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This mod adds 3 unique devices and two new experimental weapons.
Device 1) The Auton Factory
A device that can be (U)sed to create a Chain Auton with its own custom gun to help you. You can make as many Autons as you want but its on a short recharge time
Device 2) Cleaner
Ever been annoyed at dieing of radiation? Well with this device you can just (U)se it and it will clean you
Device 3) Shield
Does Domania ever hate you? Well then buy this device and you will be able to cast a protective energy shield around yourself at any time (but has a long recharge time)!
And the weapons
Weapon 1) Vel'koz disintegration ray
One shots EVERYTHING. Its a god weapon. It has WOMD 7 and dissolve
Weapon 2) Nano
In progress. Heals you when you shoot it
Just a question. Does anyone want to work with me for my next mod and do the graphics? I'm planning on doing a Centauri Mothership. Leave a comment if interested!
Feedback welcome

My other mod is
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kuroichi0 03.01.2015 22:12

the weapon that heals it's user on fire?

that's good XD

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