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Screenshot What you get:
* An Aurochs-class playership that has been refitted to a Light Carrier ship; The carrier has 8 armor segments and 8 device slots.
* Three levels of fighter drones; Rookie, Veteran and Elite, each having their own Hanger Bay.
* A Light Carrier Scout Launcher; This is a Hanger Bay upgrade that will enable you to launch a reconnaisance scout that is capable of doing extensive recon missions.
* A Hanger Bay Manufacturing Facility; This facility is the backbone of your small task force. Here you will be able to buy, repair and upgrade Hanger Bays, as well as replace lost fighter squadrons/scouts.
Read more details in the Transcendence forum under the same title.
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Auton, Ship (Player)
Author FAD
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Added (Last modified) 26.08.2011 (26.08.2011)
Game Version 1.06a
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HatsuyaKanzaki 26.08.2011 10:01

Thanks for starting this, Shane! I'm planning to derive some codes for the "Hitomi Core" I'm working on.

You'll be in Hoshigami too, Shane!

RPC 26.08.2011 21:25

FAD! You beat me to it ;)

FAD 26.08.2011 21:39

Oops! Sorry, RPC! lol. Actually, the original concept started back in 2008 and after looking at that original, how many things have changed!

Shane Filomena 27.08.2011 10:07

how did I get dragged in this?

How do I find the ...what the heck is the all the buttons for???....oops.

* Player has ejected into space.

FAD 29.08.2011 12:21

Shane, come back! Come back, Shane!

Sorry, but your post did leave that one wide open! lol.

Shane Filomena 30.08.2011 08:40

good thing RPC taught me about escape pods , i keep one of those fancy AI Agauptera-class yacht pods on my ship : it raced out to get me and was blabbering on about where would it get fuel if I froze out there......

digdug 06.10.2011 17:04

FAD, we need a nice picture here now :D

FAD 06.10.2011 20:34

Good idea, dd. I'll get a screen capture and upload it soon.

Farwalker 02.12.2011 02:47

This looked like a lot of fun... but I couldn't get used to the low number of facings. Was that some bug on my setup? Any chance of a 40 facings version?

FAD 02.12.2011 20:42

@ Farwalker Yep, the ship is original vanilla--20 facings, although George has released the meshes for us to render ships as we please, I have'nt downloaded it. Maybe someone who has can render a 40 faceing Aurochs-class, then I could update the mod and give them credit for their work. :D

Star Weaver 03.04.2012 15:00

Umm, the download includes both LightCarrierPlayership.xml and LightCarrierPlayership/LightCarrierPlayership.xml, which use the same extension UNID, which is making Trans yark. I ran a diff and found that one of them has a signle weapon limit and the other has none, but ... a forum post? *looks it up*

FAD 04.08.2012 08:08

@Star Weaver. Huh, you're right! I hadn't noticed that before. And I don't recall zipping the folder with an axtra file either. Odd that.

At any rate, you can remove one of the files of your choice and use the other.

Thanks for the mention!

Peter 12.05.2014 22:09

This mod looks awesome! One problem. It comes with a folder full of pictures and one code sheet and then an extra code sheet on the side. I tried deleting one and I just got a normal Aurochos. Isn't it meant to have fighter bays? I couldn't find anything. After deleting the other one it just bugged out saying it couldn't find some image. Can you fix this? It looks awesome but where are the fighter bays?

FAD 20.07.2014 06:11

@ Peter, there's a slight chance of getting a hanger bay in your cargo hold at the start of the game. Otherwise you should be able to find them (lower class hangers) in various shops.

*Hint* Didn't get a hanger bay at the start? Restart a new game until you do.

As far as that second code sheet, I'll get around to removing it and update the mod. :)

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