The Network View Mod
Screenshot This is a mod I created because stargates progress too linearly; it is not realistic. So, you now have the option of playing in a network that linearly progresses. Each root system (St. Katharine's Star, Point Juno, ect) has between four and six stargates. You get several choices on where to go. Basically, there are several interconnected paths instead of just one, but some are dead ends, making it a maze of stargates.

This includes several extra systems that enrich gameplay.

This should not be used with other mods that overwrite star systems.
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Author drako slyith
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Added (Last modified) 04.01.2011 (05.02.2012)
Game Version 1.07a
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ThePrivateer 04.01.2011 07:52

Brilliant concept Drako!

Now, all you need to do is make a Galactic Map for it (feel free to use my own to work on) and that way the player won't get lost.

If you use my own galactic map, it shouldn't be too hard.

Other than that, a fantastic mod, one that really spices up the gameplay and adds hours to the game.

Also, consider adding a graphic to the Adventure Description part; again, look at Galactic Map for an example.

Good work! :D

drako slyith 05.01.2011 06:42

updated at 18 downloads; fixed several issues in the later systems, added galaxy map(hit 'M' then 'G')

ThePrivateer 05.01.2011 07:28

Great work Drako.

Good to see you followed up on my ideas!

Thumbs up!

A few things left to fix up though -- still no graphic for the choose adventure screen, and the Galactic Map image is stretched to far.

Also, I noticed a bug whereby the player exits Eridani via onegate, but when they return by that gate, they are respositioned at a /different/ gate in the Eridani system.

Aside from that, shaping up to be quite a good mod.

Keep up the good work and consider posting on the forums, too. :D

ThePrivateer 05.01.2011 07:34

Oh. And I love the inclusion of the Robert Frost poem - fits well with the adventure.

drako slyith 06.01.2011 00:37

Yes I know what glitch you're talking about. I thought it more important to first address a major problem in the later systems nodes, but I fixed it and am actually working on that now.

ThePrivateer 06.01.2011 00:50

Good to hear! ;)

I'll be waiting to download the patched version soon!

drako slyith 06.01.2011 06:00

Just updated to fix an issue where you were sent to the wrong stargates in systems. Also edited Elysium to include stargates to several stargates in the new systems.

Droid 348 07.01.2011 21:59

Great mod!

Just ran into a minor bug: my topology has two systems named "Cygni" both can be reached from rigel aurelius (and are clearly different), their gates are placed near the same planet and are partly overlapping, which could be another small bug.

drako slyith 07.01.2011 22:54

I know what you're talking about. I'm rewriting all the system names, but I'm running out of names. (I've used random names, latin, peoples names, star wars books' characters... but I'm planning to have both those problems fixed by my next update.

drako slyith 08.01.2011 00:17

New update at 45 downloads: fixed system names so they are not all the same, fixed a few minor issues with the stargate topology.

Jeoshua 08.01.2011 00:24

I had this same idea but it never came to fruition. Kudos on this mod!

drako slyith 08.01.2011 01:57

New update: I added a new system where there are dead end branches that are there sometimes and not there others. It makes it more like a network, and you get lost much easier!!! :D

ThePrivateer 08.01.2011 07:15

Looking great Drako (more from me on the forums ;))

HatsuyaKanzaki 08.01.2011 14:21

I might greatly use this on my upcoming ADV-EX, which revolves at Orion constellation. You'll all navigate all over the Orion Constellation if this happens.

Jeoshua 08.01.2011 17:36

The best thing about this idea is that the main friendly systems are free to become "towns" that you use as a base of activity.

It might be fun to make the mod guarantee that only one path leading outward from each hub goes through, the others GUARANTEED to be dead ends... You'd still have to pass through the same amount of systems as vanilla, but there would be "stages"

drako slyith 08.01.2011 18:48

You do still pass through the same number of systems except my dead ends which are not guaranteed. But yes, I'm not planning to make the game a complete maze. Thanks for the tips though, I am working on more dead ends

drako slyith 08.01.2011 22:44

New update, a few 'emergency' fixes, where stargates were incorrectly constructed so the game crashed. It should be better now. Make sure to tell me if you run into a problem. I'm working on some complex topologies now so I am likely to miss something.

