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Screenshot v00.7 ALPHA3 for 1.03

Focused on the new corvette class, this adds:
>> SFs30 Indigo, an 8-segment-armored PlayerShip with a completely reworked Armor/Shields HUD
+SFs31 'demigod' variant for those in a hurry to check everything out (spelling intentional)
> StelliFer Laboratories: the tuners and tweakers among the shipbuilding companies, their SFs16 Wendigo gunships (ToDo: Quests).
> a handful of StelliFer quest reward weapons+sounds,armor, devices (ToDo: balance, better mechanic for acquiring them) more to come

>> separate SFItemGraphics.xml that overrides items with all new icons for:
–Weapons + 14 new sounds (adding weapon icons inspired by Vizth's More Dakka mod, adding sounds by Aeonic's Turbolaser mod).
> misc. tweaks and overrides; Scuttle Wreck dockscreen 'borrowed' from PKodon's FalconCV. Longzhu sphere in comments

+includes improved versions of SFSpaceStations, Stargate Dock&Go.

Definitely incompatible with 1.04
Categories Weapon, Station, Ship (Player),
Ship (Friendly), Misc, Mining,
Graphics, Devices, Development,
Author SiaFu
Rating 11   0
Added (Last modified) 10.10.2010 (23.12.2010)
Game Version 1.03
Filesize 1.88 MB
Downloads 5306
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SiaFu 10.10.2010 16:32

NOTE: ALPHA RELEASE in development>

Please use vanilla 1.03 to test bugs/features etc. as this mod hasn't been cross-tested.

Just SFItemGraphics alone are OK, though.

Azmond 03.11.2010 00:37

GReat mod! (yes i'm new so i'm hoping to get the programm from my twin to mod...) ANYWAY~!!! The ship is great, the graphics add veriety to it [the game] and i love the armor's very nice job! :D but one problem... i think the ship might be a tad larger then most considering it's speed and turning, but it's a great ship other then that! so a resize would be nice. anyway thats it, Az out.

Azmond 03.11.2010 00:38

oops PS Add more wepon graphics i love those too :3 ^^

SiaFu 05.11.2010 10:52

More weapon graphics are underway. I'm making them slowly as I go along the game. I've estimated 80 icons for all vanilla weapons, so it may take some time.

As for the SFs30, it's still a draft version I've made somewhat smaller than a Charon Frigate (just under 100px) as it's supposed to be a one-man Corvette class. I'm planning to make more variants in a future release - after I've dealt with the quests for special items and the graphic/sound part of the mod.

ThePrivateer 10.11.2010 09:15

This is a wonderful mod, full of new ships and new weapons. The wealth of new graphics alone is worth the download to breath a bit of fresh air into the game.

Good work!

SiaFu 11.11.2010 19:19

Updated to 00.6 ALPHA2 with loads of new content at 208 downloads.

Forum thread:

SiaFu 12.11.2010 09:24

And again at 215 with 00.6a because somehow the main XML got corrupted with unicode garbage the last time.

I've added the RK15 Partisan Turret icon.

alterecco 13.11.2010 23:36

this is amazing SiaFu! Looks so pretty :)

Azmond 21.11.2010 02:40

Hey i keep getting this funky message whenever i try to play it:: Error parsing Extensions\Exstentions to save\systems & Universe\794_StelliFerLaboratories\StelliFer Laboratories 006 1_03\SF StelliFer v006a 1_03: Unable to parse SF StelliFer v006a 1_03.xml: Line(2414): close tag does not match open :: anyideas what's up?

I also got a few errors with Images a while back when i downloaded the 3rd (current) update.

SiaFu 22.11.2010 13:47

Re: the current problem with 006a, thanks for the warning.

After that corruption issue I've had to reconstruct the final XML from several versions so it seems I've missed closing a comment line in the rush:

Line 2116 should be:


<!-- Maybe I overdid the alliterations... a bit -->

(it's missing the final "-->")

I need to clean up the next update and then I'll repost.

Azmond 23.11.2010 02:42

Thanks, the rest of it's working wonderfully though, and the images were the missles, they would only show up on teh left for some reason...

forgot to post that ><;

SiaFu 23.11.2010 18:50

Reuploaded 00.6b at 357 downloads to fix the typo. Added Cnidocyst icon and soundFX (and 2 more SFX).

Azmond, I don't get this problem missiles showing on the left: in the itempicker? Maybe we should continue in the forum?

bigvan 01.12.2010 03:01

this is great!

Azmond 08.12.2010 21:49

I actually haven't gotten onto the forum yet, and i haven't been able to get on computer but i'll make an account. It'll be azmond again.

Azmond 08.12.2010 21:49

And by i haven't been able to get on. i mean, i've been busy in life.

SiaFu 23.12.2010 12:12

Version 00.7 Alpha3 updated at 573 downloads, mostly for SFItemGraphics.

Adds shields, weapon icons, sounds. Almost all weapons/shields/launchers are overwritten with new or placeholder icons.

New sounds have been assigned for particle/ion/plasma/positron/antimatter weapons.

Check included readme for more info.

MGgamer 09.03.2011 19:34

iv got an error when i tryd to run the game whid this mod

Error parsing Extensions\SFItemGraphics v030 1_03: Unable to parse SFItemGraphics v030 1_03.xml: Line(7170): Invalid entity: rsStdMissile1

plz fix it i tryd whid many versions but still the same message

digdug 10.03.2011 00:37

MGgamer, please only use Transcendence 1.03 with this mod.

Orthag 01.04.2011 23:09

I was able to use it just fine with 1.04 and again with 1.05

Marcus 09.06.2011 09:24

Very nice! I love the graphics that you have come up with. Adds much more spice to this great game.

HatsuyaKanzaki 09.01.2012 21:43

PLEASE UPDATE THIS for 1.07++!!!

WillyTheSquid 12.02.2012 20:23

I'm adding this to my extensively multi-modded game piecemeal. Great graphics! The different colors/images for ores and consumables should be a stand-alone mod.

Peter 20.05.2014 23:56

Man, your mods are amazing!

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