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Screenshot CAUTION! use only one xml file

Trancendence.xml: version .98d, requires unpack
scuttle wrecks.xml: version .99x(tested .99c)

this makes clearing wrecks much faster, simply dock with a wreck and press "s" for scuttle and watch as the wreck explodes.

it uses an area weapon to destroy them, so it works on top of planets, asteroids, and stars.
also due to the wmd7 area weapon, if it is near a staion or a csc it will just delete the wreck so you can safely scuttle wrecks on top of friendly stations.
Categories Misc
Author Bobby
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Added (Last modified) 22.02.2008 (02.07.2009)
Game Version 0.98d
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schilcote 25.02.2008 23:06

Very... interesting. Quite amicious.

Bobby 02.07.2009 07:26

updated to v2, now supports simple extensions.

Darth Saber 03.07.2009 17:41

Bobby, what kind of ships are those gray ones in the screenshot, and where can I obtain one?

Bobby 07.07.2009 07:03

my newest design, a heavier duty freighter, the Omigm. Odds are it won't be available until the competition is completed.

Darth Saber 30.12.2009 20:02

Is the competition over yet, Bobby?

Bobby 04.01.2010 03:42

yes, the ship is up now, check for it under the player ship category.

ptbptb 21.05.2010 18:03

I love using this mod! Thanks, Bobby.

corkytheclown 06.03.2011 00:40

less hassle rechecking wrecks

Darth Saber 16.12.2011 20:14

One of the most valuable mods. I guess we could call it one of the first "green" mods!

Llwch 31.03.2012 07:00

This is another mod that is in need of an update to 1.08a or higher. :)

Amariithynar 02.04.2012 04:39

836 dpwnloads and only three rating period? Jeez, people...

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