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The Tech Analyzer device attempts to identify items in the ships cargo hold while it is installed and enabled. It learns from both success and failure, eventually becoming capable of identifying items of level 5 or possibly greater. Typical test runs yield an early average of one identify every eight minutes or so of real time for level 1 items.
This device is available only at StartonEridani station (only one in stock per player per game). Credits to d1gdug and alterecco (among others on irc) for their assistance.
Categories Quality approved, Newbie Boosts, Misc,
Devices, Balance approved
Author Omnivore
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Added (Last modified) 13.06.2011 (13.06.2011)
Game Version 1.05
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Star Weaver 04.08.2011 01:28

Huh, were you inspred at all by the sense quality skills/features in games like Angband and Elona?

WillyTheSquid 20.01.2012 23:04

Great idea, not as broken as simply installing the "all items identified" mod.

Patupi 24.03.2012 03:19

I like this mod, but for some reason when I play using the NW ships mod and fly the Heavy gunship it won't install. Says 'too heavy to install'. I'm using the 1.08a version

WillyTheSquid 24.03.2012 04:10

This device weighs five tons, and some (most?) of the NorthWind ships cannot install devices that are heavier than a certain weight limit. :) It's not a bug

Patupi 24.03.2012 04:17

Hmm, seems odd for a 'Heavy gunship' to have weight limits compared to the normal ships. Oh well.

mistere 08.04.2012 08:13

Patupi- you can always mod that for yourself, you know.

You can easily just add a few zeros on to the cargo space value of the desired ship.

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