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NameRatingsAuthorVersionDownloadsDate added
Map Marker1  0relanat1.8a127019.07.2017
Targeting ROM at Arco Vaughns Station1  0relanat1.7b630310.02.2017
Disable Loot When Empty1  0NMS1.7b232405.02.2017
Com Groups0  0NMS1.7a139807.07.2016
Auton Bay Misc Slot and Hotkey0  0NMS1.7a134907.07.2016
Mule Status1  0NMS1.7a132307.07.2016
Improved Mule Screens0  0NMS1.7a132807.07.2016
Automatic Auton Numbering0  0NMS1.7a130807.07.2016
Improved Auton Bay Screens0  0NMS1.7a133707.07.2016
Ship Pointing Mods2  0relanat1.7a151712.04.2016
Renegade Beta0  0Xephyr1.7a176016.03.2016
Stargate Docking0  0relanat1.6.337429.01.2016
Syndikat Fixes1  0JohnBWatson1.6.347828.01.2016
New Shield Display3  0TVR1.6b570405.07.2015
View By Item Category0  0TVR1.558907.03.2015
Quick Loot Ore6  0PM1.661305.01.2015
Galactic Omni Device (G.O.D.) Mod 2.04  0TVR1.3138202.11.2014
Souped up Auton Bay5  0RPC1.371719.07.2014
Trade Assistant8  0Pixelfck1.7a1105729.05.2014
Waypoints7  0PM1.792902.12.2013
Destroy Damaged Devices2  0RPC1.2 RC262509.11.2013
Black Market Expansion5  0Pixelfck1.3203802.08.2013
List Ammo Compatibility7  0PM1.7122430.07.2013
ODM Speedometer6  0RPC1.2a178117.07.2013
Useful Items Dockscreens1  0Pixelfck1.364130.04.2013
ArmorAssistant™3  0TVR1.183029.03.2013
NPC ships as player vessels4  0vayra1.1171206.02.2013
Excalibur Targeting ROMs4  0Cygnus.X11.08l94208.11.2012
Trading Post Menu11  0PM1.8a1169605.07.2012
Interstellar Communication6  0oldmanwynter1.08l137512.06.2012
No More Key Hints13  1Star Weaver1.08b95602.06.2012
Take All3  0PM1.692701.06.2012
One Day Mod Series: Neuros Media Player V27  0RPC1.292927.05.2012
Remember Europa Code6  0Star Weaver1.08b77324.05.2012
Early Teaser: Sandbox LRS9  0RPC1.08b131409.05.2012
Change Cargohold View By Category10  0TranscendentGeek1.08b158108.05.2012
One Day Mod Series: Test Drive7  0RPC1.08b87707.05.2012
One Day Mod Series: Alarm System5  0RPC1.08b101304.05.2012
Weapon Labs18  1sdw1951.7a2c419318.04.2012
Identification Recall4  0PM1.5102618.04.2012
Named Ore8  0PM1.5168701.03.2012
Hints Shown6  0PM1.5152029.02.2012
RPC's Utility Items Pack6  0RPC1.1223927.11.2011
Visible Damage V29  0RPC1.08c303629.09.2011
Loot All .932  0Bobby1.0485102.07.2011
Prospector1  0Omnivore1.05128112.06.2011
Cargo summary6  0Bobby1.05160008.05.2011
Relief Pack 9129  0PM1.6b2219801.04.2011
Start With Free Targeting Program12  0PM1.7168601.04.2011
Mined Asteroids Explode7  0PM1.7197911.01.2011
Auto-refuel6  1Prophet1.03137918.11.2010
Empty Wrecks Explode10  0Star Weaver1.08b144012.11.2010
Stargate Dock n Go7  0SiaFu1.01188102.09.2010
Captain's Log 3.117  0Bobby1.0476404.08.2010
NoDockNavBeacons14  0PKodon1.0 RC6277509.01.2010
Total V.U.I.3  0Prophet1.0 RC6280516.11.2009