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Overwrites Raisu Station to provide randomly chosen rewards when the player completes the Arco Vaughn mission.

Big thanks to Prophet for the base coding, and the other guys on the IRC who helped too.

Overwrites Raisu Station.
Categories Station
Author ThePrivateer
Rating 7   1
Added (Last modified) 30.12.2010 (03.01.2011)
Game Version 1.0
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ThePrivateer 31.12.2010 04:26

Updated at 20dl to have a few extra ROMs to choose from.

Darth Saber 31.12.2010 17:35

"Variety is the spice of life;" great job with the mod; Raisu Station needed some updating...

ThePrivateer 01.01.2011 02:22

Thanks Darth! ;)

ThePrivateer 03.01.2011 02:31

Hey...what was the thumbs down for? :/

Updated at 40dl.

Alkamer 12.08.2012 13:31

This gives me an idea for those korolov conteiners. I remember a mod that lets you open them and get random stuff but I can't find it anymore so I2ll have to do it myself huh? +1

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