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Screenshot Worst Case Scenario pits the player in a more serious situation that leads off with having to solve major issues.
Having to backtrack to one of the safest ports, in Eridani, your ship is heavily damaged, out of ammo, low on fuel and left with sparse loot taken from the Viking wreck. You have spent most of your credits prepairing for the long journey coreward, and all that remains in your account is your lowly emergency funds.
Do you think you have what it takes to get your ship back in order and press on?
The answers may very well reside in your cargo hold, but your uncertainty presents a decision in which you will have to make in order to prevail.
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Author FAD
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Added (Last modified) 02.10.2011 (02.10.2011)
Game Version 1.06a
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digdug 02.10.2011 14:58

the cargo crate locator ROM is an interesting item :D

RPC 02.10.2011 18:03

Sounds like an uber deadly Dynamic Systems :D

Shane Filomena 03.10.2011 07:57

shhh..:) LOL i got to have this:)

Cirevam 19.12.2011 05:07

This mod made me realize how strong the vanilla playerships are compared to the Centauri and Charon pirates. I found enough heavy titanium so I can take a few hits when my shields drop, but my fast-fire laser is useless against anything that has shields. I'm running from anything bigger than a Corsair... which is good. I really like this mod for the challenge. It's better than being chased down by twenty heavy raiders every time I blow up a Centauri station.

RPC 20.12.2011 07:32

Lol Cirevam XD

One really big drawback I noticed while playing this ship is its low cargo capacity, and one of the reasons why I put off a permadeath. (until I can figure out how to deal with low cargo capacity)

Shane Filomena 01.01.2012 13:14

I enjoyed this in a few efforts to figure it out, I am not sure if it mattered to others but there were credits to the ship : using the credits i did commerce to gain a fighting status and the speed to start trouble so i could loot wrecks :) granted, I had to take the ship back and forth into other systems so I knew where the stations I could sell to were, but while an excellent challenge, I think it could be harder..like start in a different system ..

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