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Screenshot This adds a new auton that functions as a mechanical wingman.

It is available only in an upgradeable version, so absolutely requires the UGWingmen mod.

The graphic is a cross between the hammerhead and an auton, basically a hammerhead with outriggers.
Categories Ship (Friendly), Auton, Wingman
Author Bobby
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Added (Last modified) 07.06.2010 (19.08.2011)
Game Version 1.01
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Iocrymdestroyer 07.06.2010 21:22

So what does it do?

Bobby 07.06.2010 22:24

If you find it in game and use it like any other auton it will do what any combat auton does.

The difference is it inherits from the wingman base class instead of the auton base, and is upgradeable. It is essentially a wingman you can buy and replace at will, though it's ai isn't as good as the "human piloted" named wingmen.

Iocrymdestroyer 08.06.2010 05:13

So it's an auton-wingman hybrid

Little Modder... 16.06.2010 20:02


Star Weaver 09.11.2010 17:04

I haven't actually found one of these yet, but I love the concept and the graphic. (I updated my copy with a PlayerSettings so I can actually upgrade it too :))

Matz05 24.12.2010 18:52

Star weaver... can I have your updated version? I used to love these but the new UGW isn't properly compatible.

Star Weaver 24.12.2010 20:18

Ok, I uploaded my fixed XML here: http://transcendence.pastebin.com/8L4jtTXz --- until Bobby gets a chance to fix this thing himself. (It just mixes in code of his from other sources anyway, so (A) I claim nothing and (b) I hope that dosen't bother anyone :D)

Iocrymdestroyer 04.03.2011 23:41

I don't know if I just found a fluke or what, but when Star Weaver's fix was implemented, my game was crashed after I had the auton dock a commonwealth fortress and the I docked with it, selected the 'let me fly' option, and then it killed me, and crashed my game. This happened with ug wingmen v3

Shane Filomena 06.06.2011 05:36

Too much adventure packed in this little item! I do not use ug wingmen3: I think the original 1&2 are perfect for my game but this auton is a Adventure in itself because once I have it I KNOW there is going to be shooting going on!! ( but at least it has not ever shot me in the back )

Bobby 19.08.2011 02:25

Re-uploaded at 330:

-proper shield image

-works with UGW v3

@Star Weaver: Thanks for stepping in, it seems I missed it in the upgrade.

@Iocrymdestroyer: Let me guess, you implemented the fix in a currently running game? A ship spawned before xml elements were added won't have them, though the type does, at least that's my interpretation. In any case they tend to crash if something tries to use the new elements, a trait that has caused me a lot of frustration on occasion.

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