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Screenshot Of the skills to master in Transcendence looting is high up there in importance. Granted looting isn't hard, but it could be faster.

That's what this does. It adds a loot all button to loot dockscreens, and, for that matter, jettison all.

That's not particularly spectacular, since holding down l or j does the same thing, so I gave it some options. loot all undamaged anyone? jettison all illegals? jettison x tons? It even lets you specify your own set of criteria for both loot and jettison on the fly, and I'm taking requests.

Things are jettisoned starting with the cheapest, and looted starting with the most valuable. It uses credits per ton to judge value and will stop when the object receiving cargo is full.

It requires Transcendence version 1.04, but higher is suggested.
Categories Misc, DockScreens, UI Enhancements
Author Bobby
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Added (Last modified) 02.07.2011 (11.07.2011)
Game Version 1.04
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Darth Saber 02.07.2011 19:39

Excellente, Bobby!

Bobby 11.07.2011 19:37

Re-Uploaded at 29 downloads: fixed lack of cargo space being a silent failure, added a second custom option, added a help section to explain the critera.

megamorphg 22.10.2012 08:15

doesn't show the option anymore as of the latest 1.08l

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