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Battle Zone Simulator is a small mod that starts you in a system that will keep on spawning enemies for you to battle. It is along the same lines as the original BattleZone, just much simpler. There is plenty room for improvements, so please comment if there is something you would like to see.
Categories Adventure Extensions, Challenge
Author alterecco
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Added (Last modified) 02.06.2011 (16.04.2012)
Game Version 1.05
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Shane Filomena 03.06.2011 22:47

It is Very Different, but following your Instruction to Press"I" to start the Mod feature was an Immediate FUN MOMENT: Bad news is I died :( but, THANK YOU I will enjoy this:)

Resident-Pyromaniac 07.06.2011 18:59

Question: do the enemies get progressively more powerful?

alterecco 07.06.2011 23:09

Yes, the maximum enemy level that can be spawned increases with each wave. Use the 'I' menu to control the maximum level.

alterecco 16.04.2012 17:07

I uploaded a new version that works with 1.08b

wingsfalcon 14.04.2017 21:55

Enemy no spawn on version1.7a

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