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Screenshot This mod (Enchiridion Battle Systems) is currently in early development when it just has only weapons, shields, armour and devices.

The Mod package Include:

The Mod itself (obviously)

The database of every weapon in the mod with Ability and Pros and Cons.

The History of this Mod (Major Releases only)


-New shields (Each of them with unique shield graphics and one new modified shield sound effect)


Development Status:active since Aug 20th
(If I do not update this mod for 2 weeks, consider me inactive)

(It is a open beta so ANYONE can give suggestions or bug reports from the link below.)


(The commenting system is not working so I just display the updates here instead)

Reuploaded at 58 downloads

-added 2 new sounds to Ion howitzer and great stealthblade

-changed great stealthblade's colour to its supposed colour.

(Restart is required)
Categories Weapon, New Sounds, Development
Author Novak 67
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Added (Last modified) 03.06.2015 (30.07.2015)
Game Version 1.6
Filesize 332.3 KB
Downloads 859
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Novak 67 06.06.2015 17:11

Reuploaded at 11 downloads

-Removed Unable to load problem and APIversion

(Restart is highly required)

Novak 67 27.07.2015 13:23

Reuploaded at 50 downloads

- Improved Stealth blade effects

- added Great stealth blade and Ion howitzer

-Improved Item graphics for

Adv. and normal stealth blades

Great Stealthblade and Ion howitzer

Particle and Ion quickdraws

Light mining drill

-Updated database

-Re-uploaded for 1.6

(Restart is required)

Novak 67 27.07.2015 16:49

Reuploaded at 51 downloads

-added military tag to most of the weapons

(Restart is required)

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