Naminator5 11.01.2011 20:43

I encountered something weird, which I don't know if it is a glitch or intentional. I actually took one of those alternate paths, and I took it all the way to a high level system (full of Ares/Xenophobes/Ringers/etc), which was only like 5 systems. I tried to head back to the gate I came from, and I end up in a whole different system entirely, still a high level one. Also the gates at Point Juno are kinda buggy as well. From one system, you'll come out of a gate that doesn't even lead to that system.

Naminator5 11.01.2011 20:51

Also, that gate in that alternate system took me, was also a few systems beyond Point Juno. Remember, this was when just after I got my vintage class V deflector from doing freighter escort missions, so I was nowhere near ready of taking those systems on.

drako slyith 12.01.2011 00:15

Updated at 80 downloads. Sorry Naminator5, I didn't see your posts but I'll get right to fixing it. I may have fixed a few of the errors in this update. I also added some topology that lets you jump from some branches to others.

Naminator5 12.01.2011 02:03

I think I can be more clearly of what happened. I was in an alternate system, known as Iotant, which was 5 systems away from Eridani. There was a gate there that lead me to a HD ###### system. Which the system was a high level one (like beyond Point Juno), and the gate I came from didn't take me back, but into a whole different system. This mod is pretty awesome, in my opinion. It makes systems like Eridani look much more lively, since there's more traffic coming in and out of those multiple gates.

drako slyith 12.01.2011 02:18

Oh I see. I probably have a node ID incorrect. But the HD ###### is actually near the start. I have a whole maze with systems named that (After naming 70 systems 4 or so different possible things, I thought it was alright to take the easy way out.)

Naminator5 12.01.2011 02:41

Your update on the mod is broken.

Error parsing Extensions\Network: Network.xml: Line(382): Invalid entity: ssEarthSpaceStandardSplit3

drako slyith 12.01.2011 03:48

OH NO!!! I'll fix it right now.

drako slyith 12.01.2011 03:51

Sorry to the three that downloaded this after my last update at 80 downloads. Updated and fixed. Sorry for the problems.

Naminator5 12.01.2011 03:59

Another game crashing bug after you pick your ship.

NodeID not found: Z3B

Naminator5 12.01.2011 04:02

Topology CP: Duplicate stargate name: Inbound.

Naminator5 12.01.2011 04:02

Topology CP: Duplicate stargate name: Inbound.

drako slyith 12.01.2011 04:22

Ok, mod reuploaded. Tested, the problems should be fixed now.

Naminator5 12.01.2011 05:29

Works fine now. I did a pretty quick run to see if everything is okay, I did run into a few flaws. The first one I found was a pretty quick discovery since it was in the first system, there was a Stargate on top of an armor dealer station. Another I discovered, there was a two systems that had the same name, it was pretty bizarre since their stargates were near each other in that gladiator system place, one of them also leads to a broken stargate (the same problem as before, but it didn't lead me to a high level system this time).

But that was just a quick play, I'll go and play it normally next time. Like I said, I really love the concept of this mod.

drako slyith 12.01.2011 05:43

Ok. The station on the stargate is random; the game places both the station and stargate in orbit, in a random location. Thanks for alerting me of the duplicate names/sg trouble.

drako slyith 14.01.2011 02:11

YAY posted at 100 downloads. Thanks for downloading!

Naminator5 14.01.2011 06:52

OnGlobalSystemCreated [8020103]: Unable to create gate (1974275 (124439859 1102448218 -901751716 -1046700021) GateToHuaramarca Huaramarca Inbound) ### (sysCreateStargate 1974275 (sysVectorRandom Nil (random 1200 1500) 300 "t") "GateToHuaramarca" "Huaramarca" "Inbound") ###

Didn't crash the game, but appeared on my screen.

frosty781 14.01.2011 09:47

Had problems starting the game with this mod : Extensions\Network: Network.xml: Line(2297): Invalid entity: ssEarthSpaceStandardSplit.

After I declared it in the beggining of the file this came up:

Extensions\Network: Network.xml: Line(2641): Invalid entity: stCorporateCap

I really love the idea of this network, really want to try it.

Naminator5 14.01.2011 22:29

I just realized something, the Huaramarca gate leads to the Huari system. The gate never got created for whatever reason. I tried doing the Huari missions, injected myself with that drug, and the game crashed.

