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This mod is a Work in progress. It currently is a basic framework for inserting player ship changing into the game but I would like to expand it, so gimme some ideas!
Look at README.txt for a list of resources I have overwritten.
Requires DSF.
Categories Development
Author Prophet
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Added (Last modified) 31.07.2010 (31.07.2010)
Game Version 1.02
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sdw195 31.07.2010 03:28

i didnt know that RC3 had the ship change function

Atarlost 31.07.2010 09:19

I went ahead and fixed the game version field since it was clearly in error.

sdw195 05.08.2010 05:00

Molotok Player is not dockable so i cant change back to it :(

Prophet 09.08.2010 00:09

Thanks! fixed for next version

sdw195 11.08.2010 05:38

looking an the xml it appears that you do not intend for the Molotok to be aviable at stk which it is

Jeoshua 17.08.2010 20:08

I got the following error message out of my debug.log once my auton was blown up... I have no other mods which affect autons so it must be this mod:

08/17/2010 14:04:43 OnDestroy [Midriff]: Index out of range: Nil ### (lnkRemove lst (find lst (objGetID auton)) Nil) ###

CFG 07.09.2010 15:21

Can you add a link to the forum thread if there is one? ;)

HatsuyaKanzaki 13.12.2010 09:00

I'd like to make a mercenary station out of this mod of yours, in which there's a certain station that will let you hire wingmen. Though the catch on the current implementation of this mod is that you can't buy another ship-type.

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