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Screenshot Dynamic Systems.
What is it, you may ask, and why would you download it?
The answer is simple.
Do you want a living, breathing universe filled with space battles galore?
Why settle for boring old "cleansing" of systems when you have to fight, nay, claw your way out of a system, making sure that you are the only one to survive: the one destined for the Core.
Do you want to play through the Outer Realm, or do you want to explore a universe filled with strife and war making the CW-Ares battle right before your very eyes?
Well then, welcome to the journey through the Human Quarantine Zone, filled with war and conflict, but one Pilgrim who seeks to leave past that conflict for a journey to the Core.

Rotolooter and Autopilot moved to the Utilty Items Pack.

Here's the forum thread about it: http://neurohack.com/transcendence/forums/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=4297
github link:
Categories Ship (Player), Ship (Enemy), Recommended Mods,
Quality approved, Prior Mods of the Month, Misc,
Challenge, Adventure Extensions, A.I./Behavior,
Author RPC
Rating 15   0
Added (Last modified) 16.06.2011 (17.06.2016)
Game Version 1.7a1
Filesize 2.44 MB
Downloads 8532
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RPC 16.06.2011 09:09

So yeah, I'm having trouble with updating V2, so I decided to upload this as a new mod. Hopefully I can update V2 in the next couple of days.

RPC 16.06.2011 09:10

V3 sports a great overhaul of the Dynamic System mod.

Changes include:

-overhaul of the Retaliation code to allow for easier sovereign inclusion

-Station respawn

-a Retaliation Framework for all those modders who might just want to add factions into Trans without a full-blown Adv Ex

and also, be ready for the /carnage/.

Shane Filomena 17.06.2011 02:56

As Always: I am a die hard DySy fan :)

After I get the Rogue Command finished I will load this:)...

RPC 21.06.2011 05:50

reuploaded at 79 downloads (wow... that's a lot in only 4 days!)

toned down the station respawning spam by a LOT and made a list of systems to disable the virtual station and stations that aren't supposed to be respawned. Well, safe travelling!

RPC 21.06.2011 08:08

Weird. I updated the text to direct people to the thread on the forums and my mod disappeared from the MOTM sidebar. O.O

Shane Filomena 21.06.2011 12:11

ahh 79? its 82 now.Datal's mod compliments DySy i think:My own .xmls are just Targets,they are not strong enough to fight in Lumen except Clare Dark, she is a Tuff Wolf:)

alterecco 21.06.2011 16:24

@RPC: That is probably because you messed with you categories.

Vachtra 27.06.2011 23:40

Don't know if something broke recently but I've downloaded the mod twice now and it still won't work.

Using 1.06 with no other additions.

RPC 28.06.2011 07:46

Does it say "The Centauri Warlords retaliate against the independent!" when you destroy a centauri station?

That's my mod in effect.

I just downloaded it and it works fine.

If it doesn't work, I'll try to see if you can get it some other way.

Vachtra 28.06.2011 15:47

Oh, I got that part to work but the new playerships crash on trying to start a game.

RPC 29.06.2011 00:04

Are you trying to use Nerefir for Vanilla?

Change the starting system for Nerefir (in the playersettings) to SE (starton Eridani) and see if it works.

Vachtra 29.06.2011 19:34

...No go...

erik dela cruz 30.06.2011 00:27

i'm gonnna try this man. if this works i'm gonna kiss you.hehehe

Vachtra 30.06.2011 20:39

Ok, got the Nerefir to work but not the Mayfly.

RPC 01.07.2011 00:17

Try using the Shield bit item (in the Nerefir), I changed it to spawn the Mayfly instead. (I was lazy :P)

RPC 01.07.2011 01:34

Also, dock with the Mayfly and [P]ilot it.

RPC 21.07.2011 00:19

Reuploaded. Hopefully I fixed the "stations respawn in sun" problem. Credits to CodeCannon on the forums for helping me. Thanks again, CodeCannon! :D

RPC 21.07.2011 00:19

If stations respawn in sun, please PM or make a comment here.

HatsuyaKanzaki 21.07.2011 02:36

It does on my run!

RPC 21.07.2011 05:02

Even with the V3.a ?!

