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Cloaking device: makes all factions neutral and turns your ship dark to mimic an Illwrath cloak.
Driftmoon secondary weapon that causes enemy ships to be incapable of moving as they desire.
Kohr-ah fireball secondary weapon that simulates the star control 2 races fireball weapon.
Illwrath flamebreath primary weapon from star control 2.
Thraddash afterburner secondary weapon from star control 2. (req 1.06a)
5 shields modeled after the basics.
3 armors that solar regenerate/solar recharge of increasing immunities.
1 shield that is an activated secondary weapon system, produces a bubble around the ship which has a good chance of blocking incoming fire.
1 sapphire yacht starter ship which contains cloaking device and firebreath along with the mk2 sanie shield and the basic solar armor panels. Comes with a hitchhikers guide to the galaxy which updates your map automatically. more cash at start.
Most of the mod can use 1.01 - think only the afterburner needs 1.06a
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Author muffildy
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Added (Last modified) 21.07.2011 (22.07.2011)
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muffildy 22.07.2011 16:14

lame, there is a limit to the description word count. So anyhow, thank you IRC people for all of the assistance without which these mods would not be possible.

muffildy 22.07.2011 20:16

Bug testing, dont fire the cloak device while it is still engaged - it will mess up your factions.

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