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OUTDATED: superseded by v3

The UGWingmen mod updated to work with 1.0

wingmen are now dockable and upgradable, as is the mule. Order them to dock with a nearby station, then dock with them, jettison the new equipment, and install it the same way you would yours.

wingmen and autons alike can be ordered to escort or guard a target of your choice.

wingmen will use a jumpdrive to close a gap while following you or escape when damaged. Autons will use it to escape.

you can ask for a status report to find out exactly how much damage they have.

New in 2.1: wingmen, like the player, need a station to upgrade, and a new wingman added.

New in 2.2: broken in rc2, will work in rc3

New in 2.3: drastic improvement to the "use barrel" feature, it is now "Use item" and can accommodate barrels, the new armor repair items, and longzhu spheres with no waste.

New in 2.3.a: use item fixed, refinements to buster encounter.

New in 2.4: "new formation" command added for wingmen
Categories Wingman, Ship (Friendly), Auton
Author Bobby
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Added (Last modified) 29.11.2009 (28.07.2010)
Game Version 1.0 RC3
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digdug 29.11.2009 17:15

Awesome !

Aeonic 29.11.2009 21:57

It sounds cool, but reading through the notes about all the quirks makes me extremely paranoid of using it.

Curudan 30.11.2009 02:05


I've used upgradable wingmen on previous versions, and it is my all time favorite mod. The list of quirks in the readme may seem a little bit daunting, but it isn't really that bad. I've found that it helps to use an AHK macro to issue many orders at once.


Does this version override the wingman system cap introduced in 1.0?

Bobby 30.11.2009 03:00

no, the system cap is still in effect, as is most everything introduced in 1.0.

UGW v2 isn't an updated v1.1 as much as it is the system from 1.0 rc2 with some bells and whistles added.

Also, this version has less quirks than the previous versions(that I know of), and should be much more simple to use.

And, I re-uploaded again. the auton base class is in the file with the mule, for full compatibility with any of the auton mods on xelerus don't use the file "UGWingmen mule.xml"

Bobby 30.11.2009 17:01

I just realized I may have uploaded while in the process of adding "break & attack" to autons.

if your copy has autons with the "break & attack" option don't use it, it doesn't work right yet and you lose them, I will try to fix it shortly.

Bobby 30.11.2009 17:29

Re-uploaded again, "break & attack" is disabled for autons, readme is more up to date.

chucktonica 06.12.2009 20:39

this mod is broken, I am unable to upgrade my wingmen, in fact when I attempt to dock with one it tells me I am docked with myself so I think that it is a problem.

Bobby 06.12.2009 23:48

I was getting that rather often in testing, the dockscreen can only target the player, or the station hosting it. Apparently I messed up somewhere.

Re-uploaded with changes (53 downloads).

1) wingmen can only be upgraded when docked with a station, a dock command is added and the tech level depends on the station. (the player needs a station, why didn't they?)

2) a new wingman, buster, flying a t31 armed transport, encountered pinned down on a star early in the game, the text could use some refining.

Bobby 07.12.2009 20:38

re-uploaded(62 downloads), added the commonwealth stations(starton, normal, and armored) to the list of stations wingmen can dock at for upgrades. organized the zip.

Bobby 10.12.2009 06:16

Re-uploaded again (77), fixed a bug where leaving the system could break a wingman's ability to use a jumpdrive. The new system uses unvGetTick rather than a variable (gating out before the timer could reset it for another go), and can fix your wingmen if they happen to have the problem already.

Bobby 20.12.2009 04:07

Re-uploaded again (101): some new stations added to the upgrade system, some miscellaneous stuff I can't remember.

IMPORTANT: the mod is now broken in rc2 due to changes in rc3 that made me remove a workaround for rc2.

I haven't had time to test it yet, but I didn't make any major changes so it should still work.

PKodon 20.12.2009 04:10

Bobby, it looks looks like scStdWingmanBase has been changed to baStdWingmanBase in rc3, I haven't checked out of the two classes are the same yet.

Bobby 20.12.2009 04:46

Thanks, PKodon, I examined the new wingman system prior to re-upload and I updated UGW to use baStdWingmanBase and baStdAutonBase, but I appreciate the heads up!

I did forget to change that in the readme and or description though.

I didn't see any changes apart from the <onShow> elements for wingmen, but I didn't extensively check for changes to autons, they use a weird hybrid auton/wingman configuration behind the scenes I didn't want to risk breaking.

Bobby 20.12.2009 07:26

Re-uploaded: (104), fixed a bug with the "form up" message.

Bobby 25.12.2009 08:28

Re-uploaded again, (124), the use barrel feature is updated to 1.0 rc3, less potentially buggy, and they can now make use of the new armor repair kits too.

Bobby 29.12.2009 05:55

Re-uploaded again (145), the readme is more up-to-date, improvements to the armor repair / use barrel system.

Darth Saber 20.01.2010 19:46

Excellent job on the upgrades , Bobby.

sdw195 20.01.2010 23:12

can you release to one where you can dock with your wingman to upgrade them not with a station (like v2.0) please

VaultDweller 20.02.2010 13:35

By the way, when you order your auton to attacking station, it crash the game. It happen too if you order them to escort freight then try attacking enemy. may be it conflict with other mod?

Bobby 20.02.2010 16:35

sdw195: No, it took quite a bit of effort to move away from that system. The player needs a station with specialized equipment, surely other small ships do too. I may add it as an option, but it will be disabled by default in <!---->

VaultDweller: I will look into it, it should probably be updated to rc8 anyway.

Bobby 20.02.2010 17:19

I don't get the crash, are you using any other auton mods? Disabling "UGWingmen mule.xml" will prevent UGW from interfering with auton mods.

Azar Wolf 20.02.2010 17:25

sdw195; the old system was horrible; docking with wingmen was hard enough, and a pain when you accidentally dock with them instead of the intended station.

Bobby 20.02.2010 21:02

re-uploaded again (247 downloads, Feb. 20, 2010): the use item feature works right again, changes to the buster encounter, dockscreens split into 3 files now not 2.

Don't go through a gate with wingmen/autons escorting your other wingmen/autons. As of rc8 escorts of your escorts get eaten by stargates.

Iocrymdestroyer 04.04.2010 20:22

Are there any problems w/ 1.0?

Bobby 07.06.2010 19:41

Re-uploaded again (510): changes include:

1. new wingman command, "New formation", that returns control of their position to the player.

2. the follow shiporder replaces escort completely for the player

3. auton base class completely rebuilt

4. dockscreens consolidated to one file

5. cosmetic changes to the upgrade dockscreen


6. non-vanilla wingmen (currently buster) are disabled by default, rename the file "_UGWingmen Extras" and remove the underscore to enable.

7. Stargates won't eat your escort's escorts as in rc8 anymore, I'm not sure when this was corrected.

ptbptb 27.06.2010 14:34

Would you consider adding a command for Autons to get them to return to the player ship's cargo bay? Autons that have taken fire could return to Auton items with the 'damaged' flag set.

(I think the Mule would be too large - as it has 75 tonne cargo space I can only assume that the Mule comes in kit form ;-)

Bobby 28.07.2010 19:10

Re-uploaded again (798):

wingmen can use more items now, including the weapon optimizer and enhancers, the shield enhancer rom, and field crystals.

Dogma 02.08.2011 03:48

Bobby, compaible with 1.06?

Bobby 03.08.2011 01:04

I don't know, but v3 is.

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