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Screenshot For Human Space, this adds another Corporate entity known as Drake Technologies, and they manufacture a wide variety of items including weapons, shields, armor, and other oddball items which are sold in various stations, including their own outposts and factories.

For Vault of the Galaxy, this adds few more sovereigns with additional items to play with. One sovereign is the human remnant from Drake Technologies, who call themselves the Drakian Legacy, and their work includes upgraded mechanist versions of Drake items. Another is an aggressive bird-like species called the Fu'riens, and they use archaeotech. Not all new items are owned by a sovereign; some weird artifacts may be found laying around.

Drake Technologies is an alpha because I plan to add more content such as new graphics, ships, plot, and the like. (Don't ask when it will be done!) For now, it is mostly items.
Categories Weapon, Usable, Station,
Shield, Reactor, New Sounds,
Mining, Devices, Development,
Auton, Armor
Author PM
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Added (Last modified) 16.04.2017 (03.03.2019)
Game Version 1.8b5
Filesize 4.99 MB
Downloads 2361
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Androgeos 18.05.2017 17:32

There are some very interesting weapon designs in this mod. I also learned how to code my own beam weapons from looking through the XML files. Many thanks.

PM 30.08.2017 22:12

Reuploaded at 305 downloads. Features some tweaks, and items were changed or removed. Restart required.

PM 02.03.2018 00:55

Updated to 1.8 alpha 4a at 623 downloads, with much rebalancing and shuffling of items. The part 2 extension, now named Drakian Legacy should be functional.

PM 30.04.2018 18:40

(Recent update history)

638 downloads: Fixed blocker bugs that prevented play. Restart required.

726 downloads: Features some tweaks and minor bug fixes for part 1. Also imported two items from my other mods whose fate is uncertain. Restart required.

737 downloads: Minor bugfixes.

760 downloads: Minor bugfixes and tweaks; imported Wizard Auton.

776 downloads: More bugfixes.

787 downloads: Removed Wizard auton, added another ammo item.

793 downloads: Suppressed a display bug with zapsats.

PM 15.10.2018 21:13

Updated to 1.8 beta 3.3 at 1004 downloads. Has many changes. Most of the added items in part 1 can level up at dock services for a fee. Saves will be broken, and a restart is required.

PM 31.12.2018 19:52

Updated to 1.8 beta 4 at 1099 downloads, featuring minor changes and bugfixes. Restart required.

PM 03.03.2019 23:10

Updated to 1.8.1 at 1181 downloads. Added few new weapons, removed some other items, and did other minor tweaked here and there. Restart required.

griffen26 18.10.2019 05:11

where do you find the weapon in the screen shot i cant find it

PM 20.11.2019 01:26

The image is from the Drakian Legacy extension for part 2 or Vault of the Galaxy. Since that shot, I probably have weakened or removed the LRM missiles.

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