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Screenshot Boarding parties teaser!!
After more than a year in planning, boarding parties has finally emerged from development!

Currently, when you dock with a wrecked station or ship you will have to fight to claim the loot. I would like to add the ability for enemies to board the playership as well but that is still in development.
There are many new items:
Troops - the units that will be fighting for you.
Equipment: Guns and melee weapons, armor, shields and other equipment that you, the commander, can equip.

Dockscreen framework:

currently overwrites dsAbandonedShip and dsAbandonedStation
These will be removed at a later time.
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Author Prophet
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Added (Last modified) 14.04.2010 (30.05.2010)
Game Version 1.0
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Iocrymdestroyer 14.04.2010 15:49

Does this let you board other ships, or will they board you?

Dogma 15.04.2010 02:33

I think it lets you board other craft and vise-versa but im too busy testing my mod to try.

Prophet 15.04.2010 05:29

Right now, the player can only board wrecked stations and ships. I'm still testing the other options.

Iocrymdestroyer 15.04.2010 05:53

Define "board", do you mean comandeer, or just take whoever is left alive captive?

Iocrymdestroyer 15.04.2010 05:55

Ummm, hehe... Just ignore my previous comment, I didn't notice the changed description.

StealthX 15.04.2010 09:38

Wow, this is so cool!(the mod as well as the graphics)

sdw195 16.04.2010 07:43

i get this when i load :(

jump []: Unknown function: dsf_SetData ### (block Nil (dsf_SetData "plyRngPwr" 0) (dsf_SetData "plyRngSpd" 1) (dsf_SetData "plyRngAcu" 50) (dsf_SetData "plyMelPwr" 10) (dsf_SetData "plyMelSpd" 1) (dsf_SetData "plyMelAcu" 70) (dsf_SetData "plyDefShd" 0) (dsf_SetData "plyDefArm" 0) (dsf_SetData "plyDefHP" 50) (dsf_SetData "plyHacker" 10) (dsf_SetData "plyStealth" 10) (dsf_SetData "plyPsionic" 10) (dsf_SetData "plyDemolition" 10) (dsf_SetData "plyRepair" 10) (dsf_SetData "plyRecon" 10) (dsf_SetData "plyBpTac" 1) (dsf_SetData "plyBpCmr" 10) (dsf_SetData "plyBpXP" 0) (dsf_SetData "plyBpLVL" 1) (dsf_SetData "plyBpPts" 5) (dsf_SetData "plybpVic" 0) (dsf_SetData "plyBpFal" 0) (dsf_SetData "plyCommitted" Nil)) ###

digdug 16.04.2010 13:22

2 possibilities: you don't have DSF installed or the DSF version you are running is wrong

P.CUnniff 16.04.2010 13:55

Well I'm getting the exact same thing & I have the latest DSF & hash functions that are posted here on Xelerus installed. My dockscreens are blank & I get similar error messages flash across the screen every time I 'warp' into another galaxy.

Avalon4 16.04.2010 17:40

I can confirm the appearance of the above string as an alert message during the System Load event. The picture of the dockscreen I see here is also not showing up on my screen, which may mean my DSF is wrong - where is the current version?

Prophet 17.04.2010 13:22

My apologies everyone, the version of DSF I used is still in development as well. I'll find a solution A.S.A.P.

Darth Saber 17.04.2010 17:02

First person shooter or text based fighting with ASCII characters?

Prophet 20.04.2010 14:30

Unfortunately, there is no quick fix so you will have to wait for the release of the new version of DSF.

Darth Saber - It's text based but I'm trying to recruit help to create the graphics for me. Tactical turn-based strategy.

Iocrymdestroyer 20.04.2010 23:26

When this is working, I'll definitly have to try it.

Dogma 22.04.2010 21:57

sounds epic.

P.CUnniff 23.04.2010 03:03

Prophet, why not just post alerecco's 'in development' version of the DSF files? I grabbed them off the website he posts to & your mod works PERFECTLY! (...very cool too)

Prophet 23.04.2010 13:36

I have spoken with alterecco and discussed that option BUT we decided it may cause problems if people try to run 2 versions of DSF.

I've added the link to the gitHub to the description for those who feel confident enough to try it. I'm glad you like it so far.

Prophet 30.05.2010 04:00

The new version of D.S.F. on Xelerus is complete and will allow boarding parties to run. Thx Alterecco!

Ianfrm901 05.06.2010 21:39

So far, I love the mod. But can your Commander get over level 1? I got the first 100 exp and he leveled from 0 to 1, but now I have over 1100 exp and I'm still level 1.

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