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Screenshot Introducing the Galactic Omni Device 2.0, an updated version of alterecco's G.O.D.Mod for Transcendence 1.3

A short feature list:
- Spawn any item, ship or station in the game
- Install or remove devices and armor, refuel anywhere
- Travel to any system, instantly
- Alter properties such as fleet rank or black market bounty
- Add any enhancement to items
- And more, all from a simple dockscreen menu

Provided in this download are two versions of G.O.D.Mod, the classic xelerus version, and the current git-branch version. Both have received numerous bug fixes, and work together.

If you've noticed a bug, or have an idea for a new feature - please be encouraged to post it.

Don't MOD without G.O.D. - Your multipurpose Transcendence development toolkit and more, re-engineered for 1.3
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Godmod, Misc, Newbie Boosts,
UI Enhancements
Author TVR
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Added (Last modified) 02.11.2014 (31.07.2015)
Game Version 1.3
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Shane Filomena 02.11.2014 21:37

I have missed this great item. NOW if only someone would find and update MissionFrameWork

Peter 07.11.2014 09:19

Just a question, does your black market rank go up when you buy stuff? Also, someone should make a mod that makes black market trading actually worthwhile. Such as, all illegal goods are worth much more and more common black markets and also people who hunt you if you have contraband. Something like that

Dragonz 09.11.2014 05:33

That is a really good suggestion. And maybe if you have contraband, be able to dock at enemy stations. Provided you haven't destroyed to many of them in the past.

TVR 22.04.2015 05:43

Reuploaded at 250 downloads

Version 2.1

* "Duplicate target" now clones configuration and orders

* "Repair or replace armor" shows segment HP

* "AI Editor" settings now have full descriptions

* "Enhancements" can enhance drives and reactors

TVR 31.07.2015 07:22

Reuploaded at 372 downloads

Version 2.2

* Fixed crash in 1.6 with Head-to-Head battle

* Added "Jump to target" feature in System Services

* Added "Teleport to you" in Repair Target

* Added "Damage Armor" to Repair or Replace Armor in Target Services

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