PSD7 Beta: Human Space HD Ships (part 3) View Mod
* IMPORTANT! This requires the Stars of the Pilgrim HD library (found at the Multiverse)!

This adds a resource library that consists of ships with 120 facings and HUD and large ship images used by Playership Drones.

Also included is an optional mod that overrides the images used by NPC ships with these 120 facings ships.

This library spans three parts.

Each of the three zip files contains a 'd912_PSD7_HumanSpaceHD' folder. Copy this folder from each of the zip files to your 'Extensions' folder, and click 'Yes' when asked to merge the folders.

This is part 3.
Categories Wingman, Libraries, Graphics Re-Renders
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Added (Last modified) 21.04.2016 (21.04.2016)
Game Version 1.7a1
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