[Xolarix] Nighthawk Fighter View Mod
Screenshot A nighthawk-class fighter from the game "Pardus".
Comes with a special weapon, and special armor.
Powerful, versatile, and fun to fly.
Code is probably unbalanced, but that was never my strongest point. Feel free to adapt the code if you want it to be more balanced, just don't share it on Xelerus again. ;)

EDIT: nerfed the Yamato Blaster in terms of damage output.
increased maneuverability of the ship, but nerfed the cargo space.
Changed disposable missile DM1500 rack to NAMI missile launcher with basic KM100 missiles.

I think it's balanced now. :)
Categories Ship (Player)
Author Xolarix
Rating 7   0
Added (Last modified) 27.08.2011 (09.04.2012)
Game Version 1.08b
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Shane Filomena 27.08.2011 09:57

7hp ( x4 ) at first seems "too much" but your dual configuration tempers it .

I think this addition to the universe ( playable in 1.05 ) needs to go on the list of well done.

Shane Filomena 27.08.2011 10:02

sorry: i forgot to add: THANK YOU.

RPC 27.08.2011 15:52

Nice! I didn't expect you to release this fast! MoTM is going to be tough to decide now...

Shane Filomena 30.08.2011 08:35

Not tough: for a ship graphic like this,

careful thought on the weapons,

well done work, it is up there with pyro Gx :: a real MOTM.

Xolarix 09.04.2012 17:03

Re-uploaded at 339 downloads :)

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