[Xolarix] Thunderbird Transport View Mod
Screenshot Thunderbird ship from the game "Pardus"
Don't expect too much of the coding, I merely cared about the graphics :P

Also has a new shield hud I just made in like... 30 mins. Tell me what you think of it :D
Copyrighted by Xolarix (me)
You're free to use it for yourself, and spread it around, as long as you give credit to me. Nothing that common sense can't handle :P
Categories Ship (Player)
Author Xolarix
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Added (Last modified) 24.09.2011 (10.04.2012)
Game Version 1.08b
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Downloads 1494
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Shane Filomena 26.09.2011 00:30

this is exactly the ship i asked for in your forum post : thankyou:) : flies really smooth .

Xolarix 09.04.2012 16:41

Reuploaded at 311 downloads :)

WillyTheSquid 10.04.2012 01:55

Still my fave ship you did. Thanks for rebalancing your ships :) makes them so much better

RPC 10.04.2012 09:32

Duplicate UNID:

<!ENTITY itTbirdPlating "0xD09A6004">

<!ENTITY itDTB "0xd09A7004">

It shows up as "Federal plating is not a device".

Llwch 10.04.2012 16:01

Yeah, I have the same problem. I'd like to use this MOD, but I can't. :(

RPC 11.04.2012 05:59

24.09.2011 (10.04.2012)

I assume that it was reuploaded around today, so yay! :D

Llwch 11.04.2012 06:04

Must try it, then. :)

Llwch 11.04.2012 07:56

Still getting "Federal Plating is not a device." error. :(

Xolarix 11.04.2012 13:28

The code is fine, it just conflicts with one or more of ships I made and which you downloaded before I updated all my UNID codes.

Quote from my forum announcement regarding the ships:

"It is very important that, if you wish to continue using my ships, remove the old ships and re-download my ships to make sure there are not any conflicts! :)

I'm very sorry for the inconvience. "

Llwch 12.04.2012 03:19

Hmmm... So I need to redownload and reinstall all of them? Ok... Let me try that. :)

Llwch 12.04.2012 07:21

Problem resolved. Downloading all of your custom MODs here helped, but I got a different error.

I found that "The Network" MOD was also causing problems, so it's been disabled for now

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