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Screenshot Nyan Cat. In Transcendence. Enough said.

As for the song, just go to nyan.cat (It's too much of a hassle to get the .wav of it)

Spread the rainbow goodness!

(By the way, it's kinda weird posting a godmod)
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Author RPC
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Added (Last modified) 20.07.2011 (21.06.2012)
Game Version 1.06a
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Datal2 20.07.2011 12:28

I knowed that finally we will have it also in our game :P :P :P

Datal2 20.07.2011 12:29


HatsuyaKanzaki 20.07.2011 13:28


HatsuyaKanzaki 20.07.2011 13:33


Shane Filomena 20.07.2011 16:30

Seriously? are we loosing our hull plates?

I will treasure this in my folder to remind myself that anything is possible:)

Shane Filomena 20.07.2011 16:35

LOL this is fun!!!!: Im not sure if this my new ship...:) LOL and i listened to the cat...I am loosing compression! but its fun:)

Datal2 21.07.2011 09:12

I think that there should be also this crazy nyan sound.

Orthag 21.07.2011 21:27

I like it, but it seriously slows down the game. Also, i thought Nyan Cat was a poptart.

Orthag 21.07.2011 21:28

oh and there should be a Tac-Nayn one too, perhaps he could be an enemy ship mod that only appears when you have the Nyan-Cat ship.

RPC 21.07.2011 21:54

The nyancat on nyan.cat wasn't a poptart though. The one on youtube is one IIRC.

I will work on Tac-Nayn. :D

christian 18.01.2012 13:59

"Please find a gun and shot me in the eye"

RPC 21.06.2012 05:33

Reuploaded at 156 downloads. I think I forgot to update this, but this reupload also has Tac-nayn. I also changed the nyancat weapons to be virtual so that they don't interfere in GODmod's items selection screen.

Star Weaver 21.06.2012 13:58

The version I downloaded before had Tac-nayn memetic mutation or something (and I just realized that it isn't tac-nyan e.g. tactical nyan), but thanks for virtualizing those weapons ~ :D

RPC 20.08.2012 19:43

Tactical nyan lol XD

np Starweaver :D

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