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Screenshot "The air fleet of an enemy will never get within striking distance of our coast as long as our aircraft carriers are able to carry the preponderance of air power to sea."
Rear Admiral W. A. Moffett, Chief of the US Bureau of Aeronautics, October 1922.

This mod adds a number of hangar modules to the game, as well as spaceframes that can be purchased from certain dealers throughout Human Space, as well as from certain stations (e.g. Black Market and Ringer shipyards). These spaceframes can be loaded onto hangars and fitted with equipment, then launched as fighters.

By default, spaceframes are automatically generated using algorithms from all non-capital ships in the game. To exclude certain ships from being generated, add their UNIDs to the blacklist in HGN_FB_NameReplacements.xml (under heligen_generatespaceframeblacklist).

This mod has not been tested with any official extensions (e.g. Corporate Command, Eternity Port), and compatibility with them is not guaranteed.
Categories Misc, Wingman, DockScreens,
Devices, Auton, A.I./Behavior
Author Heliogenesis
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Added (Last modified) 27.12.2014 (27.12.2014)
Game Version 1.5
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Peter 29.12.2014 08:41

It might just be me, but I have no idea what a space frame is. Can you add that to your description please?

Heliogenesis 29.12.2014 19:04

Added to description.

Basically a "spaceframe" denotes the ship hull itself. They are sold both as-is (e.g. without any equipment, not even armor) and in "equipped" form (which feature all standard equipment on the ship).

Autohummer 30.12.2014 18:57

Superb concept. Will try it out later.

SolarGalaxy 30.12.2014 19:37

The Tsundere and Yandere AI profiles are hilarious. This is a very awesome mod!

WillyTheSquid 20.01.2015 22:05

Awesome idea. On the test list for my next playthrough!!!

Dragonz 02.07.2015 06:12

Do you think you could add a description of the AI profiles somewhere?

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