Advance NX and SN reactors View Mod
Screenshot Just few new reactors from SN and NX company.
Mod also content two unique reactors...Twin and Quad by Koshiba industries.
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Author Datal2
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Added (Last modified) 03.07.2011 (03.07.2011)
Game Version 1.05
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Datal2 03.07.2011 18:24

Please inform me if You find some bugs, mistakes in text, etc.

Shane Filomena 07.07.2011 20:03

I HAVE to have this :)

I am still using the KN330Reactor ( love it , and it is perfect for testing or trying to fight off my version of pirates)

WillyTheSquid 25.01.2012 17:14

Love this mod. Getting that 75MW reactor early on is great - you can refuel that one with fuel rods, whereas the 100MW vanilla reactor needs helium reactor assemblies. That 'use any fuel, but not as efficient' reactor is a great idea as well. If you use this with the 'Reactors912' mod, remember to set these reactors to use 0 device slots (I set the two Koshiba twin reactors to use 1 slot instead of 2).

Datal2 10.03.2012 22:34

Thanks WillyTheSquid :)

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