CSC Luna- Cinematic View Mod
Screenshot This is a test mod for Sandbox that measures the viability of creating cinematics using Transcendence. In this example, there is a classic Commonwealth Fleet vs. Ares battle, and the player/viewer can view the battle from either side by invoking the POV changer.
To use the POV changer, just target a ship using the T and F keys and [U]se the changer.
Feedback would be appreciated.
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Author RPC
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Added (Last modified) 24.10.2011 (24.10.2011)
Game Version 1.06a
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Shane Filomena 25.10.2011 02:10

wow.....I can not believe you stayed sane AND got this published at the same time .

I enjoyed this and I can see myself enjoying it more in the dark winter for something good to watch without running up my internet bill for videos.

As always: this is great stuff.

RPC 25.10.2011 03:03

:D Thanks Shane.

Shane Filomena 27.10.2011 22:09

Problem with the Mod : Alaskan nights are LONG, could you make a bigger movie? LOL

RPC 28.10.2011 00:48

Heh. Give me some more ideas, I think I could script an epic battle full with messages and maybe even a battle editor (although I think G.O.D. mod has one- I'll try to make both of them work together somehow).

sdw195 30.10.2011 19:59

i must play with this later today :D

sdw195 31.10.2011 05:46

the ship i was watching gated out and am stuck watching the stargate D:

RPC 01.11.2011 08:41

[U]se the POV changer! (it's a usable item)

RPC 01.11.2011 08:52

I seem to have forgotten to say how to use it >.<

Just select a target using the T and F keys, then use the POV changer to change to that ship.

RPC 01.11.2011 08:57

Oh, and one thing to note: the only reason the CW keep losing is that they /never/ attack the Ares Shipyards. Ever. I don't know why, but they should do that instead of wait around for the next Phobos to pop out >:(

Shane Filomena 07.11.2011 11:47

the reason for not attacking a station is coded into the enemy targeting: only ships are targeted in this regular code ;

the ONLY code in the game itself to target a station is for the temple and that code goes to the Carrier Earth Slaver : so unless you order ships to specifically target +AresMajor and you could probably do that with a CWBase they will continue to follow the game orders of ships only.

RPC 09.11.2011 01:32

Yeah, I might have to create event handlers for them so that they can attack those Ares stations once and for all.

Jose 18.11.2011 16:38

EPIC(I have a few ideas for one)

Jose 18.11.2011 16:42

Just add Ranx and some ventari to this(Like after CSC Lune dies reinforcement come (oh and a Ranx wave apears out of nowere and the sopurt the ares (Then commenweath calls black market Merceneris (Then a wave of ventari apears killing anyone in their way (and some space pirates pop out looting all the wrecks :D

Jose 02.12.2011 02:14

Why does everyone attack the Sun when the POV Auto-Changes to the sun?

RPC 04.12.2011 06:16

Technically, it's because the ship is invisible, and since the playership is right at the sun, they try to shoot at an invisible playership.

Archcannon 23.07.2016 04:53

The POV system is obselete due to sysSetPOV and the player ship can be suspended

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