You might want to look into that.

drako slyith 14.01.2011 23:00

Frosty, make sure you have all the files in the same folder. They use modules so if one of them is missing it won't work.

And Naminator, I know what you mean, but I didn't know the game crashed. I'll look into it. The problem is probably that that the game has trouble finding the proper system. I'll try to fix it.

drako slyith 18.01.2011 06:31

Reuploaded. I fixed the problem with the Huari and removed the stories.xml file. (I will release that in a 2.0 version or something.)

drako slyith 20.01.2011 05:51

reuploaded at 127 dls. Mostly cosmetic stuff, typos, some rewording, also fixed several topology issues. A minor update, but still helpful

drako slyith 23.01.2011 06:32

Reuploaded at 141 dls. Also added a screenshot of the complete map as it stands. In the upload I addad a place holder for a corporate sector capital.

Avalon4 24.01.2011 22:52

You might have fixed this but...

Sometimes I find a gate leading to a system, but when I look at the Galaxy Map it does not show a link from my current system to the destination. Trying to jump through one of these gates causes a CTD (before entering the destination system, or maybe during the attempt to.)

drako slyith 25.01.2011 00:00

I probably fixed it. But the lack of the link can't be fixed; its in the galactic map structure. It sometimes has trouble with a 3 way split. You might want to redownload it.

boneman1982 01.02.2011 18:16

This mod doesn't work with the molotok 40 facings mod, what can I look at to fix the two? I really don't like playing with the stock ships.

drako slyith 01.02.2011 20:50

I don't know. There are several mods I've found that don't work with it. I have no idea why; the only things it overwrites are systems.

Kuroji 03.02.2011 01:46

It seems to work perfectly well with the newest Molotok version.

drako slyith 05.02.2011 05:08

Updated at 192 dls. I added a new branch (branches off Eridani) with a surprising end. Also, I added place holder for New Alcatraz (not finished or implemented) and added the Ares System, complete with a CSC encounter in it.

drako slyith 09.02.2011 01:47

Reuploaded screenshot to current map

ThePrivateer 13.02.2011 06:54

Drako, how did you get your galactic map to display all of the nodes? I'm updating my galactic map and need to see all of the nodes on the map. Do I have to visit all of the systems, or is there a cheats way?

drako slyith 13.02.2011 07:55

I used the GOD mod and just went down the list. Long, exaustive, but faster than flying through.

ThePrivateer 13.02.2011 08:45

Thanks for that drako! :D

drako slyith 16.02.2011 00:19

Reuploaded at 250dls (Yay!) I added a few tweaks, I added several new CSCs because the game seemed rather lacking in them with several systems to spread them around in.

Lorddavo4 17.02.2011 03:49

how do you pull up the galactic map

Lorddavo4 17.02.2011 04:21


drako slyith 27.02.2011 23:24

I'm very glad to see those featured and quality approved tags :-) Thanks for voting mod of the Month!

quils3 28.02.2011 01:51

some systems are so close to the core why cant you just stop in the middle of gateing to reach the core

drako slyith 28.02.2011 03:11

It's just a background. It really means nothing. Also, space 3D, so it could be separate levels.

drako slyith 01.03.2011 06:53

Ok, so major update. On the forums, there was a discussion of adding story line to this mod, so here is some of it. (a little over 1/4, actually, but more will come soon. I also did minor patch fixes.

drako slyith 06.03.2011 03:13

New update at 385 dls ( :D ) added several systems which are battles between rivals (Commonwealth vs. Ares, Huari vs. Sung (my favorite) and Corporate vs. Charon Pirates). For this I especially need help to makes sure it's balanced. I.E. one side does not kill the other.

drako slyith 06.03.2011 22:47

400 dls!!! Thanks for downloading a lot!

drako slyith 12.03.2011 00:48

Ok new update, everyone should reupdate this. I found a bug where you went into a side area an can't get out. Also, I did balancing on the Charon vs. Commonwealth battle, because Commonwealth was all patrolling, and Charon killed me repeatedly.

drako slyith 16.03.2011 22:10

Thanks for 500 downloads! This is a really important milestone! Thanks a lot!

drako slyith 18.03.2011 06:20

Updated at 515 dls. Updated to 1.05. I finished Alcatraz, and did a complete test of my topology and removed all the errors. Also, can someone put my tags up (MOTM, Quality approved and Featured) thanks.

drako slyith 19.03.2011 03:16

My tags are gone can an admin please put them back?

drako slyith 07.04.2011 02:28

Updated at 684 dls. I fixed several minor issues and streamlined New Alcatraz. I found a few issues in the topology near Rigel and fixed those as well.

