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SpongeJr's Variety Sounds (early development version)
You can't hear sound in space, right? That's why your ship's computer simulates battle sounds for you. Well this mod changes the sounds used for weapons to make them more distinct. No longer will all lasers sound the same, all recoilless cannons sound the same... you'll now be able to tell if it's a Bolide laser blaster or a Turbolaser cannon firing at you!

This mod does NOT affect game balance or mechanics in any way, only sound effects.
Still in development, but it does work well as far as I know. It works with Transcendence v1.04, v1.1, and v1.2. It overwrites many weapons definitions and so may not work with other mods.
Criticism and comments are NEEDED! I need your input to keep me motivated!
Categories New Sounds, Development
Author SpongeJr
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Added (Last modified) 15.12.2010 (03.06.2013)
Game Version 1.03
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Downloads 1236
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SpongeJr 17.12.2010 13:04

Minor update to fix the obnoxious mining laser and one weapon using old (default) sounds. I STILL need your comments! Would you use this mod when it's complete? Do you use it already? Would you be interested in including these sounds in your mod or modpack?

Star Weaver 17.12.2010 17:01

Comment comment comment. Comment. Comment comment.

Ahem. I keep downloading it at least! :[

Avalon4 24.01.2011 22:35

Ooh ooh I got a question pick me pick me pick MEEEEEEEE...

Um... Where do I put all these? Can they go in their own folder or must I further clutter up my extensions root?

SpongeJr 20.03.2011 23:27

The files will be perfectly happy in either the root "extensions" folder or in a subfolder inside the extensions folder with any reasonable name that doesn't start with an underscore _

Other than that you can put them in any folder inside the extensions folder.

SpongeJr 03.06.2013 02:09

Updated at 218 Downloads to my latest version. MAJOR bug fix. Also mining laser made even less obnoxious.

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