Ratings 27.07.2010

And Ratings are reimplemented!

See #5 on the F.A.Q.

Usertable 27.07.2010

Added a searchable usertable. Accessable from the control panel (CP) menu.

PM system 25.07.2010

Again new Feature!

We now have the ability to PM users on xelerus!
Currently every PM results in a email sent to the account! I'm not sure whether to keep that feature or make it toggleable.

What do you think?

Ingame stats 20.07.2010

Added a pastebin for ingame statistics!
See http://xelerus.de/index.php?s=stats_profile&id=1279644450_bmbl for an example!

New Xelerus 23.06.2010

New style and many changes to the backend. mainly regarding the mod framework and obiously the layout! Everything should work fine though report any bugs or ideas over IRC or the contact form! I'm looking forward to hear your opinions :)

The main changes are:
- New mod search
- Tag system instead of single categories
- Functions database open to anyone
- New styles

More litte changes will come with the time though just cosmetic fixes I guess!

Have fun :)


Sorting and Sidebars 05.01.2010

Two new features:

1) On the sidebars preference page you're now able to configure the sidebars to your needs!

2) You may sort mods now by date modified (last updated)

New Search 28.12.2009

A new search system has been introduced. There are two different modes though both use the same Interface.

Search! The search box (labeled Search) searches the whole Database independent from the categorie. The search box is found on the category selector screen for mods.

Filter! The filter box (labeled Filter) interacts only with the current selection. If you select a category on the category selector screen the filter box will show up and you'll be able to filter or edit that category you're viewing!

New Things 26.12.2009

A few updates

1) Accepted images for mods are widened to jpg, gif and png!

2) There is a new featured mod list. Check the forums for further information, a thread should pop up soon!

3) Digdug and Taben (a.k.a. Betel) are moderators and are entrusted with moving, editing and deleting mods! If there are any problems please join the IRC and talk to them or to me! All problems can be sorted out!

Mods 19.03.2009

Latley the upload of some sort of mods increased. Normally all mods are welcome but in this case it starts to get annoying. Let me drop some words on the mods:

Ok it is a modification but it's not really a modification that enhances the gameplay. Anyone can grab a weapon put a few 0's on the damage e voilą!

Broken mods:
While it's ok to upload work in progress mods it should already be have some content! If you need help you should consider joining the IRC instead of uploading the mod!

Stolen mods:
It came to my attention that already uploaded mods where uploaded again from different people without giving credits to the original programmers!
If you upload a mod from someone different (eg to fix some broken stuff) it's ok but you have to give credit to the owner!

In future all mods that we think are simply useless or stolen will be deleted without any further notice! If anything gets deleted don't upload it again! Come to IRC first and search the argument with us so you understand why this is happening!

Redesign 12.09.2008

Hope you like it =)
Feel free to contact me if you find any errors!

Redesigning 27.08.2008

I'm slowly redesigning the Page and want to add some more functionality!

You are only allowed to upload a .zip file! 14.01.2008

That is what some people are getting when they try to upload their mods. I know where the "problem" (it's not really a bug that can be fixed, it's more a thing depending on which zip-software you use) is!

If you encounter the situation that you want to upload a .zip and it is not working simply drop me a message at the contact form!

On another note we now have a rss feed for the news! Enjoy =)

Done 22.12.2007

The main work on this new xelerus is done and now I only have to test all the stuff!

Delusive Mod Guides 29.08.2007

Hmmm I have to admit that I didn't really thought that the title 'Mod Guides' would be used for explaining what a mod does or why it was programmed (see the Guide of F50 for the 'Ferian Warship Mod').

The section was thought to contain tutorials of how to mod, references for programming and other kinds of informations related to modding.

The information why a mod was done or what it adds in special should go into the descripton of the mod itself.

The 'Mod Guide' Section will be renamed to 'Tutorials'

Talk here: http://www.neurohack.com/transcendence/forums/viewtopic.php?t=918

Remember Me =) 17.06.2007

It's working now! You need to accept cookies from xelerus.unrealcrystal.com

There will be three cookies set in total (Session, Name and encrypted password)

The cookies will expire 15 days after they were set!

A few updates 17.06.2007

- Made navbar a little bit bigger and adjusted font-size of the counter. The number in the brackets after 'Online' means how many registered users are online!

- New category 'Development'

- 'Submit mod' now remembers version and category when there is any fail in the submission!

- oldmods link works again!

Good things come to those who wait. 07.06.2007

Just wanted to say that and say hello to everyone! I graduated(finally ;)) from school and now I'm going to do alternative civilian service!(but first 6weeks free time)

So I think I will rebuild Xelerus from scratch!

So be prepared =)

For easiness I take down the old site! All the old mods can be accessed here:
http://xelerus.unrealcrystal.com/oldmods /

/Edit: First one to notice this gets a free cookie!

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