RPC 17.04.2011 09:22

Polished and very beautiful; I'm in the Charon part section doing a permadeath run with my Dynamic Systems mod. I like how The Network breathes some more realism into Trans.

drako slyith 23.04.2011 20:49

Thanks for making this the first mod on the website (and only) with a rating in the double digits! :D

Gorm 25.04.2011 17:15

I just got a "Helped Terek Escape" achievment for no apparent reason. From the looks of it, you copied some stuff from Volkov into your mod without changing it correctly. Just look into systems.xml and search for "volkov" to see what I mean.

And who is Terek anyway?

drako slyith 25.04.2011 23:05

He's a wingman you can rescue from New Alcatraz. You'll know it when you find it. I'll see if I can fix that.

Azmond 20.05.2011 01:18

Allright i've oticed that this mod- as i've recently found out through being a victim of it >< -MAY (hear me here? MAY MIGHT) Loop a system. so in other words you're stuck in a lop of two thre four or more stystems and can't get out! >< that might need to be fixxed, if it allready has been... well whoops! my bad XD ^^;

RPC 20.05.2011 01:55

It depends. Are you in the Korolov vs Charon storyline? You have to get to the end to get out ;)

I have had a system loop back to the previous one (as in System A goes to System B and System B have two stargates that goes back to /the same stargate/ in System A).

ApophisJunior 26.05.2011 05:00

It looks cool! Question: will it show me the gate addresses in the Pegasus Galaxy? I would need the 8th chevron, right? Just don't let the Wraith get a hold of the DHD for Stargate Command! LMAOS!! Jaffa Kree!

drako slyith 26.05.2011 05:27

What do you mean? This is only the Quarantine Zone. It doesn't lead into the Pegasus Galaxy.

RPC 27.05.2011 04:19

drako: It's a reference to Stargate Atlantis.

drako slyith 27.05.2011 04:57

Ah. I don't watch Stargate. Ok.

drako slyith 31.05.2011 00:40

1000 Downloads!!! Thank you all for downloading!

Marcus 13.06.2011 16:41

Wow! Sounds very exciting...although I prefer to wait until all the obvious bugs are noticed...lotsa work to do from all the updates, great determination. I wonder when the full game will be complete? Seems like maybe ten more years...

drako slyith 16.06.2011 23:57

Minor update, just updated to 1.06 and had some minor fixes.

christian 18.06.2011 21:33

There is some adventure based on stargate ( SG-1, SG-A or the SG-U )?

RPC 19.06.2011 16:17

No. You should make one though, christian!

(SG-A sounds the best one to make, IMO.)

christian 19.06.2011 17:08

the player's ship could be an f-302, Prometheus or one of the 304 in the serie, start in the halfway of the map, one side to milk way and the other to the pegasus galaxy, just like the midway station in starwars/stargate - Empire at war...

....this will be Insanely hard....

... someone wants help, it will be good to share the work...

( sorry if someone doesn't understand, my english is not that good and I hate to use the google or dictionary )

Dogma 01.08.2011 19:03

Sorry to sound like such a newb, but ive never used an adventure i just plop it in extensions? :3

RPC 01.08.2011 21:28

Yes, place it in Extensions.

In the screen where you have to choose between "The Stars of the Pilgrim", go left and right and you should see "The Network".

Joshua 12.12.2011 02:53

i get complaints about "UNID does not match" and "Unknown image"...

