40 facings re-rendered britannia View Mod
Screenshot Re-rendered britannia from george's release of transcendence art assets.
Included as playership with tons of cargo (250+) and device slots (30+0
Categories Graphics Re-Renders, Ship (Player)
Author Djohaal
Rating 6   0
Added (Last modified) 26.07.2011 (26.07.2011)
Game Version 1.06a
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Shane Filomena 26.07.2011 13:14

optional upgrade to 0 ton segments.

( an armor dealer just installed reactive armor, and i put in orthosteel for the test, so the description is not accurate )

but I like it . thank you:)

Darth Saber 26.07.2011 20:16

What engine did you use to render the ship?

sdw195 27.07.2011 16:22


sp_testure 31.07.2011 23:46

great ship.. fantastic art! Played around with it for six hours and no problems. a little sluggish on the turning rate though..I bumped mine up to 7.5..can't wait to see what you shall do next :)

Djohaal 01.08.2011 06:33

I think I forgot to compensate the turn rate for the doubled facings. eep.

Farwalker 06.12.2011 05:41

Really exceptional, this ship looks and handles great, and all the cargo and device space makes for a more enjoyable / much less grindy game. Probably my favorite ship to play with.

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