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Screenshot Includes one *all-new* ship, the Corporate Transport, which is a more freighter-like variant of Hades' Corporate Cruiser, along with darksider's Turquoise assault ship +2 mod. Transport screenshot is included, see also the readme for more. Thanks to all and enjoy!
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Added (Last modified) 10.03.2008 (11.03.2008)
Game Version 0.98d
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Mitiliacaptain 18.04.2009 19:26

It wont work!

DOSBox-gamer 12.07.2009 14:28

To Militiacaptain: were you ever able to get it working? If not, please say so, and I'll try to help if I can.

To the other one-THOUSAND-and-fifteen, O.M.G.! That is so cool! Thank you! :shades:

Shane Filomena 09.12.2011 07:32

1412 downloads : I enjoy the transport :

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