SpecterTerrasbane 22.07.2011 20:08

I didn't see a "respawn in sun" in the short time that I played my latest run, but I did get stations that became "invincible" (i.e. respawned in same location, without first removing the existing station; I could target the destroyed station with "F" and the new one with "T"; both in the exact same spot)

V3.a, on 1.06a.

RPC 29.07.2011 19:51

Ok, reuploaded at 271 downloads. I found that the respawn rate was fast due to some things not being set properly and that invincibility came from calling a piece of code at the wrong time intervals. Hopefully I got this fixed. (and thanks for reporting the bugs too)

RPC 31.07.2011 03:46

Reuploaded again at 275 downloads. I have another idea for station destruction so I recreated that part of the code.

RPC 26.08.2011 05:01

Reuploaded at 328 downloads. DySys is now at Version 4. Small changes to system topology and station respawn.

RPC 26.08.2011 05:40

If things are too laggy, I'll be willing to tone things down a bit.

erik dela cruz 30.08.2011 03:08

hey it's another one. thanks RPC. I really have to try this one and hope the 1.06 won't give me a hard time with it.

RPC 01.09.2011 00:41

Reuploaded at 346 downloads. Now at V4.a and all I really did was tone down the suns to stop pwning every station in sight.

RPC 02.09.2011 03:39

Sorry about reuploading again, but while modding I discovered that retaliation fleets would follow the player even though the player is not the target. Fixed for V4.b at 353 downloads.

RPC 20.11.2011 00:45

Ok, reuploaded at 492 downloads. Real autopilot and Dash Merc's autolooter have been added, so please [U]se them.

Also, gravity and level caps have been added. I will rerelease the autopilot and autolooter for any of those who do not wish to play with the full Dynamic Systems.

RPC 28.11.2011 08:16

Reuploaded at 518 downloads. I fixed the autolooter to work for every system, as it needed to be turned on and off to work in every system.

Gravity does not work in 1.07 due to a sysFindObject bug.

Happy travelling ;)

RPC 08.04.2012 20:21

Updated to V5 at 830 downloads.

RPC 09.04.2012 00:11

Reuploaded at 835 downloads. Found bug with wrecks being counted as stations, so they were moved away from the sun.

Gilipheoun 18.04.2012 01:50

OK i got beef with ur pirates.. first off there annoying as hell {BUT} thats not my problem.. the problem comes when they hack into ur cargo bay and take every last one of my fuel rods or ammo.. and to top it off they come in swarms.. HERES THE BEEF.. after they hack ur ship and escape in their pod u get a "watch ur targets" when u shoot at it and any commonwealth that witness u doing that will sumtimes retalliate or not let u dock. But the biggest beef is that 90% of the time the pods will explode without leaving a wreak to get ur stuff bk. ive died so many games with this mod just cause of that.. u get three or more on ur ship, then kiss ur ammo goodbye.

IMO the pods should ALWAYS leave a wreak and the point should be to hunt em' down before they leave the system. also they should be a Target not a friend. other than that i find that it makes the game very unpredictable wich i love. but never can get past a couple systems cause all my stuff gets stolen and destroyed.. plz fix this its unbearable.. its the only thing that will decide me usiong this mod.. LOVE THE GRAPHICS especially the sun and teather combo lol

RPC 18.04.2012 07:09

Ok, will do. Reuploaded to have cargo pods have 100% wrecks and be listed as an enemy instead of as a friendly.

Please report if it's not fixed.

RPC 18.04.2012 07:10

Updated at 871 downloads.

Llwch 18.04.2012 07:17

Compatible with Punk Geek Centre ( http://xelerus.de/index.php?s=mod&id=1039 )?

RPC 18.04.2012 11:59

I have no idea. *shrugs*

Llwch 18.04.2012 12:04

The point is moot now, anyway... I'm abandoning efforts to make PGC work with other MODs.

I'll give yours a try on a fresh install of Transcendence later today, though. :)

Gilipheoun 18.04.2012 20:53

awesome awesome awesome.. thank you rpc. got to st cathrines without a hitch.. they still got away with some loot but at least they leav a wreak as long as im not using a howitzer

RPC 19.04.2012 23:22

Good luck, and may Domina be with you ;)

Shane Filomena 28.04.2012 02:37

ok: I got v5 :)

RPC 29.04.2012 06:30

Four major changes:

1.Dead freighters now have loot taken.