RPC 12.12.2011 02:57

In 1.07a, all you have to be is persistent. Try the AdvEx again after the initial warning, and it should work (as it did for me).

drako slyith 12.12.2011 03:48

I've not been able to make it work for 1.07 or 1.07a. I get issues in overwriting and in using images (both for Huari, which is odd). I've made little progress making it compatible.

drako slyith 13.12.2011 01:11

Ok, finally fixed it. The problem was that the huari extension was set up so it wasn't part of the rest of the game, and you can't draw entities from it. I also fixed the problems with Trent and a few others.

drako slyith 13.12.2011 01:23

(by Trent I mean Terek) and I found out that he does accept orders under certain circumstances. If he is attacking, you can recall him, if you have a target, you can order him to attack it.

drako slyith 14.12.2011 00:00

reuploaded. I fixed the problems with vanilla ships not working.

dzimmer6 16.12.2011 04:46

Game crashed when I jumped into New Alcatraz. Got the following message:

Unable to continue due to program error

program state: OnAnimate

Cannot create system DB6: Undefined system type


game state: leaving stargate

drako slyith 17.12.2011 00:50

I'll check it and fix it.

drako slyith 17.12.2011 00:52

I just checked. It worked fine on my computer. Make sure you have the most recent update, and see if it still crashes.

dzimmer6 25.12.2011 05:57

ok, I downloaded the most recent version as you suggested. New Alcatraz now seems to work fine, and I accomplished the prison mission there.

I did have a similar error turn up when I jumped to some system with "Nebula" in its name (don't recall the exact name right now - but this didn't seem to be a critical system and I bypassed it.

I'm just past point Juno. I love the mod - it adds a lot of depth to the game. I noticed a couple of minor quirks though:

1. The mod doesn't seem to work in conjunction with the mod that allows you to upgrade your wingmen's ships. It crashes and I have to disable the upgrade mod to use The Network. I don't know if this is fixable or how to do it.

2. The original game allowed you to reach Elysium by using a transwarp jump drive inside a stargate. This feature doesn't work with The Network.

3. Terek obeys commands given to the rest of the wingmen, but if you tell the squadron to wait, then to re-join you, he will not join along with them (a separate command needs to be given to him specifically).

4. I can't figure out how to start the Huari mission. I've encountered a large number of Huari bases (after killing the required number of Sung) but when I dock with them and visit the hall I'm told that the leader is too busy to see me. In some later systems, the Huari bases are hostile to me (although when I go back to earlier systems, the Huari there are still friendly. Did you add some requirement to the Huari that I'm not aware of?

dzimmer6 25.12.2011 06:24

5. Also, I got Rama to join up fairly early on by doing militia missions. In a late system, I found him in the bar of a Commonwealth base, so the game basically created 2 Ramas.

drako slyith 25.12.2011 08:11

You're probably talking about the Hucara Nebula. I think I know the issue, and I'll try to fix it.

1. I'm not sure. I can look into it and see if I can find the conflicts.

2. I'm not sure why it doesn't work. It has the same Node ID for Elysium as is in Vanilla. I'll see what I can do.

3. I know, I'm probably going to end up just doing a fully custom order system for him.

4. I'm not sure why this problem happened, but I think it happened when I was trying to solve conflicts and update to 1.07a. I need to go back and recheck the code.

5. I didn't do anything that would affect Rama. Are you using any other mods?

dzimmer6 26.12.2011 05:21

Re: Rama, yes, I'm running quite a few mods (though nothing else that affects topology) and I don't know if one of these others is the problem. It doesn't seem to create any real difficulty.

dzimmer6 26.12.2011 05:25

fyi the gem of despair also does not work to bring me to Elysium. Here's the message I get:

Invalid node: Elysium ### (objGate To gSource "Elysium" "Start" 36870) ###

Don't know if that helps.

drako slyith 26.12.2011 06:35

I think it's because my Elysium node changed, or it could be the same reason Huari didn't work. I'll fix it in the next update.

ytszazu 31.12.2011 00:29

Hello Drako, I am new to using mods here.

Recently I dowloaded 1.07a + galactic map

Started a new game with a sapphire (There are 3 game types, the normal one, galactic map and the network - I chose the network)

Jumped to next system.

Moved away from the stargate

Press M, then G.

It says, no stargates in range.

I taught a galactic map should pop up?

Hope you can help, Thanks.

ytszazu 31.12.2011 00:33

Oh yeah, since the galactic map works in version 1.04, when I tried the galactic map, it crashes while saying "no such system in topology" :)

It's not your mod, But I taught maybe it can give some insights to any problem I am facing.

Network with map = more fun =)

drako slyith 31.12.2011 16:44

the galactic map changed in 1.07. Now it comes up when you press "N" and you need to install it. I have another mod here: that can install it from a ROM, or in vanilla you can get it in St. Kats.

christian 22.01.2012 02:55

2000 downloads...WOOUL YEAH....

