Souped up Auton Bay View Mod
ScreenshotScreenshot WARNING: This fixes the auton bay from Corporate Command. This mod will not do anything unless you have Corporate Command installed.

Just a few fixes requested by Shrike from this thread:
Constellation auton bay fixes:
-Showing the slot/armor/power restrictions on the relevant dockscreens so that players can see what the limits are.
-Add "launch all" option to auton bay dockscreen, which launches all combat autons (maybe not mules? Eh, doesn't matter that much).
-Auton bay dockscreen should not close unless the player expressly tells it to (at present it closes when you launch an auton, possibly some other times as well).
-adding a "Recall all autons" order to the command/order squadron menu would be cool as well.
-can remove devices from autons as well
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Author RPC
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Added (Last modified) 19.07.2014 (22.07.2014)
Game Version 1.3
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Larinoja 19.07.2014 23:43

Thank you kindly.

RPC 20.07.2014 15:04

No problem Larinoja ;)

Update at 17 downloads. Fourfire found a few bugs:

-fixed install bug where installing an item would remove ALL of that item from your cargohold (if you had multiple in your cargohold)

-moved display to the left to accomodate for weird armors with long names (cough cough TSB alpha)

-added misc items line for autons like the 310A

RPC 21.07.2014 10:12

Updated at 22 downloads.

-directly installing a shield without removing the previous one still destroys the installed shield (FourFire, Fixed)

RPC 22.07.2014 09:45

Updated at 27 downloads

-fixed Bug: If you have a lot of autons, and some are identical, only one auton from each "type" of auton will be launched by the 'Scramble' command. (Shrike)

Larinoja 22.07.2014 11:13

Hmm, It's quite unbalanced mod since you can tear your auton apart, sell them and gear for profit. From 310A aegis you can get 27000C for autocannon. I gave test for that and got over 100k from auton before leaving Tau Ceti.

Arkheias 23.07.2014 00:57

The 1m/i battle auton is worth about 60% of its components value. It's not RPC's fault that autons make no sense. Just imagine that there are licensing deals involved and that autons are cheap because there are supposed to be some form of security locks in place to prevent you from taking them apart and selling the equipment for profit, but the auton bay bypasses these things and thus profit. Also, equipment is extremely overpriced in the first place and the equipment manufacturers sell them to the auton manufacturers with steep discounts because they buy them in bulk.

Larinoja 23.07.2014 16:21

Meant no harm pointing out that glitch on economic system, i was surprised to see it (and posted without thinking about it), so my apologies. It was my first real try to play through with constellation freighter. I didn't find place where to leave ideas for mods on forums. I'm really bad at browsing forums, language cap i think. I would ask if some could redo auton equipment with auton fitted equipment to correct this.

Darth Saber 25.07.2014 07:03

An excellent mod, RPC. :-)

Dragonz 30.07.2014 01:48

When I hit scramble all autons, it sends out 2 of each kind. I don't know if there is a way to fix it. Before I left Tau Ceti, I was able to use the one auton in my bay in order to buy 1 of every auton they sold there and duplicate them.

I do like however when I have multiple of the same kind, and modify one of them, it applies that mod to the others of that kind.

I wish however, there was a way we were able to install more components then just the two that are on the autons.

RPC 06.08.2014 03:31

@Larinoja No problems, it is a legitimate concern though. I'm going to make a post about it on the forums.


Thanks Darth Saber :D

Dragonz: Ok that is a bug with scramble.

Also, I have to check if applying devices check for limits on the device (as in installing a turbolaser cannon on 10 autons when you have only 5 cannons in your cargobay).

Also, elaborate on not being able to install more components?

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