2.Pirate Kobol with Omni TeV9 replaced with Luminous Drone.

3.Urak retaliations are weaker.

4.Sung/Commonwealth turrets are not sending attack fleets anymore.

RPC 10.06.2012 21:41

Reuploaded at 1052 downloads. Updated to V5.b

Changes made are:

-Mining AI added for early mining colonies. Not added to ferians b/c of the lag issue

-names of X atks Y hopefully fixed

-retaliation ships no longer follow to Elysium

-station graphics:

Special thanks to Patupi for contributing station graphics. He added the small reconstuction station, and scaffolding for other stations.

Destroying the scaffolding works similar to destroying the reconstruction station, and permanently destroys the station.

RPC 11.06.2012 05:17

Also, renamed the AdvEx to demo. It is /not/ the full version, but rather a test system to show retaliation events.

>.< It's a bit odd that I let a few versions go by without catching that misleading title, so I renamed it as such in V5.b

RPC 11.06.2012 07:37

Reuploaded at 1061 dl's. No redownloading necessary unless you don't like the "overlays destroyed" message when station reconstruction overlays get destroyed. (I just forgot to comment out one line is all >.>)

RPC 12.06.2012 18:22

Reuploaded at 1073 downloads as per FM3VP finding the "borers steal ore" bug. Redownloading not needed if you don't mine.

Androgeos 26.08.2012 15:15

Two things about this mod that irk me:

- Stars are releasing a lot of projectiles

- Korolov Station in Charon suddenly becomes a lot easier to defend despite this being a Challenge mod

Everything else about it is fantastic, though.

RPC 27.08.2012 02:51

Yeah, thinking about toning down the sun damage (yet again). It's supposed to stop players from having the "sitting on sun" invincibility.

I didn't think the sun would make Charon easy to save, I'll look at it.

Androgeos 27.08.2012 12:47

It's not the sun. For some reason, the Drakes just don't seem to bother with attacking the Korolov station at all. They just head for the stargate and disappear, only chucking a few missiles simply because the station was nearby.

RPC 01.10.2012 00:33

Reuploaded at 1380 downloads. Lots of fixes that I can't remember, but one thing I do know is that Sung turrets don't call in a fleet to respawn anymore.

RPC 31.10.2012 06:11

Updated at 1507 downloads to V5.d. SolarDragon on IRC pointed out that retaliations were borked and attacked you even when destroying a station wreck.

Full list of changes here:


Previous tags are: Quality approved, Prior Mods of the Month, Misc,

Featured, Challenge, A.I./Behavior,

Adventure Extensions, Recommended Mods, Ship (Enemy),

Ship (Player), Station

RPC 20.01.2013 06:30

Updated at 1791 downloads.

List of changes and fixes:

-CW stations get a fleet of Britannias to defend them when system level is greater than 5 (basically past St. Katharine's)

-Militia relay positions of enemy relatiation fleets if you're in the militia

-CW defense turrets regen health and have a missile launcher

-destroying wrecks of commonwealth stations does not send you to jail

-Cargo stealing weapon is available to players (as a BM weapon)

-scaffolds don't spawn at the sun

-Xenophobe invasion event has less ships so games lags less

Shane Filomena 17.03.2013 00:21

oh for the love of Classics, post the Original again :)

I , personally love re-playing the older versions: to me , nothing really bring home the appreciation for the newer things then re-living the Classical eras.

I mean, Imagine how lost we were before we could do a thing or three that did not exist before...

Besides, new ideas were never spawned by new things: but by old thing revisited : checked against the new things and then made a reality :)

RPC 20.03.2013 00:03

Updated at 2068 downloads, renamed to V6.a and updated for version 1.2a. I lost the tags again though.


-fixed Dwarg retaliation levels to cap out at ~12 behemoths.

-freighters don't carry Korolov crates anymore. Instead, they carry an assortment of items generated from Vanilla itemtables based off the systemlevel. (tell me if too much items spawn or excessively high level items spawn though)

-Uraks nerfed again

-Created the Tech Slaver for the Sung to replace Dragon Slavers. It breaks Sung naming conventions so people know it's a mod ship.

