer planets... right now they're empty placeholders.

This mod isn't "playable" yet... it's still a proof of concept for my gravity system.

Thanks for checking it out, tho.

Jeoshua 08.01.2011 17:23

Also, there is a very... strange effect in which docking with a station will temporarilly speed the game's computation of the gravity by a factor of 1000, only to wear off after a while.

So if you have issues with speed at game start, dock with St. K

Jose 15.02.2011 00:46

Cant use it give me dis Exq:Umbra-class Aerospace Stealth Fighter ship class: Unknown design type: d512fd04

Jose 15.02.2011 00:48

Sorry wrote it wrong.It tells me dis=Umbra-class Aerospace Stealth Fighter ship class: Unknown design type: d512fd04

RPC 04.05.2011 06:28

Apparently there are several undefined items in the Umbra XML:


and the whole set of "thrusters".

I presume the thrusters came from another mod?

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