NIGHTHAWK620 23.01.2012 20:23

Are all bugs fixed would like to try this MOD.

drako slyith 24.01.2012 00:05

This is a large mod, so there are bound to be bugs. I don't think any of them will affect the gameplay much. I will try get a new version out soon (but I may get distracted).

WillyTheSquid 02.02.2012 16:08

Enjoying the hell out of this one; I'd gotten bored with the standard linear progression of the game. Just have to be wary of those HUGE waves of Charon Pirates... don't know if it's a 1.07a thing or one of the mods I've installed, but up to 60 will appear at once, out of the blue, in certain systems.

drako slyith 03.02.2012 01:17

There are a few systems like that that are set up to be battle systems. I don't know if you're in one of those systems, but if you are you should be able to find an area that is controlled by Commonwealth.

WillyTheSquid 05.02.2012 13:53

I keep finding clever stuff. Those sections with systems that have similar names and loop endlessly. Makes me think back to the old NES Zelda game...

Also, I totally pwned the Ares in their home system before hitting up Point Juno. Thank god for domina powers and Ferian Plasma Cannons. Fly in with Defend, toast a few Shipyards/Phoboses (hopefully setting a few chain reaction), Shatter the pursuers, exit gracefully with Sustain. Rinse, repeat.

The Sung Palaces and the Huari strongholds fell easily, too. In that one system with the big Sung and Huari bases, I had both hostile AND friendly Huari, though.

Also, the Hukara Nebula always crashes my game (unknown station type).

drako slyith 05.02.2012 18:42

I need to fix Hukara. I accidentally broke it when I was updating to 1.07a.

I'm not sure why you're seeing both hostile and friendly huari, I'll look at it.

RPC 05.02.2012 19:02

Nice WillyTheSquid!

I had NoDominaPowers when I went to both systems, so I couldn't torch them (and DySys will respawn them anyways...)

WillyTheSquid 05.02.2012 21:13

Funny thing is, some of the hostile Huari in that system turned friendly when I levelled the Sung Palace... but not all of them. When I destroyed the one hostile Huari base that was left, the rest came for my blood. The poor souls, they had no chance against my enhanced Omni Mk3 Dual Howitzer. >:)

drako slyith 05.02.2012 23:13

HeHe. I've fixed the crash in Hukara, and I hope to be able to update today. (If I can track down some other bugs)

drako slyith 05.02.2012 23:31

Reuploaded at 2103 downloads. I fixed the crash when entering Hukara and when trying to get to Elysium. I also cleaned up the Huari code a bit as well.

NIGHTHAWK620 27.03.2012 04:52

Got a bug to report. Invalid nod:Elysium###(objGate to gSource"Elysium" "Start" 36870)### this shows up when you use gem of despair and/or transjumpdrive in gate.

RPC 27.03.2012 09:47

Try and update. It used an issue along with the Huari, but I'm sure that Drako fixed that issue in the latest version.

drako slyith 29.03.2012 05:00

Yeah, that was fixed in the latest update

Darkhobbit 30.03.2012 21:30

Not sure if the issue is here or not, but I am getting "Unknown Item Type [134349061] ### (ItemCreate 134349061 1) ###" when I try to take the mission to find Hukara. I have the latest version of Network and running 1.07a, so not sure if it's in the module or conflicting with another.

On a side note I am also getting the hostile as well as friendly Huari, but it's no big deal.

Thanks for all the work you've put into this. It's a nice mod, even if I have wandered around like Lost in Space a few times until I could find St. K for the galactic map. :)

sp_testure 30.03.2012 22:54

I am having the same problem as Darkhobbit. Plus when I reached the system where the Huari and the slavers were having there all out war. Reached from the top? ladder of sytems. The game completly crashed. :(

sp_testure 31.03.2012 21:59

To clear that last comment up a bit. When I mean crashed, there was no saved game to load. :( Never have had that happen before.

drako slyith 02.04.2012 01:03

I'm sorry for the lost game. I'll try to find the problem and fix it.

sp_testure 03.04.2012 00:18

No worries.. I love The Network, If it was not for your wonderful mod I would not play Transcendence half as much as I do. These things happen.. :)