-Other freighters like the Sung and the Black Market freighter don't count as Korolov ships. Also, the EI500 doesn't show up as a pirate anymore.

-Corporate Cruiser buffed with a Corporate Railgun and some escort ships.

Still working on the station looting mechanic and fixing the borer mission but the fixes here are important enough to warrant another release.

RPC 20.03.2013 00:06

Thanks to digdug for adding the tags again :D

RPC 20.03.2013 00:10

Another thing: I turned off the notifications for retaliations -- I'm working on a dockscreen that will show sovereign relationships and amount of anger instead.

RPC 12.09.2013 09:45

Updated at 2642 downloads (thanks guys/girls! :D ) so it works with 1.2 beta 2. Tell me if bugs come up.


-fixed borer mission

-corp stations respawn

-dwarg and sung are enemies now

-Xenophobe star that spawns after warping disappears from system after a while

-huaramarca isn't a gate that retaliation fleets spawn from

-cargo stealing weapon is now more common

Previous tags are:

Ship (Enemy), Ship (Player), Quality approved,

Recommended Mods, Prior Mods of the Month, Misc,

Featured, Challenge, Adventure Extensions,

A.I./Behavior, Station

digdug 12.09.2013 11:35

reapplied tags :D

FourFire 07.10.2013 12:26

Alright testing with the following Mods in 1.2b3:

Zanitus-Lazarus (updated to b3, includes new sounds and graphics for several weapons as well as )

X Slot Sapphire (a custom playership mod by me, includes a custom device and four custom armors)

TheFur 01.11.2013 18:36

I hate the wolfen Pirate whenever I use this mod with others. It's too overpowered.

RPC 24.06.2014 08:32

Updated at 3400 downloads

Previous tags were:

Recommended Mods, Quality approved, Misc,

Prior Mods of the Month, Featured, Challenge,

A.I./Behavior, Adventure Extensions, Ship (Enemy),

Ship (Player), Station

Updated to 1.3.

Fixed issues with borer mining code.

Corporate stations have Britannia guards.

Added a sovereign panel to the Missions screen. It shows the current disposition of the sovereign, if it exists in the system, and what kind of retaliation level they are at.

Peter 14.11.2014 20:02

Time to update to 1.3 :)

RPC 21.05.2016 02:17

Updated on 5/20/2016 at 4877 downloads.

Previous tags:

Quality approved, Recommended Mods, Prior Mods of the Month,

Misc, Featured, Ship (Enemy),

Adventure Extensions, Challenge, A.I./Behavior,

Station, Ship (Player)


Over time Commonwealth civilians have a chance to get autons guarding them

Updated all image resources to the latest image

Fixed suns not working/ not having proper masks

Fixed suns not having star hazards

Updated descriptions in the sovereign dockscreen since players might not be the only ones killing stations

Pirate drilling weapon now works on a percent chance based on your shield level:

90 ; Level I

85 ; Level II

80 ; Level III

75 ; Level IV

70 ; Level V

65 ; Level VI

60 ; Level VII

55 ; Level VIII

50 ; Level IX

45 ; Level X

40 ; Level XI

35 ; Level XII

30 ; Level XIII

0 ; Level XIV and higher

Made stargates background objects

Fixed Nerefir image

Fixed Nerefir solar reactor

Fixed moving asteroids messing with shadows. They are now exploitable again.

Select Aquilas now have map markers so you can help them out.

Every 1-2 minutes a single station clears out wrecks in a 50ls radius. This is to stop games from crawling to a halt from too many wrecks. If you want to jettison your items store them in deep space.

Ranx are buffed with ships from the Ranx stuff mod. They are probably OP now.

Ares are buffed by adding Cometfalls to their retaliate squads.

Fixed Centauri Base ship not having a proper mask

RPC 29.05.2016 22:25

Updated at 4914 downloads.

Made asteroids mineable again.

dick butte 01.06.2016 04:31



I have waited so long for this to be working again!

RPC 22.06.2016 00:33

Forgot to say this in the comments

Updated on 6/16/16 at 4963 downloads.

-fixed autons spam by making the timer 10x longer

-removed mule autons from the map

-removed autons from adding themselves to player squad panel

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