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Frustrated with the fragility of your wingmen and autons? this mod is for you. It allows you to dock with your companions (the named wingmen and mules only, more available in other mods) and upgrade their equipment.

To upgrade:
1. dock with the ship to be upgraded
2. jettison the stuff to be installed or used
3. select the "let me fly" option
4. upgrade as you would normally
5. press u twice (use an item on your ship) to return to your original ship when done

Note: your ID roms are automatically transferred to your new ship for convenience.

Warning: although the mod requires Transcendence version 1.02, I would recommend holding on to the older UGW system until 1.03 due to some severe bugs in 1.02.

Known issues:
1. if you are destroyed while flying the new ship the game ends.
Categories Wingman, Ship (Friendly), Obsolete,
Author Bobby
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Added (Last modified) 28.07.2010 (19.08.2011)
Game Version 1.02
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Bobby 04.08.2010 05:14

Re-uploaded at 13 downloads: fixed a bug with the ID transfer. (ID's were not removed from the source ship, or transferred back to the player)

Darth Saber 02.10.2010 18:17

Will you be upgrading this mod to the current version of Transcendence?

Star Weaver 09.11.2010 11:06

Hmm, I was just checking the code out for this as the "let me fly" option for Buster wasn't working. It appears that all that needs to be done to make him work is copying over a PlayerSettings section into his ship description. I think the rest of the mod still works in 1.03. I haven't tested it much with the ship swapping yet and I haven't actually gotten to a standard wingman in this mod, but I noticed they all have PlayerSettings data so it will probably work for them too.

I was liking this mod even with the mod, and I liked buster's introduction even if it got me killed last time I saw it :D.

Bobby, are you waiting for the proposed POV functions to do a proper update for this?

Star Weaver 09.11.2010 11:08

(Or am I missing that you're not supposed to be able to upgrade his ship?)

Star Weaver 14.11.2010 06:58

Ok, I love the upgradeable mule. It's the only wingman I'm using in one game, and I've given it a Sunfire and Dual Particle weapons at the moment, and some hardy defenses. I was just checking its stats in the xml, though, and I notice you have a base cargo space of 87 and a max cargo space of 250. The most you can improve cargo space with the default items is 100, apparently, so that max is unreachable.

Iocrymdestroyer 04.03.2011 23:38

When the 'break attack' command is issued and then the 'form up' command is issued, Volkov will just fly off into space. He will only respond to going through a stargate, in which he will show up unless the 'wait' command has been given, then you have more or less lost Volkov. I am unsure of how this affects Rama. This also seemed to have made a stargate eat Jenna. I don't quite know what happened, but this may not be the cause, or what actually happened. I just noticed she had disappeared after I went through a gate and do not know if she did just fly off as Volkov did.

Bobby 08.05.2011 02:02

Re-uploaded at 360:

-your old ship will follow you while flying the auton or wingman.

-added a playersettings to buster (He's in a separate file I forgot to update when I changed to the change ship model)

-fixed the unreachable max cargo for the mule

-It's been so long I forgot what else I changed.

@IocrymDestroyer: I haven't picked up a non-mule wingman in a while, I'll look into it in my next game.

Bobby 19.08.2011 02:07

Re-uploaded at 486:

-proper shield images for jenna, rama, volkov, and the mule.

-minor and misc. bug fixes.

-new formation command for autons too.

@Iocrymdestroyer: It is fixed now.

Bobby 19.08.2011 04:55

Re-uploaded again. If the original ship is shot control immediately switches back to it. This should eliminate the issue of your ship being destroyed with you not in it, but may need some refining.

CYRUS KGABO 11.04.2014 16:10

can u please update this mod to the current games.i am getting a lot of error when using it with the current versions.

CYRUS KGABO 15.08.2014 11:09

can u please update this mod so i can work in trans 1.3

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