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Makes the game harder. More info at:

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Author F50
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Added (Last modified) 17.02.2008 (20.03.2008)
Game Version 0.98d
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schilcote 25.02.2008 23:07

How and how much?

Little Modder... 13.04.2009 13:47

F50's Impossible Mod (Possible with Godmods) Only for experts Sounds better!!!

digdug 13.04.2009 17:52

nah, it's difficult but still playable. :D

Little Modder, you better stop playing with godmodded stuff and try to finish the game with this ! :D

Aeonic 15.07.2009 00:48

I don't understand why people can't just post their information in the information area instead of giving another link. This is how you get websites that are nothing but an endless slew of dead links.

digdug 15.07.2009 01:00

because the mod changed an insanely amount of little features to make the game less exploitable, and consequently harder, without counting the actual modifications to make the game harder by himself.

Probably the use of readme.txt files inside the mods listing all the details would be better.

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