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Screenshot This adds another Corporate entity known as Drake Technologies, and they manufacture a wide variety of items including weapons, shields, armor, and other oddball items which are sold in various stations, including their own outposts and factories.

Drake Technologies is an alpha because I plan to add more content such as new graphics, ships, plot, and the like. (Don't ask when it will be done!) For now, it is mostly items.

Drakian Legacy: http://xelerus.de/index.php?s=mod&id=1629
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Shield, New Sounds, Mining,
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Added (Last modified) 11.07.2019 (07.02.2021)
Game Version 1.9a1
Filesize 2.57 MB
Downloads 1653
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PM 14.07.2019 23:49

Reuploaded at 11 downloads. Drake Technologies has been split into two smaller corporations, and items have been redistributed among them. Restart required, and clean install highly recommended.

PM 18.07.2019 18:33

Reuploaded at 25 downloads. Fixed some minor bugs and did minor rebalancing of some weapons.

PM 19.07.2019 22:50

Reuploaded a hotfix at 28 downloads that corrected some item prices.

PM 20.09.2019 00:21

Reuploaded at 106 downloads. This is a major update! Now, the zip contains a single tdb file instead of a folder of files. Remove the old DrakeTech folder first before placing the tdb file into Extensions.

Aside from that, contains yet more tweaks, additions, and removals - but only for Drake Technologies in part 1. Drakian Legacy in part 2 has been removed for now, but will return in a future release.

PM 20.11.2019 01:22

Reuploaded at 185 downloads. More rebalancing and tweaks, some new items, and some old items removed. Restart required.

Drakian Legacy is still under construction - no update for that yet.

PM 21.12.2019 17:39

Reuploaded at 227 downloads. Yet more of the same - tweaks, additions, and removals. Restart required. Still no Drakian Legacy yet.

PM 01.02.2020 16:33

Reuploaded at 290 downloads.

Drakian Legacy is back! Not quite the same, though. Plenty of items were replaced or mutilated nearly beyond recognition.

For Drake Technologies, the Barrier Arc Projector from Items Pack 912 was imported and updated. Also, the usual tweaks and fixing.

With many changes, restart is required.

PM 08.04.2020 16:35

Reuploaded at 391 downloads. Mostly balance tweaks and many little changes.

PM 13.04.2020 16:34

Reuploaded at 399 downloads, with some minor tweaks... and again at 400 downloads to fix a bug that made leveling up at Dock Services free.

PM 22.04.2020 22:33

Reuploaded at 411 downloads.

The drone bays have been expanded into a somewhat major feature. The two that were in have been rebalanced and four more were added. In addition, there is a new device that in place of the shield slot, it doubles drones launched and adds fleet command.

Finally, since Drake Technologies and Drakian Legacy together have exceeded 5 MB, Drakian Legacy has been removed and split own into its own entry.

PM 11.05.2020 02:59

Updated to 1.9 beta 1 at 439 downloads. More additions, changes, and removals. Some bug fixes too. Restart required.

PM 28.05.2020 23:08

Reuploaded at 458 downloads. Features few minor bug fixes, a missile was changed, and a mining weapon was disabled. Restart required.

PM 04.06.2020 19:54

Reuploaded at 468 downloads. Two minor changes: Drake multiturrets were changed to spray like IM90, and removed a Basik missile. Restart required.

PM 30.06.2020 17:54

Reuploaded at 505 downloads. Fixed some minor bugs, and added a custom disarming effect used by Taze stingers and a new ion weapon.

PM 27.07.2020 21:54

Reuploaded at 557 downloads. Partial rebalance of weapons; beamers gain WMD, Drake gains some new weapons, and loses some too!

PM 08.08.2020 21:17

Reuploaded at 579 downloads, with more additions, changes, and removals.

PM 16.08.2020 21:37

Reuploaded at 586 downloads, with minor bug fixes and tweaks. Since few items were removed, restart is necessary.

PM 17.08.2020 17:48

Reuploaded at 589 downloads. The mining beamers have passthrough to make it easier to mine. No restart necessary for the three who downloaded the last update.

PM 31.08.2020 18:37

Reuploaded at 613 downloads. Added missile forge hold, which lets player feed resources and fabricate ammo for installed weapons. Also changed Brik weapons (removed HiX weapons, but added more flare guns). Fixed some bugs here and there. Restart required.

PM 11.09.2020 23:51

Updated to 1.9b2 at 633 downloads. The missile forge has been fixed, the drone bays now add cargo space, and some other minor changes. Restart required.

PM 12.09.2020 17:17

Reuploaded at 636 downloads, with minor tweaks to two beam weapons.

PM 21.09.2020 23:33

Reuploaded at 653 downloads. Features some minor bug fixes and tweaks to various weapons. Few items were removed and replaced with similar items. Restart required.

PM 23.11.2020 23:09

Reuploaded at 726 downloads with yet more item tweaks.

PM 30.11.2020 23:22

Reuploaded at 737 downloads.

PM 25.12.2020 18:03

Reuploaded at 783 downloads. The armor energizers enables distributing for shielded armor. Also, leveling up items in Dock Services are more expensive. Restart required.

PM 10.01.2021 03:48

Updated to 1.9 beta 3 at 804 downloads. Many items were removed, many of which are zapsats. The zapsats were replaced by the improved drone bays. Also features a variety of other relatively minor changes. Restart required.

PM 23.01.2021 21:59

Reuploaded at 819 downloads, with minor fixes and rebalancing a few weapons.

PM 07.02.2021 23:12

Reuploaded at 831 downloads, with more minor fixes.

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