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ScreenshotScreenshot Ever tired of pounding away at a ship, wondering when it will break? Are you always curious why the enemy ships seem to have impenetrable hulls? Well fear no more! The visible damage mod reveals damage of all ships by showing which armor segment is leaking atmosphere. Every ship (including the playership) is affected by this mod, but don't worry, it's nice to have a visual cue of when your ship will pop. It would be great for permadeath games by signalling the player to back off.

As for the technical aspects, please wait for a while at the beginning of each system generation for the mod to identify every candidate ship in the system.
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Author RPC
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Added (Last modified) 29.09.2011 (20.07.2013)
Game Version 1.08c
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christian 29.09.2011 21:32


Shane Filomena 29.09.2011 21:49

Interesting I was actualy thinking it would limit to ships in range when it was publishes : but awesome stuff just the same :)

digdug 30.09.2011 23:18

suggestion: make the smoke trail effect weapon do 0 damage and interaction 0 so that it's just a smoke trail :D

very good concept!

RPC 01.10.2011 00:07

@digdug: I wanted to hear stories about how the volatile gases coming from the playership killed a Centauri fleet XD

I thought that the leaking should do at least some damage, as tiny specks of dust do damage when flying near light speed.

christian 02.10.2011 04:48

Like when you shoots in an abandoned station, and is damaged by the pieces of the station...

erik dela cruz 07.10.2011 04:21

I want to see real damage on Xenophobe Worldships! Looked shiny bad even under fire.

RPC 07.10.2011 08:01

XD Any suggestions then? I can't really take out the shine (it's part of the graphic), but maybe I can apply the black and white smears when ships/ stations die as overlays. Post here or on the forums to provide some input, thanks!

RPC 11.10.2011 08:06

Reuploaded at 60 downloads. Now features new colors for different damage levels and applies an overlay if an event handler cannot be applied to a ship.

christian 11.11.2011 19:34

Hey RPC, do you know the game "Nexus the jupter incident", in space battles the ships hull shows diffents damage effects, and this would be great on your, an laser make a dark point...and a plasma or an thermo weapon, make "red/hot" hole....or something like it.....

RPC 18.11.2011 01:54

Reuploaded at 131 downloads. I just started a permadeath and learned that stations can get pissed off by volatile material from a leaking ship.

All smoke effects now have interaction= "0"

RPC 18.11.2011 02:07

Ok, double checked it, and syscreateweaponfire is still causing the smoke trail to do damage, so please be careful where you dock.

FAD 01.12.2011 05:08

Another thing I've noticed, is when you've damaged a ship, your ICX/Long-reach missile defences will target the smoke trails. In many cases, this helps to bring down the enemy as the defensive weapons will often hit the ship. :D

RPC 04.12.2011 04:47

Nice! :D I like that side effect, although I think in 1.03/1.04 George gave ICX devices the ability to target space objects. Will look into it further, but thanks for the tip :D

RPC 07.05.2012 07:58

Reuploaded at 504 downloads. Visible Damage now shows armor pieces flying off a ship. It has 2 xml's- one where the pieces interfere with shots and one that doesn't.

If players want to use the one that is graphics only, delete the underscore from "_Visible Damage-No gameplay changes" to "Visible Damage-No gameplay changes" and use that.

RPC 30.09.2012 20:07

Updated at 692 dwonloads. Now at Version 2, it differentiates between critical and noncritical armorsegments. The progression for NonCrit segments is:

White => Blue => Purple.

RPC 18.11.2012 02:52

Updated at 803 downloads as a lagfix version.

RPC 24.06.2013 23:32

Difference between critical and noncritical segments is here:

RPC 20.07.2013 02:30

Reuploaded at 1290 downloads. This fix makes Visible Damage compatible with Playership Drones by PM. (Thanks to PM for making the patch!)

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