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Screenshot This mod lets the player acquire and command a number of playership drones. The drones behave much like wingmen, with some differences. The player can also connect and swap ships with a drone, at which point the old ship becomes a drone. While the player is piloting the ship, he can upgrade it as he sees fit.

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Categories Wingman, Ship (Player), Libraries
Author PM
Rating 4   0
Added (Last modified) 21.04.2016 (17.02.2017)
Game Version 1.7b2
Filesize 4.03 MB
Downloads 1355
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griffen26 22.04.2016 20:20

this is the best mod on this site

PM 23.04.2016 23:32

Hotfixed and reuploaded at 27 downloads. Fixed interior for Aquila and CSC playerships, and improved UI for field repairs slightly.

PM 01.09.2016 22:26

Updated to 1.7 alpha 2c at 284 downloads. Features include updated playable Sigyn, shipyards with level-appropriate stock, and some minor bug fixes.

tobyJB 08.09.2016 17:06

an epic mod

rain27 15.09.2016 17:16

how to install this mod?

PM 28.09.2016 19:05

Reuploaded at 339 downloads. Includes a new builtin device that speeds up launchers for few ships.

PM 17.02.2017 00:35

Partially updated to 1.7 beta 6 at 626 downloads. This fixes some compatibility bugs that prevented field repairs from appearing for most wrecks in the recent 1.7 betas.

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