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A new, more dynamic Commonwealth justice system is here. The Commonwealth now have a police force to properly administer justice in space. Requires the included ED6E Globals library
*The Commonwealth Police patrol every Commonwealth station, sending officers to confiscate abandoned cargo crates, remove shipwrecks, and destroy nearby enemies. They regularly maintain their squadrons and bring in more reinforcements if necessary.
*When the player destroys a station, the Police will confront and surround the player. They will demand that the player disable all devices, and then escort the player to a nearby active station for trial.
*If the player commits multiple crimes without docking for trial, the Commonwealth will send strike forces.
*Stations automatically blacklist any player with a criminal history
*Angry Commonwealth stations will now un-blacklist the player for disabling all weapons.
Categories Development, A.I./Behavior
Author Archcannon
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Added (Last modified) 26.09.2016 (16.04.2017)
Game Version 1.7a2c
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Archcannon 03.12.2016 09:13

*Next features:

**Penalties for multiple friendly fire offenses

**No more farming outbound NPCs

**A new severity level for minor offenses

**Store crimes as structs

**Trials that focus on every untried crime and not just the most severe one.

**Flavor text

Archcannon 29.03.2017 03:48

**Added strike forces and improved general NPC behavior

Archcannon 29.03.2017 03:54

Problem: Conflicts with some pieces of the existing justice system. Need to make sure that this mod overrides all of it.

Archcannon 08.04.2017 07:39

Now overrides Starton Eridani

Fixed alert curve and added strike force delay

Archcannon 16.04.2017 05:12

Next: A criminal record should prevent the player from joining the militia/fleet among other penalties

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