Darkhobbit 06.04.2012 18:13

I haven't really looked at the code since I don't know XML, but from the error code could you have deleted the variable declaration when you were cleaning up the Huari code you mentioned in your previous update? Just a thought from my many hours of bug fixing in other languages. :)

sp_testure 09.05.2012 00:39

I was wondering when there will be a update? Not trying to sound pushy..just curious.. :)

drako slyith 12.05.2012 22:14

I honestly don't know. I have finals soon so lots of stress at school. Probably not for a few weeks. Sorry.

sp_testure 16.05.2012 00:09

No no.. I understand, I am being buried alive at school also. Even if you made a update, I would not have the time to play it. Well at the moment at least. Good luck on your finals..

WillyTheSquid 25.05.2012 05:30

Drako! I found an issue... I think. I've played through quite a few games (more like "campaigns", really) of The Network, but I never went all the way south. So I ended up in the systems with the Charon Pirates and police stations... and I couldn't go back. I destroyed THOUSANDS of Charon pirate vessels, but even when I destroyed the Control Stations, they kept on spawning at an incredible rate. What is happening here? I can't go back. :(

drako slyith 01.06.2012 16:52

You're supposed to go forward there. There's an escape at the end.

AquaticIdealist 23.06.2012 06:25

Thank you for this mod, Drako! However it seems the friendly and hostile Huari problem persists. Recently I've found both friendly and hostile Huari in the same system, but thankfully friendly Huari do not blame me for attacking their xenophobic brethren.

Arrx 03.07.2012 22:43

I cant use the galaxy map. Even after accepting the mission at St. Katharine's star i get the message "no galaxy map installed". Anybody know how to fix this??

Arrx 03.07.2012 22:50

Errrr... ok disregard that. I didnt realize i had to finish the mission. lol

sandlike 18.08.2012 04:17

repica uhren

WillyTheSquid 03.09.2012 17:49

I'm getting crashes and freeze-ups with 1.08fa. OnAnimate error when entering Rigel with all gates except one (ruined my permadeath run).

Also, when I saved in St.K's, the game would not let me load. I just lost a 17hr game session to this. I am pissed off.

DOSBox-gamer 04.09.2012 12:39

Re: OnAnimate errors

This is happening to me also. The best luck I've had is to save before each new gate (a real PITA, but it works, mostly).

DOSBox-gamer 19.11.2012 06:04

Maybe this has been fixed already but, if the New Manhattan system seems too empty (no ship traffic), just change any of the minor stations to a Commonwealth colony.

Viymese 10.12.2012 04:15

DON'T use this with any of the Stronger or Tougher mods for the Charon, if you get into one of their warzones you all kinds of screwed!

sp_testure 05.01.2013 07:49

Wishing for a update..

Patupi 29.03.2013 01:16

I've been mostly playing with Uncharted, but I thought I'd go back to try this again (mainly due to the various fixed 'mission systems' like the Charon pirates bit) but it kept crashing for me on 1.2 Alpha. Does it no longer work on the latest version of Trans or does it just conflict with other mods (don't remember it conflicting when I used to play this a lot on 1.08f)

I am using a lot of other mods, but didn't use Dynamic systems for once, though I have just loaded in WE5 again.

RPC 31.03.2013 10:30

I made Uncharted since this doesn't work in 1.1 :(

I could probably look into it and link a fixed version.

Patupi 31.03.2013 23:37

Either that or get some scripted systems like the Huarca and pirate chains. I finally got a readable error (rather than just a crash) and it said the Huaramarca system was an undefined type. If that helps at all.

shepard1707 20.01.2014 03:17

I'm getting a bug called: "Cannot Create system Huaramarca:Undefined system type dcaf6d90" when I try to start the game. If that helps at all.

digdug 20.01.2014 16:04

shepard1707, try this one

Peter 15.05.2014 10:08

Hi, am I allowed to advertise? Because if you like player ships then look at the Hura Playership mod and upvote if you like it :D

bjornnelemans 17.01.2015 20:09

When I try to create a new game i get tge message: Cannot create system huaramarca: undefined system type dcaf6d90. Do you know how to fix this?

GoldArmy 16.06.2015 05:24

i am a newbie player on the transcendence,please help me for the add ship and add mod,cause i dont know how to add ship or any in the transcendence

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